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What locations and settings are *average* men allowed to approach women in person today, if at all?

2020.11.27 20:05 OfflineRomantic What locations and settings are *average* men allowed to approach women in person today, if at all?

In the olden days before online dating/hookup apps and #MeToo, things were relatively simple for men. If they liked a girl (or liked the look of her), he would simply ask her out. Wherever that may be: at work, at the supermarket, at the gym, at a bar, at an activity group or simply just walking down the street. I’m not saying this was right or better, just that it was objectively simple. As a result of increasing rights, power and wealth for women (in western societies at least), they have decided that they don’t like this and don’t want to be bothered by average beta men (however, they don’t mind it quite so much when they are being bothered by an attractive and/or alpha man…) when they’re just trying to do their jobs, run errands or are enjoying some R&R. This has been further compounded by the rise of online dating and hookup apps which mean the vast majority of women who participate are inundated with attention from objectively more attractive men due to men being significantly less selective of looks for casual sex or short-term relationships, aka male thirst. This also inflates the perception of women’s attractiveness (“if lots of hot guys want me, I must be hot”) and makes them even less happy to be approached by average men in real life.
Of course, the “rules” do not apply to attractive and/or alpha men; they can (and do) approach women pretty much wherever and whenever they like. They are allowed to and, furthermore, are expected to break the rules. By breaking the rules, they prove that they are attractive/alpha, therefore high value. Attractive/alpha men are also given significant leeway in making accidental or intentional social/courtship errors and faux pas that would see an average beta male labelled as “creepy”, arrogant or an asshole (vs. confident, assertive, funny, etc. for the attractive/alpha man). The very worst crime an average beta male can make is to behave like an attractive/alpha man. Women simply just know when a man isn’t the real deal and it disgusts and angers them on a visceral level; they can instinctively sniff it out as it has been biologically hardwired into them over countless millennia of evolution to select for the cream of the crop. Such a man who has the sheer audacity to have unwarranted confidence or express his disgusting icky gross sexuality is asking for and deserves to get #MeToo-ed. He should simply know his place and “stay in his lane”. Men and women have different ideas of what constitutes staying in your lane; men naïvely and incorrectly assume that means their looksmatches, when women’s perceptions of themselves have been inflated sky-high due to having the opportunity to have regular access to sex (but not commitment) with attractive/alpha males thanks to online dating and hookup apps.
It could be argued that the specific reason for women making the rules tougher for men is so that non-attractive/non-alpha men self-select out of the sexual/relationship marketplace and women don’t have to be bothered by or interact with them at all any more. They’re icky and barely human after all. In red pill-speak, it’s a giant shit test for men that only the best even dare to take, never mind pass.
If average women want stable long-term relationships/marriage and children (and there is no clear evidence that there is less desire for this), they will eventually have to settle for an average beta man, by view of the fact that there simply aren’t enough attractive and/or alpha men to go around (oft-cited by redpillers as the 80:20 rule, aka Pareto principle). Whether or not she has been engaging in hookups or short-term dating with attractive/alpha men for any amount of time (aka “riding the cock carousel”) or engaging in serial monogamy is irrelevant – the average woman will have to settle for the average man because elite men simply will not commit to her. The length of time it may or may not take for her to figure this out does not matter in this context.
Men are still expected to approach women (to prove their “fitness”) and, no matter how much both sexes may wish it were different, it’s just not going to change, at least within the foreseeable future.
So, if they want to achieve their relationship goals, that means average women have to swallow their disappointment/disgust and permit average beta men to approach them.
But the question, then, is WHERE?
The free-for-all anarchy is gone and ain’t ever coming back. As it stands today, the ONLY permitted in-person locations and settings that are permitted for average beta men (who are bound by “the rules”) to approach women are: * The baclub (although many women in such locations say they “just want to be left alone” and are just there to have a good time with their girlfriends) * An introduction by family/friends/church (this is a rare-to-nonexistent experience for average beta men and gets even rarer as you get older when social contacts/networks decrease and everyone is already hitched) * Er, that’s it.
Some women on this sub occasionally say they are open to being approached in public (on the street, on public transport, in the supermarket, etc.). But many more women on this and other subs say that this is not okay anymore, and this is borne out by my own experience and the experience of many of the average beta men I know. Reading between the lines, I think what they actually mean is that they are open to being approached by attractive/alpha men in public.
Similarly, some women on this sub occasionally say they are open to being approached at an activity group/meetup event but, again, many more say they just want to be left alone to enjoy their activity. Further complications in this scenario are that in general, men and women are interested in different things. It is highly unlikely that there are going to be as many women members of a heritage steam railway preservation society as there are of a baked goods class. You know what I mean, please don’t attack the premise of the generalisation (“actually I’m a female engine driver for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, you misogynist pig!”). That then leaves the option of deliberately joining a group with a more favourable male:female ratio but in some activity that you are not interested in. Sure, fine. That’s life. However, you then have to compete with every other fucker who’s there for exactly the same reason as you. Assuming a 50:50 gender spilt, probably only 10-20% of the women there will be single. Close to 100% of the men there will be single as they are there for the same reason as you. Which means 4 or 5 men competing for every unattached woman, assuming she is even okay with being approached in the first place, which she probably isn’t. And even in a sea of average dudes, some are more average than others. Just from probability alone you’re not likely to be top dog amongst even average schmoes. And that’s the best case scenario in this circumstance. Sheesh…
To counter any reply along the lines of “just suck it up and use online dating then”, I would like to point out the bleak reality faced by average beta men on such platforms. Various OPs in this sub have posted statistics showing that anywhere from 70% to 90% of active members of sites/apps are men. There have also been multiple posts with the OKCupid data showing women rate 80% of men as below average in appearance, compared to men who rate women according to normal distribution. And as sites/apps are a visual medium with limited opportunity to “just let your personality shine, bro”… I’m sure you can work out the outcome. I’m lucky if I get 2 or 3 dates a year from online dating, which is similar to my average beta male friends, whereas women have the opportunity for 1 or 2 magnitudes more if they choose and fully paid-for by the man too. And before anyone asks, yes I do message “ugly” women and single mothers, etc. I’m perfectly aware that women are allowed whatever preferences they like, but men are misogynist assholes for having any standards at all. I know. I’m not going to win here. I’m also aware that I might come across as somewhat bitter, jaded and cynical here, but I promise you that’s not the case and I really am a hoot in person! I’m just a perfectly average guy in every way. I’m average-looking and healthy weight. I have an average income, an average mortgage and an average car. I have plenty of friends and interests. I can talk to and flirt with women (when I’m allowed to of course!). I have had long-term girlfriends before. I’ve even had a few one night stands before. My point is that I’m not a below-average, socially-maladjusted misogynist incel nerd living in my mother’s basement.
I’m not getting any younger and I just want to increase the frequency that I’m allowed to approach women and therefore improve my odds of finding a nice girl to see out my days with.
TL;DR: Where else besides the baclub are average beta men categorically allowed to approach women in-person today?
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2020.11.26 23:13 May4958 Robert Black (1947-2016) British serial killer convicted of four deaths but suspected of many more

