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Complete Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) schedule for the month of November, 2020. (All times E.S.T.)

2020.10.30 21:08 tombstoneshadows28 Complete Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) schedule for the month of November, 2020. (All times E.S.T.)

Sun Nov 01
(12:00am) The Seventh Victim (1943/1h 11m/HorroMark Robson)
(1:30am) I Walked with a Zombie (1943/1h 9m/HorroJacques Tourneur)
(3:00am) The Body Snatcher (1945/1h 17m/HorroRobert Wise)
(4:30am) The Leopard Man (1943/1h 6m/HorroJacques Tourneur)
(6:00am) Blossoms in the Dust (1941/1h 40m/Drama/Mervyn Leroy)
(8:00am) Tortilla Flat (1942/1h 45m/Drama/Victor Fleming)
(10:00am) The Seventh Victim (1943/1h 11m/HorroMark Robson)
(11:30pm) Mildred Pierce (1945/1h 53m/Drama/Michael Curtiz)
(1:30pm) The Spirit of St. Louis (1957/2h 18m/Drama/Billy Wilder)
(4:00pm) Jumbo (1962/2h 5m/Comedy/Charles Walters)
(6:15pm) The Prisoner Of Second Avenue (1974/1h 45m/Comedy/Melvin Frank)
(8:00pm) Flower Drum Song (1961/2h 13m/Comedy/Henry Koster)
(10:30pm) Tamahine (1964/1h 35m/Comedy/Philip Leacock)
Mon Nov 02
(12:15am) Behind the Door (1919/Drama/Irvin V. Willat)
(2:00am) The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (1975/1h 42m/Romance/Volker Schlöndorff)
(4:00am) Coup De Grace (1976/1h 35m/Drama/Volker Schlöndorff)
(6:00am) Dancing Co-Ed (1939/1h 20m/Comedy/S. Sylvan Simon)
(7:30am) Four Girls in White (1939/1h 10m/Drama/S. Sylvan Simon)
(9:00am) Keeping Company (1940/1h 20m/Comedy/S. Sylvan Simon)
(11:30am) The Ghost Comes Home (1940/1h 19m/Comedy/William Thiele)
(1:00pm) Washington Melodrama (1941/1h 18m/Drama/S. Sylvan Simon)
(2:30pm) Whistling in the Dark (1941/1h 17m/Comedy/S. Sylvan Simon)
(3:00pm) Whistling in Dixie (1942/1h 14m/Comedy/S. Sylvan Simon)
(4:30pm) Whistling in Brooklyn (1943/1h 27m/Comedy/S. Sylvan Simon)
(6:00pm) Carnival in Paris (1937/21m/Comedy/William J. Thiele)
(6:30pm) Two O'Clock Courage (1945/1h 6m/Crime/Anthony Mann)
(7:45pm) Annie Laurie (1936/9m/Romance/Walter Tennyson)
(8:00pm) The Gangster (1947/1h 26m/Drama/Gordon Wiles)
(10:00pm) Cry of the City (1948/1h 36m/Drama/Robert Siodmak)
Tue Nov 03
(12:00am) Behave Yourself! (1951/1h 21m/Comedy/George Beck)
(1:30am) I Died a Thousand Times (1955/1h 49m/Drama/Stuart Heisler)
(3:30am) The Angry Hills (1959/1h 45m/Drama/Robert Aldrich)
(5:30am) MGM Parade Show #6 (1955/25m/Documentary/?)
(6:00am) Dear Heart (1964/1h 54m/Comedy/Delbert Mann)
(8:00am) Sunday in New York (1963/1h 45m/Comedy/Peter Tewksbury)
(10:00am) Sweet November (1968/1h 54m/Drama/Robert Ellis Miller)
(12:00pm) I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968/1h 34m/Comedy/Hy Averback)
(1:45pm) The Bobo (1967/1h 43m/Comedy/Robert Parrish)
(3:30pm) Lolita (1962/2h 33m/Romance/Stanley Kubrick)
(6:15pm) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964/1h 33m/Comedy/Stanley Kubrick)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #10 (2019/Documentary)
(11:10pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #10 (2019/Documentary)
Wed Nov 04
(12:30am) Boat People (1983/1h 46m/Drama/Ann Hui)
(2:30am) Born in Flames (1983/1h 30m/Drama/Lizzie Borden)
(4:00am) Hannah Arendt (2013/1h 53m/Biography/Margarethe Von Trotta)
(6:00am) Shoes (1916/Drama/Lois Weber)
(7:15am) Sheng Si Jie (2007/1h 35m/Drama)
(8:30am) Rachida (2002/1h 40m/Drama/Yamina Bachir)
(10:30 am) The Photograph (2007/1h 38m/Drama/Nan T Achnas)
(12:15pm) Yellowstone Park "Nature's Playground" (1936/8m/Documentary?)
(12:30pm) Dangerous Mission (1954/1h 15m/Drama/Louis King)
(2:00pm) Gold of the Seven Saints (1961/1h 28m/Western/Gordon Douglas)
(3:45pm) Natural Wonders of the West (1938/8m/Documentary/James H Smith)
(4:15pm) High Sierra (1941/1h 40m/Drama/Raoul Walsh)
(6:00pm) The Petrified Forest (1936/1h 23m/Drama/Archie L. Mayo)
(7:30pm) Roaming Through Arizona (1944/9m/Documentary)
(8:00pm) Too Late For Tears (1949/1h 39m/Crime