Obviously a lot of the ‘British’ activity on this sub has focused on the Yorkshire ripper due to recent events, but I hope some of you will find this write up interesting, although it’s extremely sad. I’ve also included some photographs and links to videos.
When I was growing up in 1980s England, child abuse wasn’t talked about and i certainly don’t remember anyone ever advising us about bodily autonomy in the way even young children are encouraged now, which is a positive move forwards because as we all know, most children are most at risk from someone they know. However, in the 80s, ‘stranger danger’ was the fear of every parent and even of every child, although we didn’t really know or understand the menace these ‘strangers’ presented. Just that every now and again, a child would disappear and would sometimes turn up, dead, and sometimes would not. How many of these disappearances was Robert Black responsible for? We will never know for sure, but it is almost certainly more than the four he was eventually convicted of.
In many ways, Black’s early life was tragic and if it wasn’t for the horror of his later actions, it would be difficult not to feel some sympathy. He was born in 1947 in Grangemouth (I’ve provided a map of places of interest) post world war 2, into a world that would change rapidly over the course of what was to be his lifetime, but at the time, in the spring of 1947, less than two years after world war 2 ended, Great Britain clung on to a fiercely traditional outlook which frowned heavily upon illegitimate children and sex outside of wedlock. As such, Black, born to an unmarried woman and an unknown father, was originally going to be placed for adoption. He was not adopted, and I can’t find any sources which explain why. It could be that post war Britain had a surplus of illegitimate babies needing parents, and some were not placed. Or did his mother change her mind? Either way, Black was fostered with a middle aged couple when he was a six month old baby, and his mother emigrated to Australia. Many people used to believe that a time before memory, before words, means children are not impacted: we now know otherwise. The early rejection was to stay with Black for the rest of his life, despite being unable to remember it.
Black’s hygiene was notoriously poor even as a very young child, and this made him a target for bullying. His poor hygiene was something that would stay with him throughout his life, and it does raise some questions, firstly about his foster parents - it seems to be allowing a child of such a young age to go to school dirty and smelling is neglectful in the extreme, and it doesn’t really suggest a nurturing and loving home environment where a child could flourish. There are other indicators of possible abuse in Black’s early years. He had no memory, he was to later claim, of anything at all before he was five, which psychologists believe indicates some traumatic memories were ‘blanked out’. In addition to this, Black was a bed wetter, and would be beaten for this. Most children will have occasional accidents overnight from time to time, but chronic bedwetting is often the sign of a disturbed or unhappy child. Black was clearly both. Locals remember seeing Black covered in bruises, but Black was unable to recall the source of these.
As Black entered his preteen years, both his foster parents died. Most of us can think back to when we were ten or eleven and how devastating the loss of a parent would be: it’s important to remember that as unpleasant and as abusive as the foster parents may have been they were nonetheless the only ‘parents’ black had known. Black was placed with another foster family, but around this time, he committed his first known sexual offence. Black dragged a young girl into a public lavatory and assaulted her. It’s likely now that along with punishment, some form of therapeutic work for such a young boy would have been a priority, but in 1958, this wasn’t the case. Black was removed from his second foster home and he was placed in a children’s home near Falkirk. This home was mixed sex, and as such, Black’s growing sexual depravity continued to emerge, exposing himself to girls and on one occasion, removing the underwear of a young girl. This incident led the authorities to believe that Black was not best placed in this home, and he was duly sent to Red House Care Home in Musselburgh. The theme of dominance and submission was already an overriding theme in Black’s life, and so it continued here: he was sexually abused for three years. Black’s young life so far has consisted of abuse: either being the victim of it, or the perpetrator.
He was of above average intelligence. This point is often missed when discussing Black, but he attended Musselburgh Grammar School. At the time, the British school system was tiered, which meant only students who passed what was known as the ‘eleven plus’ went on to grammar schools - these tended to be the top few in a cohort. Given Black’s troubled early years, the fact he passed this exam indicates a natural intelligence. Unfortunately, this led to tragedy.
Black left the Red House Care Home in 1963, when he was 18. He worked as a butchers delivery boy, and during this time his sexual perversions really emerged, with him molesting countless young girls on his duties. During the summer of 1963, Black received his first sentence for ‘lewd and libidinous behaviour’ - it should have been for attempted murder. Black lured a seven year old girl away from the park she was playing in, claiming he had kittens. When he had led the little girl to a deserted air raid shelter, he strangled her until she lost consciousness before masturbating over her body. He was arrested and charged the following day, but the admonishment was mild and a psychiatric report seemed to indicate it was an isolated incident. Of course, hindsight indicates it was anything but, but even allowing for Black’s young age at the time, it’s hard to see how the seriousness of this incident was missed.
Black then moved to Grangemouth, where he met a young woman - his only known relationship. Black was lodging with an elderly couple at the time. He was reportedly ‘devastated’ when his relationship ended. The couple had a young granddaughter, and in 1966 he was evicted. However, the couple did not report Black to police, wanting to spare their granddaughter any further distress. Black then moved back to Kinlochleven, where he boarded with a married couple with a six year old daughter. It doesn’t seem likely Black just happened to find these couples: he purposefully sought them out. The inevitable happened, but this time Black was reported to the police. Black was sent to Borstal. Borstal was a type of youth detention centre. Although its aims were noble - to avoid young offenders to fall into the trap of prison and adult brutality - in Black’s case, it didn’t work. He later refused to talk about it at all, simply stating that he had vowed never to be imprisoned again. Six months after his release, in September 1968, Black moved from Scotland to London. He was twenty-one years old.
It’s helpful to pause for a moment here, as Black’s first suspected murder happened the following year. Black’s life in Scotland has consisted of abandonment, brutality, neglect, sexual abuse and violence.
Black had potential. He was of above average intelligence. He was excellent at sports - only a visual impairment prevented him from playing football professionally. Was there a point where his life could have taken a different road, where he could have been successful and lived a normal life - and so would his victims?
Between 1968 and 1981, we don’t know much, although we can speculate on Black’s movements. However, I’ll focus first on what we know and then what we suspect.
There’s always been a seedy underbelly to London, and King’s Cross was the place to find it at one time (until fairly recently it was also the red light district.) Black discovered pornographic shops, and after establishing himself as a regular client, was ‘entrusted’ into the restricted areas, where explicit material from Amsterdam featuring young girls, was freely available. If we take this as Black’s prelude to murder, he spent his time between 1968 (21) and 1981 (34) accessing this material, making trips over to Amsterdam to purchase his own and indulging his revolting habits.
Black was working during this time, as a van driver delivering posters to companies up and down the country. He was living with a couple who he’d met during his time frequenting pubs (playing darts was another hobby of Black’s.) His other hobbies included swimming and photography. Both these were backdrops to his real interest of molesting and harming young girls: Black liked to photograph girls at the beach or the pool when he had the opportunity to do so.
Here are the murders Black was convicted of:
Jennifer Cardy, Northern Ireland, 12 August 1981
The Troubles in Northern Ireland meant that it was a volatile and quite dangerous place to go to. Black was one of the few van drivers working for his company prepared to make the trip.
Jennifer was just nine when she left her parents’ home to cycle to a friend’s house. However, she didn’t arrive. Her bicycle was found a few hours later. It had been hurled over a gate into a field. The stand was down. Although it’s impossible to know for certain, Black’s later murders seemed to try to put the girl in a position where she was forced to squeeze or push past his van. Perhaps he parked into a lay-by, or perhaps he stopped her to ask for directions. Either way, Jennifer’s body was tragically found in a pond six days after she went missing. She was alive, but unconscious when she was thrown in. Jennifer’s parents, siblings and friends had to wait until 2011 before they saw justice done and had some of their questions answered.
Susan Maxwell, Coldstream, 30 July 1982
Eleven year old Susan lived in a farmhouse in a village called Cornhill-on-Tweed, on the English side of the English / Scottish border. She left her home to walk to a tennis game with a friend, and then left, happy and content, wearing yellow shorts and bright t shirt with palm trees on it. Susan didn’t arrive home. There were countless sightings of Susan both by people she knew and those who just remembered a little girl wearing yellow shorts and holding a tennis racquet until the bridge over Coldstream, at which point the sightings stopped.
It was nearly two weeks later, on the 12 August, when Susan’s body was discovered in a lay-by near Uttoxeter, 264 miles from where she had disappeared. She had been unclothed then re-clothed, but the cause of death was difficult to determine.
Caroline Hogg, Portobello (near Edinburgh) 8 July 1983
Caroline was just five - the youngest of Black’s victims. She was wearing a lilac party dress when she was seen by Black, playing outside her home on a summer evening. Black took Caroline to Fun City, a small seaside entertainment place with rides and games, near her home. Caroline had been forbidden to go there alone, but it is easy to trick a child. Black paid for Caroline to go on the roundabout and there were numerous witnesses who saw them there together. A boy working on one of the rides said that as they left, Caroline seemed frightened.
Caroline’s parents were understandably beside themselves, with Caroline’s mother Annette attending a television appeal in which she begged her daughters abductor to ‘bring her back ... I really miss her.’ Caroline had however been murdered: her body was found ten days later, on the 18th July.
Like Susan, her body was transported many miles south, this time to Twycross in Leicestershire which is 310 miles from Edinburgh. Also like Susan, the cause of death was impossible to determine. A sexual motive was nonetheless clear: Caroline’s body was naked.
These two murders only had minor differences. Both were young girls wearing bright clothing who were abducted on hot summer days in July and transported many miles south. It was clear that it was the work of one man. It was in danger of becoming bogged down through information, which was one of the issues with the Yorkshire ripper, who was finally caught in the same year Jennifer Cardy was killed. The police created a computer based system which combined the different police forces where the girls had been taken and where they were found. Many officers worked tirelessly to try to bring the killer to justice. Sadly, he struck again before he could be caught.
Sarah Harper, Leeds, 26 March 1986
Sarah was ten years old. She lived in Morley, Leeds, which is in the north of England but much further south than the other two girls. Sarah popped out to the corner shop to buy a loaf of bread for her mother at 8 o clock on a Wednesday evening. It was dark, rainy and cold. Sarah didn’t arrive home: her mother initially thought she was just being slow, but became concerned when she couldn’t find her daughter after a search.
Sarah’s body turned up on the 19 April, in the river Trent near Nottingham. Her body was partially clothed, gagged and bound. Like Jennifer, she was alive when she had been thrown in the water, but unconscious. Sarah had been the victim of a violent and prolonged sexual assault and had suffered horrendous injuries. A witness contacted West Yorkshire police to state that at around 915 on the 26 march he had seen a white van with a bald man stood by the river soar, which is a tributary to the Trent.
Initially, it was believed that the murders of Susan and Caroline was by one man, and that Sarah’s murderer was another. Police believed that the differences - Sarah having vanished from a small area on a cold, rainy, Wednesday evening in March, wearing a coat, while Susan and Caroline were both taken from places with high volumes of traffic on Fridays in July, wearing bright summer clothing. However, all three girls had been taken from their original abduction places and transported south, they had all been wearing white socks and they had all been subjected to sexual assault.
That is the end of Black’s known murders. However, in bringing him to justice, two further crimes are significant. The first is Theresa Thornhill. Theresa was a failed abduction: she was in Nottingham with friends and as she started to make her way home, Black attempted to grab her and force her into his van. Theresa was saved by screaming and resisting: her boyfriend heard her screams and ran to her aid. Theresa was fifteen and therefore this was not initially linked to the murders of the other girls. However, Theresa looked much younger than she was - she was small and slight. Theresa mentioned her abductor smelled strongly.
The second of Black’s attempted abductions nearly ended in tragedy, but didn’t, due to the bravery and quick thinking of those around. The tragedy nearly happened in Stow, another place in the Scottish Borders, on the 14th July 1990. A six year old girl was grabbed by Black as she crossed the road, his van blocking the view form those around. However, a neighbour saw her feet disappear and promptly noted the vans registration and contacted the police. The same van then came flying through the village again: the police promptly surrounded it and, without realising, brought Black’s reign of terror to an end. Thankfully, the little girl was alive, although traumatised and she had already been subjected to an assault. One of the strange coincidences of this matter is that the little girl was the daughter of one of the police officers there that day.
The similarities between the attempted abduction in Stow and the abductions of Susan and Caroline were significant. Although Black was remanded in custody, the police had quite a job on their hands. If I was to go into every single thing they had to do to track Black’s movements over the 1980s, this write up would be ridiculously long. To condense, then, the police had to contact Black’s former employers and go through petrol receipts pinning Black to certain areas on certain dates. Black was certainly in Coldstream when Susan vanished, portobello when Caroline disappeared, and Morley when Sarah was taken. It was a painstaking and tedious operation, but it paid off. Black was tried in April 1994 in Newcastle upon Tyne for the abductions, sexual assault and murders of Susan Maxwell, Caroline Hogg and Sarah Harper - and the attempted abduction of Theresa Thornhill. It was the 19 May 1994 when Black was found guilty, the families found justice and Black was taken to Wakefield prison to begin a sentence of a minimum of 35 years for each murder. Black would never be released. Many detectives broke down in tears after this.
It was December 2009 when Black was summoned to appear at Armargh Crown Court in Northern Ireland. Evidence placed him in Northern Ireland on the day of Jennifer’s abduction. Petrol receipts placed him near the scene of her abduction on the day it happened. The similarities between Jennifer’s murder and that of Sarah Harper were also noted. He was duly found guilty and a minimum term of 25 years was imposed. Black’s appearance at this trial meant he was transferred to HMP Maghaberry, which is where he died on 12 January 2016. His body was cremated on the 29 January. I don’t think anyone misses him.
But black was almost certainly responsible for more than the four murders he was convicted of. It’s tempting to pin any unsolved crime from the 1970s/80s involving a missing young girl, on Black. I’ll go through them and add my own thoughts.
April Fabb, 8 April 1969, 13 years old. April was cycling through a Norfolk village when she vanished. Her bicycle was found in a field (like Jennifer’s) but her body has never been found.
Was Black responsible? The bike certainly sounds like Jennifer, but Norfolk is remote and rural. Was Black there, and at such a young age (22)? Plus, April was 13, almost 14, at the time of her abduction. Black seemed to target younger girls, but again, this is inconclusive - Theresa Thornhill proves otherwise, and it isn’t always possible to tell how old a girl is by a casual glance.
Christine Markham, 21 May 1973, 9 years old. Christine vanished on her way to school. This is a sad little story, as she seems to have been a troubled little girl who regularly played truant from school. As such, her disappearance wasn’t reported until many hours later. Although this wasn’t a well publicised case, a newspaper clipping about it was found in Black’s home.
This does sound as if it could be Black: she is the right sort of age and Scunthorpe is the right ‘side’ of the country to be on one of Black’s regular routes. However, Christine could easily have been taken by any predator living locally and it’s possible if she was a regular non attender at school she could have been targeted by someone who took advantage of her vulnerability.
Mary Boyle, 18 March 1977, 6 years old. Mary was in Ireland, on a rural farm that belonged to her grandparents. She was following her uncle, until she decided to turn back. Mary was never seen again. Black could have been in the area, and his van was there at the time of her disappearance. A witness claimed that crying and whimpering was heard from Black’s van.
Generate Tate, 19 August 1978, 13 years old. This case is generally assumed to have been Black, and only time meant he wasn’t charged (Black died before this could be done.) Genette’s body has never been found. She vanished from Aylesbeare in Devon when delivering newspapers. Receipts place Black around here at the time.
Suzanne Lawrence, 28 July 1979, 14 years old. This is another very sad case, mostly because like Christine, her disappearance appears to have almost gone unnoticed. Suzanne was finally reported missing some two weeks after she disappeared: she had said she was going to stay with a friend but did not turn up. Suzanne’s photograph looks older than Black’s preferred victims. Her disappearance is linked to Peter Tobin, which seems more likely than Black.
I think it’s generally accepted that Black was responsible for Genette’s abduction and murder. What is difficult in all the above cases is that the bodies haven’t been found. That’s not completely unfeasible - there’s a lot of unexplored land in both the mainland United Kingdom and Ireland. However, Black didn’t attempt to hide the bodies in any of the cases he was convicted of, and if he was responsible for any of the above, surely at least one would have turned up in the intervening 40-50 years?
Black has also been linked to Patsy Morris, who was stabbed in London in 1980, aged 14, and Pamela Hastie in 1981, who was bludgeoned aged 16. This isn’t w strong line of inquiry, however.
During the 1980s, as well as Jennifer, Susan, Caroline and Sarah, Black is linked with:
Silke Garben (June 1985, aged 10, Germany.)
Cheryl Morriën (August 1986, aged 7, Netherlands.)
Virginie Delmas (May 1987, aged 10, France.)
Hemma Greedharry (May 1987, aged 10, France.)
Perrine vigneron (June 1987, aged 7, France.)
Sabine Dumont (June 1987, aged 9, France.)
Ramona Herling (May 1989, aged 11, Netherlands)
Some of the above have stronger links than others. Black made a delivery near to where Silke was found in a stream on the date of her disappearance. Black is considered a ‘strong suspect’ in the case of Cheryl Morriën: he made regular trips to nearby Amsterdam. He was known to be in Paris, where Virginie vanished from, on the date of her disappearance (virginie’s body was found strangled the following October.) Likewise, Black regularly travelled on the road where Hemma’s body was found. Black is the prime suspect in the case of Sabine Dumont, but I cannot find any explanation as to precisely why.
The other cases do not have as strong links. A white van was seen on the day of Perrine’s disappearance, but while of course this could be Black, it could just as easily not be.
My view is that Black is likely to be responsible for the abduction and murder of Genette Tate. If we work on the assumption then that he began his reign of horror in August 1978, we have:
Genette Tate - August 1978
Jennifer Cardy - August 1981
Susan Maxwell - July 1982
Caroline Hogg - July 1983
Silke Garben - June 1985
Sarah Harper - March 1986
Virginie Delmas - May 1987
Theresa Thornhill - April 1988 (attempt)
Child A - July 1990 (attempt)
The above cases have definite links to black, in that he was definitely in the area at the time and/or has been convicted of the crime. There could well be more.
Enjoy is probably the wrong word for such a sad case, but I hope you’ve found it informative, anyway. I think Black really caused a great deal of fear up and down the country, with girls in particular no longer assumed to be able to go about their business and play with friends in the summer holidays. I’ve linked to a stranger danger video I was shown at primary school and I think most children were, as well as some further links about the case. I’ll also try to add a map at some point. Thanks for reading!
Say No To Strangers (1981)
Robert Black Wiki)
Crimewatch April 1986 the disappearance of the girls starts to be discussed at 20 minutes in.
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2020.11.25 06:05 WatchieWatch29 The Ghost of Binge Drinking Past

Good evening to all my fellow followers of FU. The home of communal bat-shit fuckery and moments being recounted that would make even make the strongest of stomachs recoil in horror. This is my first post to the sub, thanks to u/sloppyeyescream for encouraging me to sit and actually write something and become more involved with the subreddit.
Do you ever reflect on your first ventures into true adult-hood. My parents brought me up to think adult-hood was about taxes and responsibilities. I have slowly learnt over time that adult-hood is so much more than responsibility, most of the time I find myself in reflecting in horror at events that I have previously experienced. I would love to tell you that every embarrassing moment of my life is simply unlucky or not my fault but its not. I am my own Forrest Gump, I pray for the time where I evolve into an average joe and become a respectable citizen but till then I will be gumping my way to the WHY-THE-FUCK-DID-I-DO-THAT-STUPID-SHIT Olympics.
I am from the UK. as much as I love a good cuppa with Yorkshire tea bags, or crumpets with butter, there is one important aspect of my culture, drinking, though the keen eye might call it functional alcoholism I simply review it as a necessity to forget all the stupid shit I have done in my short gumping career. There is one issue though.
What if the drink causes the moments I wish I could forget?
Back in 2017 when I was at [REDACTED] University, drinking truly became my best friend.
Someone got a promotion? OH SHIT LETS HAVE IT LARGE
It's a Tuesday? Pint down the [REDACTED] it is.
You get the point we used to drink for the sake of drinking.
Anyway one day, we are sitting there imagining our lives as upstanding citizens, future doctors, politicians, vets; we were going to truly benefit this world. However, my thoughts about winning the next Nobel prize was rudely interrupted by a fantastic idea.
Ryan: Hey Watch, Do you want to get as humanly cunted as possible and scrounge as much beer as possible from the shop and drink till we pass out.
OP: Sure, I am up for, but why?
Ryan: Dunno its Monday and I'm bored.
Listen for you older lot, University isn't beneficial anymore, University is a 3 year piss up with a long term bill coming afterwards. If you want to know about Edward III's declining reign over his latter years and the dissection of England into a faction based political community, I am your guy. Unfortunately if someone yells doctor after having a heart attack I don't imagine they will be too pleased to hear about why Magna Carta established modern democracy in the United Kingdom.
I was always aware that my University degree was as useful as the nipple-tassels your ladies friends wear in those swanky clubs you frequent, however, I have always known just like nipple-tassels my history degree gets in the way.
Anyway we load up on cheap and shitty alcohol and evaluate the game plan. There were 10 of us and about double that in beer crates without about 7=9 bottles of spirit alcohol. Some of us assessed that we may still be functioning come dawn which was a horror to all of us. My mate Amy had the best solution.
Amy: Well if we are all heavy weights, why don't we simply drink as quickly and as fast as possible to overload our bodies on alcohol
I felt as if Stephen Hawking had just provided my with his black-hole theory. I felt as if someone had just solved world hunger...this shit worked in my simple ape mind:
SO we started drinking a lot, I felt like one of those guys in those hot dog eating competitions where there was no savouring the taste of the beer or enjoying the conversation, there was just consumption upon consumption. I would come to later regret this choice. After about like half-an-hour I look towards my crate of Camden Helles and only see one or two left...then it hit.
I am a big guy. I easily tower over all of my friends but yet they were all still laughing and chatting.
Do you remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan, on the beach when Tom Hanks was sitting there dazed and confused; ears ringing and watching the chaos around him unfold as those brave men stormed the beach.
Now replace Omaha Beach with a shitty little flat, that looked like Golem's hideout for his fuckfuck games with the shiny ring and then replace Tom Hanks with a council estate version of Robert Baratheon, only he is not running a kingdom; he drinking out of sheer boredom whilst paying nearly £10,000 a year for a degree in which isn't the most practical.
I am on the floor.Totally fucked.Scratch that royally fucked.
My limbs have lost all cognition, I have collapsed to the floor utterly devoid of any pride or sobriety lingering. My friends are all around me and laugh their fucking arses off (wankers) as they witness me be sucked into hell by the devil himself. After crawling across this piece of shit that is somehow certified as a home; I finally reach the outside but this just made the feeling oh so worse. I went from Tom Hanks to Tom Cruise in less than 5 seconds.
After trying to light a cigarette that wasn't there and trying to play keepie-ups with a bottle my friend noticed and decided maybe it was time for Watch to his the sack. I don't remember this bit; all I have been told is I leapt through bushes; sang the national anthem and would not shut the fuck up about how if I was born in the 60's I totally could have fornicated with Princess Diana. These are all moments I will never be proud of.
ANYWAY, After a long period of time this 5'6 bloke was able to guide me to my block of flats and carry this heavy 6'4 wildebeest up to my room. Thank you Ryan I genuinely did not know of your brave service till my other friends told me.
You must be wondering...where's the embarrassing part? Sounds normal to me?
After arriving in my palace fit for a king, I decided that I really needed the toilet, so it's important to mention here that I shared my flat with 6 other people. I waltz to the toilet in the most toddler like fashion possible and begin to proceed with my business (schoolboy style). Though as I was day dreaming and quite literally was pissing for England; I suddenly felt the urge to throw up.
Here is an equation that I only figured out by morning.
So there I was in my sacrilegious predicament, do I bend down to throw up in the toilet, or do I continue to use the toilet and throw up all over the wall?
I'm sure a smart and functioning member of society such as yourself would at least pick one of those two options.
Not me...
Due to my drunken state my motor skills had decided they were not needed and pissed off for the remainder of this horrific event. So what actually happened was I threw up all over my wall, in the process missing the toilet that was in use at the time and then fell backward whilst still pissing and tasting yesterdays dinner, soon after I passed out.
I don't know how to word this in a funny way so I will just say it outright.
The Christian girl I lived with that I had a crush on found me the next day in my unfortunate situation, quite early in the morning.
I think it's pretty safe to say I never dated her after this event.
I hope you enjoyed reading.
I truly can't believe I shared all of the details to this story, I only tell my friends certain things to do with the ending. I hate that I didn't invent this.
See ya soon :)
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2020.11.25 01:00 darkness_of_eternity There were WAP groups for phone chat in the mid 2000s, and some sketchy characters on them. I know because I encountered one.

I grew up not too far from Andrew, on the other side of the Dearne Valley in South Yorkshire. Andrew was perhaps a couple of years younger than me. It was a bleak place for a certain kind of youth, and I was anxious to get out of there. But that’s not the story I’m here to tell.
Back in 2003 I had a WAP enabled mobile phone gifted for my birthday, and was excited to get online. Like a Andrew my family didn’t have the internet at home, as my parents were deeply suspicious of it. So this was the first time anyone in my house would connect to the internet! It was... limited. Mostly I used it to download simple games and check news.
However, it did have a chat room feature, mostly oriented around adults, dating and sexual encounters. This made sense because WAP was so slow, so awful, so expensive, that only sex could really sell it. There were rooms for men seeking women and vice versa. There were also rooms for men seeking men, which was exciting and scary as a teen figuring out my sexuality. As I recall rooms were set up to match people in the same local area (there’s no point trying to arrange a hookup with someone in Scotland).
Generally I just passively observed messages. I didn’t stay on for very long. I was scared of being caught, of course, but I was also scared of the content and my own response to it. However, I did exchange a handful of text only messages.
The vast vast majority of times, if I ever mentioned how young I was (16) the men immediately told me they weren’t interested. Technically 16 is the age of consent in the UK, but looking back it’s obvious they thought I could be even younger and inflating my age. By and large, despite popular myth, most men have no interest in teenagers.
However, there was one person who was interested in me, even after querying if I was sure I wasn’t younger. He told me I wasn’t too young to have a first experience and asked if I lived close by. It was very strange and intense and I wasn’t sure what I should do. I turned off the phone and never went back, not because I was creeped out by him but uncertain about myself.
In my teenage mind what seemed to be on offer was a sexual encounter, not a threat of danger. It never struck my mind as a sketchy encounter until many years later. By that point I had experienced sexual violence for real and it became clearer just how easily sex can turn to rape can turn to a life threatening situation. There aren’t many people out there who will do it, but the ones who will are very good at spotting opportunities. I wonder if the man in the South Yorkshire WAP chat was one of them.
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2020.11.22 19:23 XENOCIDESAM Post-Match Thread: Leeds United 0-0 Arsenal [Premier League, Round 9]

FT: Leeds United 0-0 Arsenal

Date: 22/11/2020 — 17:30 CET, 11:30 EST, 16:30 GMT, 22:00 IST
Competition: Premier League (Round 9)
Venue: Elland Road (Leeds, West Yorkshire)
Referee: A. Taylor


Leeds United Notes Arsenal Notes
Manager: M. Bielsa Manager: Mikel Arteta
1 I. Meslier 1 B. Leno
6 L. Cooper YC 86' 2 Bellerín
2 L. Ayling SUB 70' 3 K. Tierney
15 S. Dallas YC 15' 16 R. Holding
5 R. Koch 6 Gabriel Magalhães
43 M. Klich 34 G. Xhaka
23 K. Phillips YC 90'+3' 8 Dani Ceballos
22 J. Harrison SUB 80' 28 J. Willock SUB 57'
10 E. Alioski 12 Willian SUB 46'
9 P. Bamford 14 P. Aubameyang
18 Raphinha 19 N. Pépé RC 51'


Leeds United: Rodrigo (SUB 70'), I. Poveda-Ocampo (SUB 80'), Hélder Costa, Kiko Casilla, T. Roberts, P. Struijk, L. Davis
Arsenal: R. Nelson (SUB 46'), B. Saka (SUB 57'; SUB 90'+3'), A. Maitland-Niles (SUB 90'+3'), R. Rúnarsson, S. Mustafi, A. Lacazette, E. Nketiah


15': Yellow card shown to S. Dallas ( Leeds United).
46': Substitution for Arsenal: R. Nelson in, Willian out.
51': Red card shown to N. Pépé ( Arsenal).
57': Substitution for Arsenal: B. Saka in, J. Willock out.
70': Substitution for Leeds United: Rodrigo in, L. Ayling out.
80': Substitution for Leeds United: I. Poveda-Ocampo in, J. Harrison out.
86': Yellow card shown to L. Cooper ( Leeds United).
90'+3': Yellow card shown to K. Phillips ( Leeds United).
90'+3': Substitution for Arsenal: A. Maitland-Niles in, B. Saka out.
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2020.11.22 11:20 GiversBot /u/Java2017 [NO LONGER NEEDED] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2020-11-22 (t3_fpj0uh up 240.58 days, LONGTAIL, ACCOUNT DELETE/SHADOWBAN)

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Active loans

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[REQ](£80) - (#Selby, North Yorkshire, UK), (£85 20/04/20), (PayPal)

Post contents

I have been made redundant with my current job due to the current situation surrounding the virus and lockdown in the UK, the money will go towards bills mainly until I get back on my feet. I should be able to pay back in increments towards the date of repayment, although it entirely depends on my current situation.
Reposting from yesterday/24 hours ago due to setting the wrong payback date.
Edit: No longer needed.
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[REQ](£83) - (#Selby, North Yorkshire, UK), (£85 18/05/20), (PayPal)

Post contents

I have been made redundant with my current job due to the current situation surrounding the virus and lockdown in the UK, the money will go towards bills until I get back on my feet. I should be able to pay back earlier and pay in increments towards the date of repayment, although it entirely depends on my current situation. Thanks.
(The oddly specific request is to compensate for PayPal's fees)
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2020.11.19 21:15 E-Rigby A Netflix Documentary on The Yorkshire Ripper. Release date 16th December

A Netflix Documentary on The Yorkshire Ripper. Release date 16th December submitted by E-Rigby to LPOTL [link] [comments]

2020.11.19 12:00 georgewastaken3 Build Request: Budget VR Machine

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
With my PC, I'd like to play VR on the Oculus Rift S. This would also entail Blade and Sorcery and possibly playing Boneworks
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
Between £650 and £750
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
Next Friday, the 27th I believe?
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
Ideally, a Keyboard, and all of the internals. I already have a mouse and a Monitor prepared.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
Britain, in the South Yorkshire county.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
I will be reusing an ASUS monitor (I don't know the model, sorry :/), a VicTsing T7 Gaming Mouse and if the need arises I can install the Corsair Vengeance 4GB sticks of RAM, although 16GBs of RAM would be preferable.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
I'd like to consider Overclocking, however I think I'd rather do so down the line.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
A large amount of storage would be nice, however it'd increase the price a fair amount. Booting to SSD would be a first for me so if you'd recommend a 256GB SSD for my OS that would be fine haha. I've heard it is a thing of beauty.
>**What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.**
I would use wired, plugged into a Netgear range extender
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
I'd just like a case that looks nice, with RGB and a window if that's no trouble thank you. I do like the NZXT cases but they're pricey so that may have to wait.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
Windows is somewhere in the region of £80 to my knowledge. If the PC comes preinstalled with a trial of windows that would make matters easier. I'm most familiar with Windows 10.
>If anybody knows of any discount codes for a PC building website to go with their build suggestion, drop it in the comments please? It would deffo help with cost efficiency! :)
Thank you all for your help, too. I know you all do this voluntarily and I'd like to express my thanks to such a generous and knowledgeable group of people!
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2020.11.16 19:12 papipartii My first PC build!

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
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2020.11.16 11:03 __bigsmoke I want an arranged marriage but don't know how!

Hi guys, I moved to London 3 years ago from Yorkshire for work and things are going great. I have a good job and have made some nice friends. I am at a stage now (28) where I feel ready to meet a girl and move into the next stage of my life.
I am from an Indian family who have bugged me to start looking and offered to help in meeting someone for the last few years but I don't feel comfortable with the idea of my future wife being introduced through family connections.. I am happy with the idea of an arranged marriage but would wondered if people had any advise on certain sites/ or matchmakers I could use?
Having never really used dating apps or anything like that I'm not sure how to go about things, I am quite shy to talk to my friends/ fam about this so If anyone has any advice as to how to go about it all that would be great.
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2020.11.15 14:58 CorruptedOldGnome Why I nailed up my windows and stopped wearing glasses

Before I start, I’d like to apologise if my English is off at times. If I knew how much I would need to move countries just to stay alive, I would be trying harder at my language classes. Sure it’s fine overall, but it is crucial that I am very precise now. What if one of you ends up in the same situation? This person will need all help they can get. Terrifying as it may seem at first, the double window thing follows a very specific set of rules and patterns that I have learned through my own experience, so it seems possible, in theory, to avoid it indefinitely. I’m not so sure about in practise but I will try to give you as precise information as I can.
There is only one double window thing that I am aware of, which is currently after me, and was previously after an old woman called Oleksandra who died in 2008. I’m positive it is responsible for the two deaths in Oleksandra’s home village a few years earlier, though I wasn’t able to find out much since I was so eager to jump on the train and put a couple thousand kilometres between the shitshow I was witnessing and myself. Because I wasn’t wearing contact lenses back then, I naively assumed the double window thing to be a really fat psycho in a weird coat, and I figured a local psycho wouldn’t follow me to Moscow. Turns out, even across the ocean and back is not a problem for it. You can see from the dates, however, that I’ve managed almost 12 years on the run.
Or, rather, I managed – not have managed. Kudos to my English teacher for explaining the difference a long time ago. I don’t want to be dramatic but I’m not sure how long I will last like this. Money is one problem – I’m always out of it because I’m constantly on the move. Because of this, I only work on zero-hour contracts, most of them outside for reasons that will soon be evident to you, which severely limits my options and pays even worse. I fear that one day I will run out of money and eventually get trapped in a shelter, a hospital or a deportation centre, all crowded places full of corridors with those fucking glass doors, very often two or more in a row. Then there is the forced loneliness. I thought about adopting a completely blind cat or dog who would keep me company but whom I could trust to never look through any windows, but of course a disabled pet would slow me down and drain my already scarce resources. Loneliness is expensive, too; it would be much cheaper to share a house but it’s difficult to find housemates willing to board up all the windows.
Do you know how much boarded windows grow on you, by the way? Sometimes I break down and just scream at them. My current place is so dark and chilly and stuffy and full of black mold – your typical low-end Yorkshire housing – that a part of me wants to simply tear down the boarding and finally breathe in. But it is only 5 metres or so away now. 16ish feet for those of you across the pond. When I remember this I stop screaming, or breathing for that matter, and cover on my bed with my eyes firmly shut, face to the wall, in case I have overlooked any gaps in the boarding.
Enough of my whining though. I will do my best to stay alive, but to be totally realistic, I’m done. Whether it is a matter of days, weeks, or months makes a difference only to me. From what I have learned about the double window thing, it will next follow a person who had shared a street or a corridor with me over the last twelve years. I have mostly lived in Bashtanka in Ukraine, Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, Lund in Sweden and Basel in Switzerland; then I moved to the US and stayed in a few towns and cities in Michigan, mostly Kalamazoo. I liked it in the US because it is easier to rent windowless basements and do odd jobs – you just clean people’s yards and you can buy some food. Eventually my visa expired so I went back to Europe and settled in the UK. There are also more places than I can count where I stayed overnight. Because many of the streets I lived on contain hotels, restaurants and other tourist spots, the next victim could be pretty much anywhere in the world. I am sorry. I am so sorry. I know I should have stayed put but I was so afraid – and moving places does confuse it for a while. Maybe I can set things right by telling what I know. Maybe I can help the person whose life I have selfishly ruined when I bought yet another ticket. Here is what you need to know.
The double window thing can only see you through an even number of windows that are opposite to one another. Usually that’s two, which is why I’m calling it a double window thing, but it’s very important to understand that four, six etc. also work. A common example of two opposing windows is a car parked in a street that you can look through. You will see the double window thing through the car’s two windows, and it will notice you and start moving towards you, but you will see nothing if you look over the car. You are relatively safe if you get inside the car though because you will be looking through only one window.
Here is the catch though: the definition of “window” can be treacherously vague. Think a double-glazed window, for example. Is it technically one window or two? That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw it for the very first time. I didn’t make the connection back then, of course. I was just thinking about how expensive it was going to be to change both frames, and suddenly there it was – staring at me, dragging up the street. And because it was so far away and I couldn’t see it in detail, I thought it was simply a very large guy and let it come. It drives me mad when I remember I was just standing there, looking. Letting it move. And such slips happened even much later, when I became very careful. If you are wearing glasses, for example, does it mean there is an extra window before your face? Turns out there isn’t until you think of it as such. I had that nice little house in Jackson. Few neighbours. Single pane windows. There was finally some sun in my room. And then I thought – hey, aren’t glasses also windows of a kind? And there it was. Closer than before, too. It had been finding cracks without me noticing.
You know what’s the worst? Imaginary windows work, too. You know how photographers sometimes make frames with their fingers before they take a photo with an actual camera? This counts as a window. I cried like a baby when I found out. Some weeks before I dropped out of university, my nerd roommate mentioned a medieval Danish book where a dude could only see his enemy from under a woman’s arm. I wish I had never heard that because that’s what made me paranoid in the first place. The author is called Saxo Grammaticus and the character Biarco – you can look it up if you want. As for me, fuck that book, that Swedish nerd and his MA thesis for even suggesting the idea. Thanks to him, I see windows everywhere now and spend sleepless night imagining and counting them.
One good piece of news is that the double window thing can’t move unless someone at your location is looking in its general direction, through an odd number of windows. While nobody is looking it just stays in one place. I suspect that it chooses its victims from close to whom it had spent the most time while waiting, mostly from my own experience. Oleksandra’s house was just next to ours and her curtains were always down; I woke up to cops arriving just a week after she got the cat, which would of course sit on the windowpane and stare. I wish I had put two and two together much earlier, and realised that anyone who is looking counts, not just me. I would have had more time to run from the house I was sharing with the Swedish nerd and his stupid canary, which I strongly suspect ruined my hiding place in Lund by interpreting the concept of cage as a crossable border. I hope it choked on its food. Another thing I wish I knew earlier is that it doesn‘t need you to see it – just to look, so a fence or a wall before a window doesn’t help. Changing the direction in which you look doesn’t help as it will soon emerge at approximately the same distance, however changing places completely can give you anything from a few days to almost a year. The further you go, the better.
I die inside a little each time I run past the spot where it is. I know it can’t hurt me before it reaches the first of the windows, at least judging from Oleksandra’s mauled fence door. I can feel the reek though. Smells like rotten fish, acetone and something else that I can‘t, and to be honest don‘t want to, quite put my finger on. Of course I never walk past that spot if I can help it but it‘s difficult with so many streets in the UK being dead ends.
I did feel that smell in the street before it had started chasing me, and blamed it on Oleksandra – thought her toilet broke down or she was too lazy to throw away her rubbish. It hadn‘t always felt like coming from her house though. In retrospect I understand that it had been, in fact, gradually moving towards her house before stopping opposite my door for a year or so. For all I know, I might have been walking through the thing every day. Maybe that‘s why. If you have had this kind of smell outside your house, I beg you – be careful.
I don‘t know what I‘m trying to achieve by writing this. Even if this reaches the person the double glass thing chooses next, how does it help them? They will be on the run, alone and constantly afraid. Maybe they will manage to struggle for longer than me, but in the end, they will also want to tear down the boards. I hope they have the means to fly between continents every few months, and it takes a long time before their flight gets cancelled, or they get into a many-windowed hospital, or the stench drives them insane. I know it is coming from the window, not from the mold in the bathroom or the rubbish bin I hadn‘t emptied in weeks.
I know it is standing out there – enormous, wrinkled and black-eyed, waiting for me to look. Around five metres last time; what now? Had it caught me at work or on the train again while I wasn’t paying attention? But there is only one window in my room, and I am safe here for now. There are two glasses, but I know it is a single window. The crack in the boarding that I noticed yesterday doesn‘t count, and I will never look to see if will see the street light bleeding through the crack.
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2020.11.15 01:54 WarDishy [FIGHT THREAD] Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook, Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney, and undercard

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM PT, 7:00 PM ET, 12:00 PM midnight GMT (undercard)
6 PM PT, 10PM ET, 3AM GMT (Main event)
Location: The Bubble, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
How to watch: ESPN+ (undercard), ESPN (main event), Premier Sports (UK)


12 rounds

WBO Welterweight Title

Terence Crawford vs Kell Brook
36-0 (27 KOs) RECORD 39-2 (27 KOs)
33 AGE 34
146.25 lbs WEIGHT 147 lbs
74” REACH 69"
5'8" HEIGHT 5’9”
switch hitter STANCE orthodox
Omaha, Nebraska, USA HOMETOWN Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
5-0 (5 KOs) LAST 5 3-2 (2 KOs)


12 rounds

WBA Super Flyweight Title

Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney
17-1-2 (8 KOs) RECORD 21-1 (14 KOs)
25 AGE 29
114.5 lbs WEIGHT 114.75 lbs
67” REACH 65"
5'5" HEIGHT 5’5”
orthodox STANCE orthodox
San Antonio, Texas, USA HOMETOWN Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia
3-0-2 (1 KOs) LAST 5 4-1 (4 KOs)

Undercard Fights

  • Joshua Greer Jr vs Edwin Rodriguez (bantamweight, 8 rounds)
  • Tyler Howard vs KeAndrae Leatherwood (middleweight, 8 rounds)
  • Duke Ragan vs Sebastian Gutierrez (featherweight, 4 rounds)
  • Vegas Larfield vs Juan Alberto Flores (bantamweight, 4 rounds)
  • Raymond Muratalla vs Luis Porozo (lightweight, 6 rounds)
Main event on ESPN, undercard on ESPN+. Sorry for posting late.
[Join us in our discord server if you're into that](
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2020.11.11 21:51 GiversBot /u/LilMissLeafeon [COMPLETED] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2020-11-11 (t3_jc8xwo up 26.35 days, LONGTAIL, ACCOUNT DELETE/SHADOWBAN)

LilMissLeafeon deleted from /borrow

Active loans

Quick search


[REQ] (£200 GBP) -(#Driffield, East Yorkshire, UK), (Repay £235 18/11/2020), (PayPal, CashApp, Bank Transfer)

Post contents

I get paid on an inconvenient date as far as bills go so I’m requesting a loan in order to cover them until I get paid next month. I’ve repaid early in the past and I’m happy to provide documentation. Thankyou!
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2020.11.10 16:34 JurassicFishing I've hit a wall doing UK research. Any pro's willing to help me please?

I have been tracing my tree back and getting hard copies of each birth certificate as I go along, so that there is zero guess work or chance of a false lead screwing up my whole tree.
I am currently at my great great great grandads branch. Who was born in 1847, according to the 1901 census info, which i know to be 100% correct, as it features my ggg grandad, ggg grandmother and gg grandad all corresponding to the information on my gg grandads birth certificate.
So now I am stuck, because in 1847, there are 13 results with +1 year accuracy on the findmypast search.
Now I know from previous experience that keeping track of your age/dob wasnt exactly a high priority back then, so there is a good chance that the 1847 date could be out by a few years.
+2 years has 17 results.
So my question is, what can I do to find the correct result from those 17?
I have already narrowed the location down to "yorkshire" as that is his place of birth, as stated on the 1901 census.
I have tried searching for him on other census records, 1891, 1881, 1871, 1861, 1851 but I cant find a conclusive result.
Are there any pros out there that can help me nail this down with 100% accuracy please?
$100 to whoever can.
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2020.11.09 14:55 wyckhampoint The Importance of Being Candid: On China’s Relationship with the Rest of the World
The Colin Cramphorn Memorial Lecture (I)
The Importance of Being Candid: On China’s Relationship with the Rest of the World
Matthew Pottinger
Deputy National Security Advisor to the President of the United States
Matthew Pottinger is Assistant to the President and US Deputy National Security Advisor. Mr. Pottinger served as the Senior Director for Asia since the start of the Trump Administration in January 2017. In that role, Mr. Pottinger advised the President on Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, and coordinated U.S. policy for the region.
Before joining the National Security Council staff, Mr. Pottinger ran Asia research at a New York-based investment firm and, prior to that, was the founder of a consultancy serving American investors in East Asia. Mr. Pottinger served as a U.S. Marine, with active duty in Japan and three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by reserve duty at the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Prior to military service, Mr. Pottinger lived and worked in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China from 1997-2005, reporting for Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. He is fluent in Mandarin.
DEAN GODSON: Good afternoon, my name is Dean Godson, I’m Director of Policy Exchange, I have the privilege, pleasure of being your host for this 9th Colin Cramphorn Memorial Lecture. As many of you will know and remember, Colin was the much-loved Chief Constable of West Yorkshire at the time of the 7/7 bombings, the last Deputy Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary and first Acting Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. He was taken from us tragically early by cancer, still remembered with much fondness. We’re delighted that his widow, Lynn, is here with us today online and with other members of the family. I know you will all wish to, on behalf of everyone here, to wish them all the very best and to thank them for continuing to be patrons of this lecture which would have, I know, meant so much to Colin.
As I say, this is the 9th such lecture and our guest of honour today, our keynoter, Matt Pottinger is Deputy National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. He was previously a distinguished journalist with the Wall Street Journal and then joined the US Marine Corps and won combat decorations for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s one of the leading authorities in the US government on China and that is why uniquely today we are innovating today here at Policy Exchange because as a more than fluent Mandarin speaker, Matt’s address today will be delivered in Mandarin for the sake of audiences across the world and indicating his belief that China is not defined solely by the People’s Republic of China and its representatives, that there is a wider engagement to be had with audiences across the world, Mandarin speaking and others, so good evening to anyone coming in from the Indo Pacific region and China in particular, good morning to all of you in Washington.
Matt, as I say, will make his remarks first in Mandarin and we’ll then open the floor to questions for 35 minutes or so of questions. As I say, we are delighted to be doing this here at Policy Exchange with the importance of this subject of the wider Indo Pacific region and China in particular. We have our own Indo Pacific Commission, chaired by former Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, which will be publishing in the near future its findings and it work. Also, because of the particular importance of this subject and because of the proximity to the US Presidential election, we are having actually two Cramphorn Memorial Lectures in close succession, one obviously the one today by Matt Pottinger and the other next week by Dr Kurt Campbell of the Asia Group, one of the leading authorities on Asia from the last Democratic administration of Barack Obama, of particular significance because people are increasingly aware in this country that in an era of polarisation in America, the area of the Indo Pacific and China is one subject where discussion and even a measure of consensus is still possible in the United States. So, thank you to Matt Pottinger for honouring us in this way, we look forward to hearing your unique address and insights and then open to wider discussion, thank you Matt.
I’d like to thank Dean Godson and Policy Exchange for inviting me to deliver the ninth annual Colin Cramphorn lecture. We all look forward to a time when we can gather again in person for events like this. With new vaccines and therapeutics on the near horizon, I’m optimistic that day will soon arrive. In the meantime, let’s pretend we’re at the Red Lion pub and enjoy this convivial, trans-Atlantic video conference between Westminster and the White House. I’m betting on a lively discussion following my set remarks.
As most of you know, England and America are two countries separated by a common language. In order to bridge that divide, I’ve decided to give my remarks in Mandarin.
Truth be told, Dean Godson asked me to bust out my Chinese for the sake of higher ratings. Dean knew that a video of an earlier speech I delivered in Mandarin, about China’s May Fourth movement, was viewed more than one million times. Dean may have also known that a subsequent video I recorded in English for the Ronald Reagan Institute was, by contrast, barely noticed by even my own staff.
Naturally, Dean calculated that a white guy speaking in stilted Mandarin would be a bigger box-office draw than whatever message the white guy might be trying to convey.
So be it. As a character on The Simpsons once put it: “Come for the freak, stay for the food.”
Delivering these remarks in Mandarin has another benefit: It allows friends in China to join a conversation that is taking place with increasing regularity around the globe: A conversation about China’s relationship with the rest of the world.
But first, a smidgen of history to underscore what’s at stake.
Near the end of the 18th century, across the water and many miles from England, a group of visionary men drew up a constitution. The document they framed was designed to limit the powers of government, assert the rights of the people, and chart a path toward what they hoped would be a lasting democracy.
I’m talking, of course, about… Poland.
“Poland?” you ask. Don’t be embarrassed if 1790s Poland didn’t turn up in your high-school textbooks. Unlike the more famous U.S. Constitution, which was adopted just a few years earlier and still serves as the supreme law of the American republic, the Polish experiment with constitutional government was strangled in its infancy.
The problem was foreign interference. A faction of the Polish nobility felt threatened by the influence they would lose under the new constitution. So they sought Russian help in reestablishing the old order. Catherine the Great seized the opportunity to invade and then partition Poland—she took the east and Prussia took the west.
Then, after defeating a revolt led by Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a Polish military hero of the American Revolution, Russia—along with Prussia and Austria—carried out a final partition of Poland-Lithuania in 1795. The young Commonwealth was erased from the map altogether.
I mention Poland’s failed experiment for two reasons: First, it’s a reminder that democracy, while unrivaled in terms of legitimacy and results, is neither invincible nor inevitable. Second, interference in the affairs of free societies by autocratic regimes is a phenomenon that is waxing, not waning.
To stave off meddling, it never hurts to have favorable geography—a luxury Poland didn’t enjoy. Poland’s 18th Century neighbors were powerful European monarchies. America’s neighbors, by contrast, were the two best friends a fledgling democracy could ever ask for—the Atlantic and the Pacific.
But in the cyber age, autocratic governments can concoct disinformation, inject it into the public discourse of nations, and amplify it through self-improving algorithms from the other side of the earth. Are the blessings of oceans and channels sufficient barriers against this sort of meddling?
Not if the citizens of free and sovereign nations yield to complacency. Nations, including democracies, are undergoing the first stage of a real-life “stress test” of their ability to withstand covert, coercive, and corrupt influence by high-tech autocracies.
This may seem odd, because the autocracies are so vastly outnumbered. But they compensate by marshalling the full resources of their states, by learning from one another’s successes and failures, and sometimes by coordinating with one another.
Economic strength isn’t a prerequisite for waging cyber warfare. Thus, we see hackers tasked by Moscow and Tehran attempting to undermine confidence in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. But no regime has more riding on its ability to influence the perceptions, policies and priorities of foreign populations than the Chinese Communist Party.
In truth, we should’ve expected this. The Communist Party’s victory in the Chinese civil war owed less to its combat prowess against superior Nationalist forces than to its ability to infiltrate and manipulate the language, thinking, and actions of its adversaries. This is why the current Party leadership is redoubling its emphasis on “United Front” work.
The defining feature of United Front work is that it’s not transparent. The clue is in the name.
China’s United Front Work system is a gigantic government function with no analogue in democracies. China’s leaders call it a “magic weapon,” and the Party’s 90 million members are required to support its activities. While the system has many branches, the United Front Work Department alone has four times as many cadres as the U.S. State Department has foreign-service officers. But instead of practicing diplomacy with foreign governments—the Chinese foreign ministry handles that—the United Front gathers intelligence about, and works to influence, private citizens overseas. The focus is on foreign elites and the organizations they run. Think of a United Front worker as a cross between an intelligence collector, a propagandist, and a psychologist.
I know that sounds like the opening line to a joke. But United Front work is serious business, and it affects you and me. After all, the raw material for psychologists is data about their patients. The Party is compiling digital dossiers on millions of foreign citizens around the world. The exposure last month of a Chinese database on at least 2.4 million people around the world—including many of us on this call—speaks to the Party’s sheer ambition to wed traditional Leninist techniques with powerful new tools of digital surveillance.
The company building these dossiers, Shenzhen Zhenhua Data Information Technology Co, supports what its CEO reportedly calls “psychological warfare.” Zhenhua harvests and organizes public and private data about us for exploitation by its clients, which are organs of the Chinese security apparatus, according to its website.
The dossiers Zhenhua is compiling include people in virtually every country on earth, no matter how small. They include members of royal families and members of parliament, judges and clerks, tech mavens and budding entrepreneurs, four-star admirals and the crewmembers of warships, professors and think-tankers, and national and local officials. They also include children, who are fair game under Beijing’s rules of political warfare. No one is too prominent or too obscure.
Zhenhua isn’t a particularly large or sophisticated actor in the United Front world. It may even be acting opportunistically, because it thinks the Party will reward it. Far more powerful tech firms, including famous Chinese app developers, play a much bigger role in this kind of work.
Assembling dossiers has always been a feature of Leninist regimes. The material is used now, as before, to influence and intimidate, reward and blackmail, flatter and humiliate, divide and conquer. What’s new is how easy we’ve made it for autocrats to accumulate so much intimate data about ourselves—even people who’ve never set foot in China. We leave our intellectual property, our official documents, and our private lives on the table like open books. The smart phones we use all day to chat, search, buy, view, bank, navigate, network, worship and confide make our thoughts and actions as plain to cyber spooks as the plumes of exhaust from a vintage double-decker bus.
The Chinese Communist Party has reorganized its national strategy around harnessing that digital exhaust to expand the Party’s power and reach.
But what’s the ultimate point of all the data collection and exploitation? What is Beijing trying to influence us to do? The Party’s goal, in short, is to co-opt or bully people—and even nations—into a particular frame of mind that’s conducive to Beijing’s grand ambitions. It’s a paradoxical mindset—a state of cognitive dissonance that is at once credulous and fearful, complacent and defeatist. It’s a mindset that on Monday says “It’s too early to say whether Beijing poses a threat,” and by Friday says “They’re a threat, all right, but it’s too late to do anything about it now.” To be coaxed into such a mindset is to be seduced into submission—like taking the “blue pill” in The Matrix.
How does Beijing do it? This is where United Front propaganda and psychology come into play. The Party’s overseas propaganda has two consistent themes: “We own the future, so make your adjustments now.” And: “We’re just like you, so try not to worry.” Together, these assertions form the elaborate con at the heart of all Leninist movements.
The Kiwi scholar Anne-Marie Brady, a pioneer in sussing out United Front ploys, points to the Party’s global campaigns—“One Belt, One Road” and the “Community of Common Destiny for Mankind”—as classic specimens of the genre.
Brady calls United Front work a “tool to corrode and corrupt our political system, to weaken and divide us against each other, to erode the critical voice of our media, and turn our elites into clients of the Chinese Communist Party, their mouths stuffed with cash.”
The con doesn’t always work, of course. Facts sometimes get in the way. The profound waste and corruption of many One Belt, One Road projects is an example. When the con doesn’t induce acquiescence, the Party often resorts to intimidation and repression.
Take Hong Kong, where demonstrators took to the streets by the millions last year to protest Beijing’s efforts to undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law. If “socialism with Chinese characteristics” was the future, the demonstrators seemed to prefer staying firmly in the present.
So Beijing resorted to Plan B. It demolished Deng Xiaoping’s “One Country, Two Systems” framework and deprived Hong Kong of the autonomy that made it the most spectacular city in Asia.
None of this is reason for panic, mind you. It’s true the West is going through one of its periodic spells of self-doubt, when extreme political creeds surface on the left and the right, and some ideas are so foolish that, to paraphrase George Orwell, only an intellectual could believe them. So let’s pull up our socks and get back to common sense.
On the foreign policy front, President Trump has ingrained two principles worth sharing here, because they’re designed to preserve our sovereignty, promote stability, and reduce miscalculation. They are reciprocity and candor.
Reciprocity is the straightforward idea that when a country injures your interests, you return the favor. It is eminently reasonable and readily understood, including by would-be aggressors. It’s an inherently defensive approach, rooted in notions of fair play and deterrence.
Candor is the idea that democracies are safest when we speak honestly and publicly about and to our friends, our adversaries, and ourselves. This can take some getting used to. When President Reagan was preparing to give a speech in Berlin, several of his staff tried desperately to get him to remove a phrase they found embarrassing and needlessly provocative. Luckily, President Reagan went with his gut, and delivered the most famous line of his presidency: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”
Some will argue that confrontational rhetoric turns countries into enemies. This old chestnut of the U.S. diplomatic corps masquerades as humble policy, but is in fact quite arrogant because it presumes nations act primarily in reaction to whatever the United States says or does.
Clever adversaries use such thinking against us. By portraying truth-telling as an act of belligerence, autocrats try to badger democracies into silence—and often succeed. “This is the first and most important defeat free nations can ever suffer,” President Reagan said at Guildhall. “When free peoples cease telling the truth about and to their adversaries, they cease telling the truth to themselves.” Public candor actually promotes peace by reducing the space for strategic blunders.
Public candor applies to our internal affairs, too. There can be no double standard.
When Louis Armstrong performed in the Soviet Union as a cultural ambassador of the State Department, he spoke frankly about racial bigotry in the United States. When Reagan famously referred to the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire,” he explored America’s own “legacy of evil”—including anti-Semitism and slavery—in the very same speech.
So it is in a spirit of friendship, reflection, and, yes, candor, that I ask friends in China to research the truth about your government’s policies toward the Uyghur people and other religious minorities. Ask yourselves why the editors of The Economist, in a cover article this week, called those policies “a crime against humanity” and “the most extensive violation in the world today of the principle that individuals have a right to liberty and dignity simply because they are people.”
As a Marine who spent three combat deployments fighting terrorists, I can tell you that what is taking place in Xinjiang bears no resemblance whatsoever to an ethical counter-terrorism strategy. Such abuses are what the Chinese diplomat P.C. Chang was trying to prevent when he helped draft the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is no credible justification I can find in Chinese philosophy, religion, or moral law for the concentration camps inside your borders.
Colin Cramphorn, for whom this lecture is named, was Chief Constable of West Yorkshire before his death from cancer in 2006. Colin worked the most notorious terrorism cases in British history, from the Omagh car-bombing to the London suicide attacks of 2005. When your day job is to confront evil, it’s hard to avoid dwelling at night on big questions about the human heart. Colin, a voracious and varied reader, sometimes consulted the writings of C.S. Lewis.
I’m told he found particular solace in The Screwtape Letters—Lewis’s brilliantly imagined monologue of a demon toiling in Satan’s bureaucracy. (John Cleese recorded a pitch-perfect rendition of the book a few decades ago, by the way. It’s on YouTube. I’m told Andy Serkis has recorded a version that gives Cleese a run for his money.)
“The safest road to Hell,” old Screwtape advises his nephew, “is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.”
I suspect Colin drew hope and courage from the knowledge that evil, properly identified and exposed, is frail—even farcical. And that calling it out in public—giving it “signposts”—inoculates us against temptation and liberates us from fear. As my friend Tony Dolan told me: “The great paradox of institutionalized evil is that it can be enormously powerful but also enormously fragile. Thus, it is compulsively aggressive and ultimately self-destructive. It senses its own moral absurdity. It knows it is a raft on a sea of ontological good.”
“What evil fears most is the publicly spoken truth.”
So speak up, everyone. And raise a glass tonight to the good constable Colin Cramphorn and to like-minded public servants the world over. They have our love and our thanks.
DEAN GODSON: Matt, thank you for a truly brilliant and memorable address. You have now very kindly agreed to answer questions. Just two items of protocol here, please put your virtual hands up and please also look into the camera when you’re speaking because of the exigencies of the virtual event. The final house rule that all of you will be aware of, no question too outrageous, you just have to state your name and organisation before pronouncing. David Brunston, if you can just restate for the record your name and organisation, you wanted to ask a question. David, we can’t hear you. A number of people have been texting in to me, some of them wanted to be asked anonymously, Matt, so if I can use Chairman’s privilege to ask on their behalf. A little more detail, is the strategy, the CCP strategy of wolf diplomacy, is it too far gone now? Could you say more in a bit more detail, they ask, what in your view, the US administration’s perspective, the counter measures should be?
MATT POTTINGER: Dean, thanks so much. You know, I think in a way the wolf warrior diplomacy is an expression of a moment of a kind of desperate opportunism. In a sense, I think as many countries have caught on to the scope of Beijing’s ambitions and have started to push back where they think or the community of nations think they go too far or are damaging to countries sovereignty or interests. I think the process of pushing back has led to a bit of a dropping of the fig leaf, if you will, and this more combative approach to diplomacy, it’s a more coercive approach to diplomacy so I think that what all countries need to do – and this is for the sake of stability by the way, this is in the interest of re-establishing a kind of equilibrium and more constructive, results-oriented relationship between China and the community of nations. I think the two ideas that I talked about in the speech and that are central to President Trump’s approach, the reciprocity but also the candour, will help go quite some way in restoring that balance.
DEAN GODSON: Brilliant, thank you and I’ve been asked to ask the question on behalf of David Brunston of Reuters and the question he wants to ask is how would you expect US policy under a second Trump administration to evolve and how it would differ from a policy that the Biden administration might pursue?
MATT POTTINGER: Yes, so people advising Vice President Biden talk about what he thinks a good policy would be but in terms of President Trump’s approach, I think first you have to take stock of the fact that there is a new consensus and the forging of that new consensus about China is something that has happened under President Trump’s watch, it is in no small part because of the policies that he’s taken and the result has been that it has actually, as you alluded to in the introductory remarks, Dean, it’s a bipartisan, it’s a whole of society consensus and as you read polls popping up all over the world, you see that it’s not just an American consensus anymore either. We’ve led that consensus, that’s been President Trump’s hallmark, probably the most key legacy and shift in American foreign policy in quite some time but there are a lot of other countries that are now starting to, at a minimum, share a very similar consensus on the diagnosis of what the problem is and increasingly, a lot of countries, our European allies, allies across the Indo Pacific region and beyond, who are exploring and in some cases taking similar steps to those that President Trump has advocated for.
DEAN GODSON: Thank you. The next question is from the Right Honourable Lord Mandelson, former Deputy Prime Minister and European Commissioner. Peter, your question if you can come in.
PETER MANDELSON: Dean, thank you very much indeed and I hope you can hear me.
DEAN GODSON: Loud and clear.
RT HON LORD MANDELSON: I have been rather impressed by Matt Pottinger’s lecture and I find myself actually a supporter of both reciprocity and candour and as somebody who, when I was Trade Commissioner, was equally accused of using confrontational rhetoric towards China when I described them as a trade juggernaut out of control, I can see its usefulness. Can I ask though this question to Mr Pottinger? For China in a sense to lose, the West has to win and the West has not been winning during the last four years. With humility and self-criticism, could Mr Pottinger explain to us why he thinks the West has not been strengthened in its coherence and its unity during the last four years and why we have been less able to act in a joined-up way towards China and other international questions than we have during other periods since the Second World War?
DEAN GODSON: Thank you. Matt.
MATT POTTINGER: Thank you, that’s a great question and a great thoughtful prelude to the question as well, thank you. Look, President Trump came in following what I believe and certainly the people who elected him believed was a lengthy period of failure in American foreign policy and really more of a failure of broader foreign policy in the West. We got in lengthy wars under sort of a I think a misimpression that we would be able to inject democracy into far corners of the earth by the barrel of a gun, those have been enormously costly. Those are things that really have done damage, I think, to the West.
China’s entry into the WTO and all of the policies, really the assumptions that led to that and I shared those assumptions 20 years ago so I don’t blame or cast aspersions for what was actually very optimistic bold policy taken by the United States and the West to try to help China become more liberal, first economically and then we hoped politically as well but I think we’ve now taken stock of the fact that some of those assumptions were generous but misplaced. In fact, really the high watermark of China’s opening and liberalisation was December 11th 2001, which I think was the date China entered the WTO. After that, all of those reforms that we so eagerly anticipated by bringing China into the WTO, actually flatlined, things started to plateau for about a decade and over the course of the decade that we’ve just concluded, we saw those reforms go into reverse.
We’ve seen a far greater concentration of power in the hands of the state over the economy, over people’s lives and what we’ve learned is that optimistic period, the reform and opening period if you like, was unfortunately an interregnum, it was an interregnum between the totalitarianism of Mao’s rule and a new technologically enhanced totalitarianism under the current leadership and I’ve heard some refer to it as an attempt at so-called exquisite totalitarianism. I think that that’s a good encapsulation of what has now being attempted, this experiment that Beijing is running to see whether or not it can improve on the failed approach of all the other Leninist states of the 20th century by compensating for the failures of those systems through advanced technology and totalitarian surveillance. So, in short, I think this period that you’re referring to that you characterise as a sort of insufficient pulling together of the West, you’ve got to have a little bit of historical perspective that we’re going through a massive change from the post-Cold War era of the last few decades to a new one that takes stock of some of the failures of the last 30 years. Thanks.
DEAN GODSON: Brilliant, thank you. Next, Deborah Haynes, Foreign Editor, Sky News. Deborah, are you coming in?
DEBORAH HAYNES: Hopefully. Hi, thank you very much, thank you for letting me ask a question and thank you for that fascinating presentation. In terms of how you were describing how the United Front is implementing China’s policies, is what we’re seeing now, given that China is this rising power, a kind of a global battle over ideologies? I mean there’s no rule book that says that China has to adopt the rules based system and carry on using it if it’s the predominant power and if that’s the case, could you just spell out what the danger is if liberal democracies, who are far more fractured now than they have been, if they don’t stand together and stand up for the ideologies of free speech and human rights and all the things that we believe in, that we will see this big global division between those who side with China technologically and ideologically, and those who side with the West, much more than we’ve ever seen before?
MATT POTTINGER: That’s also a great question. So, American foreign policy has had this element, this tradition of realpolitik which, you know, there are nations that calculate on the basis of their own cold self-interest and also running in our veins is this tradition of our own revolutionary liberal democratic world view. They run in our veins like iced water and hot water and hopefully they remain in good enough balance that your blood stays at a good temperature. But you’ve hit on something, the truth is that you cannot ignore the ideological dimensions and ideology is just a fancy word for world view, right. We do have a markedly different world view from the Chinese Communist Party, a different approach to the world, different ideas about quite a lot and that’s not true of China as a whole. The Chinese Communist Party is firmly in command of China, obviously, but China is a lot of things. It is a pretty remarkable civilisation that I have devoted a huge part of my adult life to living in and studying and enjoying and I still do; the history, the culture and the unbelievable drive and energy and entrepreneurialism of the Chinese people. But that ideological dimension is unavoidable and if we try to ignore it, if we try to pretend that it’s only a matter of cold self-interest on both sides, that it’s a Thucydides trap as some like to frame it, I think we’d actually put ourselves on a path towards a more destabilised future than if we were to talk quite frankly to ourselves, our allies and yes, to our adversaries about those differences so that we can avoid miscalculation.
DEAN GODSON: Thank you, Matt. Next question from Alexander Downer, our Chairman of Trustees here at Policy Exchange and, of course, the longest serving Australian Foreign Minister in the country’s history and High Commissioner in London. Alexander.
HON ALEXANDER DOWNER AC: Thanks Dean, I hope you can hear me. I think, speaking as an Australian, it has to be said that we Australians had a fairly solid although not tension-free relationship with China for many years under Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao and Australians have been really taken aback by the aggression in recent years of the Xi Jinping administration so my question is a little bit like Peter Mandelson’s, if there’s a second Trump administration what specific steps will the United States be taking to help countries like Australia which have been targeted by China, particularly Australian trade has been targeted by China, to help build a sense of collective security amongst liberal democracies in the Indo-Pacific region.
MATT POTTINGER: Yes, that’s a great remark that you made and Australia has been in some sense the canary in the coal mine. Australia – by the way, when people claim that provocative and frank, candid language is what causes China to act out in this sort of wolf warrior way, I always point to Australia as well as India as the counter examples there because India and Australia are two countries that had, really went out of their way to extend warmth to China in their people to people and commercial ties. These were countries that did seek to integrate their economies certainly, especially in the case of Australia and yet, when the Australian government just earlier this year had the temerity to ask the World Health Organisation whether there could be a general investigation into the origins of the coronavirus, China retaliated for that wholly reasonable request that Australia made. By the way, the World Health Organisation members voted in the largest majority in the organisation’s history in favour of the motion that Australia raised to investigate the origins, how is it that millions of us now have been infected with this disease? China retaliated by putting tariffs on Australian barley, cancelling beef exports and describing … their arch-propagandist said that Australia is chewing gum stuck to the bottom of China’s shoe and it is time to scrape it off. So, there you have a pretty good counter-argument to the notion that by being extra-friendly to China and hiding some of our candour, that that would lead to a happier bilateral relationship doesn’t stand up.
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2020.11.06 22:43 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Harrogate Town 4-1 Skelmersdale United [FA Cup]

FT: Harrogate Town 4-1 Skelmersdale United

Harrogate Town Score Skelmersdale United
C. Miller 1' [1]-0
M. Beck 45'+3' [2]-0
J. Lawlor 68' [3]-0
A. Martin 73' [4]-0
4-[1] D. Mitchley 89'
Date: 06/11/2020 — 20:45 CET, 14:45 EST, 19:45 GMT, 01:15 IST
Competition: FA Cup
Venue: CNG Stadium (Harrogate, North Yorkshire)
Referee: R. Madley


Harrogate Town Notes Skelmersdale United Notes
Manager: S. Weaver Manager: P. McNally
13 J. Cracknell 1 B. Barnes
19 C. Miller G 1'; SUB 63' 4 D. Murphy A 89'
3 D. Jones YC 17' 3 C. Preston
26 K. Lokko 2 J. Herbert
6 W. Burrell 5 M. Grogan YC 90'+1'
4 J. Falkingham A 73' 7 J. Grimshaw SUB 75'
12 J. Lawlor G 68' 6 J. Peet SUB 69'
23 T. Walker A 45'+3'; SUB 63' 10 A. Griffiths
15 C. Kirby 9 D. Mitchley G 89'
9 M. Beck G 45'+3'; A 68' 8 L. Ellams YC 29'
18 J. Muldoon SUB 69' 11 E. Adegbenro SUB 75'


Harrogate Town: G. Thomson (SUB 63'), B. Kiernan (SUB 63'), A. Martin (SUB 69'; G 73'), J. Stead, C. Hall, L. Kerry, J. Belshaw
Skelmersdale United: T. Croughan (SUB 69'), R. Brodie (SUB 75'), G. Ellis (SUB 75'), J. Webb, C. Glennon, S. Wainwright, A. Davies


1': Goal! C. Miller scores — Harrogate Town [1]-0 Skelmersdale United .
17': Yellow card shown to D. Jones ( Harrogate Town).
29': Yellow card shown to L. Ellams ( Skelmersdale United).
45'+3': Goal! M. Beck scores [T. Walker assist] — Harrogate Town [2]-0 Skelmersdale United .
63': Substitution for Harrogate Town: G. Thomson in, T. Walker out.
63': Substitution for Harrogate Town: B. Kiernan in, C. Miller out.
68': Goal! J. Lawlor scores [M. Beck assist] — Harrogate Town [3]-0 Skelmersdale United .
69': Substitution for Harrogate Town: A. Martin in, J. Muldoon out.
69': Substitution for Skelmersdale United: T. Croughan in, J. Peet out.
73': Goal! A. Martin scores [J. Falkingham assist] — Harrogate Town [4]-0 Skelmersdale United .
75': Substitution for Skelmersdale United: R. Brodie in, E. Adegbenro out.
75': Substitution for Skelmersdale United: G. Ellis in, J. Grimshaw out.
89': Goal! D. Mitchley scores [D. Murphy assist] — Harrogate Town 4-[1] Skelmersdale United .
90'+1': Yellow card shown to M. Grogan ( Skelmersdale United).
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2020.11.04 22:42 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Rotherham United 0-1 Luton Town [Championship, Round 10]

FT: Rotherham United 0-1 Luton Town

Rotherham United Score Luton Town
0-[1] J. Collins 70'
Date: 04/11/2020 — 20:45 CET, 14:45 EST, 19:45 GMT, 01:15 IST
Competition: Championship (Round 10)
Venue: AESSEAL New York Stadium (Rotherham, South Yorkshire)
Referee: A. Madley


Rotherham United Notes Luton Town Notes
Manager: P. Warne Manager: N. Jones
27 J. Blackman 12 S. Sluga
3 J. Mattock SUB 10' 2 M. Cranie
21 A. MacDonald 5 S. Bradley
20 M. Ihiekwe 6 M. Pearson
19 W. Harding 16 G. Rea
16 J. Lindsay 8 L. Berry A 70'; YC 90'+1'
26 D. Barlaser 4 R. Tunnicliffe
8 B. Wiles 14 G. Moncur
24 M. Smith SUB 58' 28 J. Morrell SUB 46'
28 F. Jozefzoon SUB 80' 19 J. Collins G 70'
14 M. Miller YC 77' 7 H. Cornick SUB 64'


Rotherham United: M. Crooks (SUB 10'), G. Hirst (SUB 58'), F. Ladapo (SUB 80'), V. Johansson, R. Wood, K. Vassell, K. Sadlier
Luton Town: P. Ruddock (SUB 46'), K. LuaLua (SUB 64'), E. Lee, J. Shea, S. Nombe, J. Bree, T. Lockyer


10': Substitution for Rotherham United: M. Crooks in, J. Mattock out.
46': Substitution for Luton Town: P. Ruddock in, J. Morrell out.
58': Substitution for Rotherham United: G. Hirst in, M. Smith out.
64': Substitution for Luton Town: K. LuaLua in, H. Cornick out.
70': Goal! J. Collins scores [L. Berry assist] — Rotherham United 0-[1] Luton Town .
77': Yellow card shown to M. Miller ( Rotherham United).
80': Substitution for Rotherham United: F. Ladapo in, F. Jozefzoon out.
90'+1': Yellow card shown to L. Berry ( Luton Town).
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2020.11.02 22:53 XENOCIDESAM Post-Match Thread: Leeds United 1-4 Leicester City [Premier League, Round 7]

FT: Leeds United 1-4 Leicester City

Leeds United Score Leicester City
0-[1] H. Barnes 3'
0-[2] Y. Tielemans 21'
S. Dallas 48' [1]-2
1-[3] J. Vardy 76'
1-[4] Y. Tielemans 90'+1 (pen.)
Date: 02/11/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: Premier League (Round 7)
Venue: Elland Road (Leeds, West Yorkshire)
Referee: A. Marriner


Leeds United Notes Leicester City Notes
Manager: M. Bielsa Manager: B. Rodgers
1 I. Meslier 1 Schmeichel
2 L. Ayling 3 W. Fofana
5 R. Koch 28 C. Fuchs
6 L. Cooper 2 J. Justin
15 S. Dallas G 48'; YC 50'; SUB 81' 24 N. Mendy
46 J. Shackleton SUB 46' 8 Y. Tielemans G 21'; G 90+1'
43 M. Klich 33 L. Thomas YC 84'
17 Hélder Costa 11 M. Albrighton
19 P. Hernández SUB 67' 9 J. Vardy A 3'; G 76'; SUB 85'
22 J. Harrison A 48' 15 H. Barnes G 17'; SUB 71'
9 P. Bamford 26 D. Praet SUB 63'


Leeds United: I. Poveda (SUB 46'), T. Roberts (SUB 67'), E. Alioski (SUB 81'), P. Struijk, L. Davis, O. Casey, K. Casilla
Leicester City: J. Maddison (SUB 63'), C. Ünder (SUB 71'; A 76'), W. Morgan (SUB 85'), K. Iheanacho, A. Pérez, H. Choudhury, D. Ward


3': Goal! H. Barnes scores [J. Vardy assist] — Leeds United 0-[1] Leicester City
21': Goal! Y. Tielemans scores — Leeds United 0-[2] Leicester City
46': Substitution for Leeds United: I. Poveda in, J. Shackleton out
48': Goal! S. Dallas scores [J. Harrison assist] — Leeds United [1]-2 Leicester City
50': Yellow card shown to S. Dallas (Leeds United)
63': Substitution for Leicester City: J. Maddison in, D. Praet out
67': Substitution for Leeds United: T. Roberts in, P. Hernández out
71': Substitution for Leicester City: C. Ünder in, H. Barnes out
76': Goal! J. Vardy scores [C. Ünder assist] — Leeds United 1-[3] Leicester City
81': Substitution for Leeds United: E. Alioski in, S. Dallas out
84': Yellow card shown to L. Thomas (Leicester City)
85': Substitution for Leicester City: W. Morgan in, J. Vardy out
90+1': Goal! Y. Tielemans scores (Penalty) — Leeds United 1-[4] Leicester City
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2020.11.01 23:43 HowlingCat864 The Rise Of Giga Chu!

It was a normal summer day in Cubetown. Little Chu was chilling in his grandfather's lab, reading his 45th chemistry book while he waited for his grandfather to return from his important errands. Suddenly he hears the "door" to the lab open.
"Hey Chewy! Coco & Robbie were hoping you'd play soccer with them at the park. Would you like to come?"
"Sure, Pecola. I just want to finish this chapter really quick." Little Chu replied.
"What's it about?" Pecola asked curiously.
"It's about the bonding of atoms & how-"
"Sounds boring. Hey, what's that over here?" Pecola inquired, pointing at the strange new machine that wasn't there a week ago.
"I wouldn't touch that, that's my grandfather's latest invention. He really hasn't tested it yet."
"Come on Chewy, what's the worst that can happen?" Pecola asked, already near the machine.
"Pecola! Don't!" Little Chu yelled, making a run towards Pecola.
In a brief moment, Pecola suddenly slipped, accidently pressing one of the machine's many buttons, sending a bright green beam from the machine. Since Little Chu was headed straight for Pecola, said beam happened to hit Chewy square (no pun intended) in the chest. Seeing that he'd indirectly hurt his best friend, Pecola came rushing to the scene.
"Chewy, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"
"Yeah, but you should've been careful, I told you not to mess with it!"
As Little Chu got up, Pecola had noticed that his best friend was now a bit taller than him, which was odd, as Pecola was usually the taller of the two. Chewy had noticed this to, but thought nothing of it until he started to get his usual tummy ache. Although this was different from his usual tummy aches, this time, it was rapidly getting more intense. Little Chu didn't know what was going on, but he knew one thing; he needed to get out of the lab as soon as physically possible. So, without a word to Pecola, he ran out towards the lab's entrance.
"Chewy wait! I'm really sorry! I didn't mean it! I swear!" Pecola pleaded, following Little Chu.
When Pecola had finally caught up with Chewy, he was surprised to see "Little" Chu was now around four times his height & still growing.
"C-Chewy?" Pecola asked nervously.
"Are you scared of me Pecola? Even though you did this?"
"I'm sorry Chewy, I didn't think it would get this bad…"
Little Chu simply sighed in response. He was now around 30ft tall, & his stomach ache was gone, hopefully meaning that the hellish growth spurt was over.
"Chewy, if you want, I can help you find Dr. Chu to reverse the process." Pecola offered.
"Actually Pecola, I think you'll be helpful up here." Little Chu smirked, grabbing Pecola & placing him on top of his head. "Now you can help me watch for rogue airplanes."
"As your servant, Chewyzilla!"
"...please don't call me that."
"Sorry. Now, where are we off to, the park? We DID promise Coco & Robbie we would play soccer with them."
"Crap, I completely forgot! Alright, we'll go there, but only to explain to them the situation, then we'll leave. I, erm, don't really want anyone to see me like this…"
"That's understandable, Chewy. Now let's get hopping!"
At the park
"Argh, where are those two?! Did Pecola find Dr. Chu's secret stash of pudding or something?!" Coco loudly complained.
"Don't be so quick to judge, Coco, I'm sure they simply forgot. I'm sure if we can-"
Robbie was cut off by loud approaching footsteps followed by a large shadow covering the duo. Out of instinct, the two looked up to see what was casting the large shadow.
"C-C-Chewy! I-I'm sorry I used y-your 4D video game invention without your permission! Please don't hurt me!" Robbie pleaded.
"You did what?" Little Chu asked, confused.
Before Little Chu could process what the heck Robbie just admitted to him, Pecola loudly made his entrance.
"Hey guys!"
"Pecola, what did you do to Chewy?" Coco demanded, not at all amused.
"Well, there was a little incident at the lab…" Pecola started.
"...& now Pecola & I are heading back to find an antidote." Chewy finished.
"Well, as it stands, "Little" Chu doesn't really suit you anymore. I think while at this size, you should be called Giga Chu." Coco inquired.
"But that would imply I grew 1 billion times my size, when I really grew around 7 times." Little Chu Corrected.
"But it sounds cool."
"Can't argue with that."
At the lab
"Hey Chewy, would you mind letting me down for a bit? I think I have an idea on how to get you to normal."
"Usually when you have plans, it backfires horribly. But I'm starting to get desperate. Plus there's no sign of my grandfather coming back anytime soon, so I'll give you a singular chance, alright Pecola?"
Little Chu reluctantly let Pecola down, of whom ran into the lab, only to retrieve the same machine that started this mess.
"That's actually quite good thinking, it's likely that the machine had a reverse button somewhere. Beam me up!"
Pecola did as instructed, this time pressing a different button as he did before, this time sending out a purple beam. Unfortunately for them, the beam only made Little Chu grow even more to an astounding 45 feet. & to add salt to the wound, a strange liquid starting oozing from the battery component.
"Pecola! Don't touch it! It's a battery leak! It could really hurt you if you get too close!"
"Chewy, I'm really sorry. I really thought I had it."
"It's alright, it was worth a shot. Hopefully my grandfather can fix this as soon as he gets home."
At Hornbender's observatory
It was a normal day for Prof Hornbender, he was searching for a comet to name himself after, but as usual, no luck. Defeated, Hornbender decided to use his telescope to see what Cubetown was up to. But something caught his eye when he came down to Dr. Chu's lab.
"Are my old eyes playing tricks on me? That's Little Chu, but he seems to be bigger than his grandfather's laboratory! Is he still his friendly self? Or did he become hostile? No matter the situation, I need to let Mayor Papazoni about this right away!"
Generic scene transition
It had been at least an hour & a half since Giga Chu's growth incident. Because of the initial shock of the moment, the two have yet to have lunch. & it was hard for the two to ignore their growling stomachs, especially Chewy's, since his was larger, & therefore louder. They both knew that it was going to attract the attention of someone, so Giga Chu reluctantly agreed with Pecola to go to the town for food. But on the way, they heard something that ensured they were in big trouble.
"Greetings voters, err I mean citizens. This is your mayor speaking on the behalf of Prof Hornbender, in which he informed me of blah blah blah."
"Did you hear that Chewy? Now the whole town knows!"
"As if they would be awake enough to be able to hear it." Chewy comforted, although he still couldn't stop himself from shaking in fear.
A few minutes later
"Say Chewy, where do we want to eat? Mr. Saruyama's fruit stand, Cori's Cafe, oh! I got it! The bakery! I heard that carbs are really filling!"
Without a moment's hesitation, Pecola ran off, leading Giga Chu to have to carefully follow him, when he finally catches up with him, he finds Pecola walking out with an arm's full of bread.
"Pecola, I know we're desperate, but do we really have to resort to thievery?"
"Better than having to eat the actual citizens for food!"
Chewy simply sighed in response. Once Giga Chu was finished with his share of the bread, Pecola would run back in & grab another armful until the entire bakery was empty. After that they decided to go to Pecola's house to talk about what to do next, not realizing that Pecolius was home.
"Well, hello Pecola &... Little Chu?" Pecolius greeted.
"The name's now Giga Chu."
"I see, well let me guess, Pecola was horseplaying in the lab & accidently activated one of the machines."
"Hey!" Pecola defended.
"Well, it wasn't horseplay necessarily, but that's pretty much what happened."
"I see, well have either of you talked to Dr. Chu about this?"
"We've already tried looking for him, but he's nowhere to be found!" Pecola explained.
"Well, I can't leave you two here alone, I'll help you boys find Dr. Chu, I'm sure the town residents will be much calmer after I explain to them the situation."
"Thank you." Chewy said, feeling much safer.
Across the town, there was much discussion amongst the residents about what Mayor Papazoni had just told them.
"A 45ft giant? Here, in Cubetown? Haha!" Mr. Saruyama joked.
"I bet Papazoni's just looking for more excuses to not fulfil his promises!" Rory commented.
"Yeah, I bet next time, he'll claim there's a dragon's remains in the mountains!"
"I yawn wouldn't disclaim it quite yet, our bread has just been stolen & there's crumbs yawn all over the street outside our bakery." Mr. Bernard claimed.
"Let's not forget that YOU didn't lock the doors during the meeting like you said you would, dear!" Mrs. Bernard confronted.
"It was probably just Pecola, I didn't see him at the meeting, did you?" Mr. Saruyama suggested.
"No I didn't, but come to think of it, I didn't see Little Chu either…"
Before the four could put 2 & 2 together, they heard loud approaching footsteps, revealing just how wrong they were…
Upon instinct, Mrs. Bernard grabbed her tired husband's paw & ran towards their bakery. Rory ran & hid inside the nearest mailbox. Only Mr. Saruyama stayed to defend his melons. But unfortunately for him, the sun was shining bright that day, & the beast's glasses just happened to reflect the Sun's rays at just the right angle to send a heat wave right onto his melons, setting them ablaze.
"My melons! They're on fire!" Mr. Saruyama cried.
"Mr. Saruyama! I'm so sorry! I didn't know they could do that!" Giga Chu apologized.
Upon hearing the word fire, the clumsy tortoise brothers Jabatt & Bashatt came rushing onto the scene, knocking into each other in the process. They went right to work putting out the fire, but by then it was already too late, the melons were in ruins.
"My melons are now all burnt!" Mr. Saruyama cried, bursting into tears. "You'll sniff pay for this, you monster!"
"Hey, Saruyama. Don't blame the kaiju, blame the growth ray! That's what we always say!" Bashatt defended.
As Jabatt & Bashatt "drove" back into the station, Giga Chu just stood there, saying nothing. After a few moments of silence, Chewy & Pecola moved onwards, with Pecolius staying behind to calm Mr. Saruyama down. Further along, Gazelle & Hillary were having a romantic walk together, chatting about getting ready to see the new movie The Forbidden Love Sap, unaware of the situation.
"Are you excited to see the new movie, shnookums?"
"Like, totally, Gazelle! It's, like, gonna be totally romantic!"
Then, the beast's footsteps came approaching.
"How rude of Mother Nature to like have an earthquake during our totally romantic date!" Hillary complained.
"Shnookums, that's not an earthquake, that's…" Gazelle explained nervously, pointing up at Giga Chu's shadowy figure.
"A GIGANTIC MOUSE!" They both screamed.
Without thinking, Hillary ran to Gazelle's car & drove away, with Giga Chu politely raising his paw to let her through.
"Hillary, wait! My car!" Gazelle called, running after her, only to be interrupted by who else but Ms. Lucky.
"Greetings viewers, we're here live at the report of a gigantic 45ft mouse. Now Gazelle, how was your interaction with the beast?"
"First of all, how did you know- all alright. You see, my beloved Hillary & I were having a romantic walk together, then that thing showed up & ruined it. Hillary ran in a panic & took my car! In fact it's still here it's-" Gazelle pointed to where Giga Chu was, only to find him gone. "Huh? It was here a minute ago..."
"Why did you leave, Chewy? We could've been on Cubetown News!"
"Pecola, you know how Ms. Lucky is, if she finds out about my situation, I'm as good as dead! Besides, it's not like this was the first time we appeared on Cubetown News. Remember the Monster Moth incident? Or the time I thought Grandfather called my invention useless?"
"Oh yeah, I did kinda forget, but we can't keep hiding forever, Chewy! We've got to find Dr. Chu somehow!"
"You're right, but how can we-"
"We're back, viewers! You're all in for a treat, as we finally found the beast in question!" Ms. Lucky announced.
"Oh brother…" Chewy sighed.
In a panic, Giga Chu grabbed Pecola & carried him off.
"Well, why don't you look at that, the beast is holding Pecola Penguin captive! Is this it for Cubetown? Stay tuned for live updates!"
At Cubecity mall
Dr. Chu was in the middle of a shopping spree, he was purchasing both replacement parts for Robo Pecola & various comic books. As he was heading towards another store, he noticed a crowd of people surrounding the mall TV, curious to see why, he walked towards them.
"Get a load of this, Tucker! There's a giant rampaging mouse holding a penguin kid captive!" A german shepherd snickered.
"Talk about it, Michael! Cubetown will lie about anything to stay relevant!" A mole replied.
When Dr. Chu got close enough to see what everyone was looking at, he spotted something he should've expected, but still brought him dread.
"Little Chu! Oh dear, oh no!" Everyone in the crowd turned to look at him. "I've gotta go save both him & Pecola!"
& with that, Dr. Chu ran off on a rescue mission, not even bothering to grab his bought merchandise.
"Crazy old mouse." Tucker whispered.
Back at Cubetown
"Welcome back, viewers! We're here with an exciting update! Mayor Papazoni had just organized a rescue team consisting of Officer Kumada, Mr. Saruyama, Mrs. Bernard, Aunty Yorkshire, Gazelle, Jabatt, & Bashatt, all in an effort to save Pecola from the grasp of this gigantic monster. Now, mayor, would you like to say anything?"
"It is in my best interest to save this young voter from blah blah blah."
"I think our viewers get the point, Papazoni."
The hunt was on. Luckily for them, it didn't take long for them to find Giga Chu.
"Little Chu! Put down Pecola & no one gets hurt!" Officer Kumada demanded.
"I'm sorry, everyone! Just please leave me alone!" Giga Chu responded, backing away.
"Little Chu…" Aunty Yorkshire beckoned.
"I'm sorry for everything I did! Leave me be, please!"
Giga Chu turned around to flee, accidently knocking down Gazelle with his tail, in which then knocked over Bashatt, who then knocked over Jabatt, & so on as the rescue team fell over like a bunch of animal dominoes. By the time they all got back up, Giga Chu was already far away from them.
"What's gotten into him? Why is he acting so monstrous?" Aunty Yorkshire wondered.
"He's not doing this on purpose, he's simply frightened & doesn't know his own strength." A familiar voice answered.
"Pecolius? What are you doing here?" Officer Kumada questioned.
"Well, my grandson is in danger! Why else? However, if we are to save Pecola, we need to find out a way to calm Giga Chu down first. He thinks you all are after him, & is trying to get away with the only person who he feels isn't against him."
Meanwhile 2: Electric Mousealoo
"Aww man, how come Chewy of all people gets to be the town's big monster? I could've also been a great beast, & be MUCH cooler at it!"
"Because knowing you, you'd just crush everything in your path & Cubetown would be no more just to show how 'cool' you are, & we all know how the town would like that, remember the infamous Monster Moth incident? The scenario YOU created? Hmm?"
"Well, I was just going to say that!"
“I know that I would be a MUCH better giant monster than you anyways, Rudy!”
“Haha, yeah, you’re right! It would just take a minute of “Giga Coco”’s singing and the whole town would look more like something only Pecolius could discover.”
“What? I said you were right.”
The duo then heard the loud approaching footsteps of Giga Chu.
"AAAAAAA! Mousequake! Someone help me!" Rudy pleaded, running off back towards the park.
"Ha. Touché."
Coco then looked up to see Giga Chu, surprised to see that he's grown even bigger than when she last saw him at the park. Although what really caught her eye was the distressed look on his face. Immediately worried for him, she tried to calm him down the only way she could; sing. & so she did. Unfortunately for her, all that resulted from that was Giga Chu dropping Pecola in a rush to cover his poor ears. When the "singing" had stopped Giga Chu looked around him only to see him surrounded, with Pecola safely in his grandfather's arms (or flippers in this case). Not wanting to accidentally step on them, Giga Chu decided to stay put & look forward, only to see Mayor Papazoni arriving with Ms. Lucky.
"Welcome back viewers! We're here with yet another exciting update on the giant mouse situation. The acclaimed "Giga Chu" is now surrounded by Papazoni's search party & is awaiting capture!"
Giga Chu knowing what is about to happen to him, started to shake in absolute fear & felt his eyes start to water.
"Have I… really become a monster?" Chewy managed to choke out.
Then, a plane could be heard flying nearby, followed by an urgent shout;
"Hang on just one second!"
This was no ordinary plane, this was the Mad Mouse. Which meant…
"Grandfather!" Chewy shouted excitedly, startling the crowd.
"Don't worry, Little Chu! I'll get you back to normal shortly!"
Landing the Mad Mouse near the crowd, Dr. Chu got out & approached Ms. Lucky.
"One update after another, viewers! Now we're able to get an interview with-"
"That's enough of that! Now, I'll need this to fix this mess…"
"Hey, what are you doing?! You can't take my camera's-"
Without another word, Dr. Chu took Ms. Lucky's camera battery & inserted it into the strange machine, then got back into the Mad Mouse & flew towards his grandson. When he got close enough, he lifted the machine & pushed a new button, sending out a cyan beam that instantly reverted Giga Chu back to his regular size of 4'7". He then landed the plane again & got out, with Chewy rushing towards him & giving him a hug, of which Dr. Chu returned, while gently wiping the tears from Little Chu's eyes. Officer Kumada approached the duo & questioned;
"What exactly was that machine supposed to do, Dr. Chu?"
"It was supposed to enlarge crops, in a hopes that it would solve world hunger, but I didn't exactly realize that it also works on people."
"That's understandable, but I'll have to order you to lock it away, to avoid another incident."
"Understood, officer."
"Jeepers, talk about a big concern." Pecola joked.
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2020.11.01 12:02 Choice-Iron-7432 (UK) Decided to build a new PC instead of getting a next gen console

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Gaming mainly, coding & compiling as well. Next gen gaming ready.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Ideally under £1600 for everything, including monitor. I would consider going a little over that budget for something that will really be worth it.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Ideally ASAP, but if it’s worth waiting for sales or any new parts coming out in the near future then I’ll wait.
**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget?
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Yorkshire UK, only store near me is Curry’s & John Lewis, so looking to buy online.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Building from scratch
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Want to try to stick with SSD for storage.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Not fussy about a case as long as it’s decent for airflow and building in.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
No, have windows
*Extra info or particulars:
None that I can think of, but open to suggestions.
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2020.10.30 20:57 gostan Let's settle this, what date is mischievous night?

Some people are saying that it's tonight, the night before Halloween, while other people say it's the night before bonfire night. I'm from South Yorkshire and it's always been the night before bonfire night for me. Where are you from and what date is it on?
submitted by gostan to CasualUK [link] [comments]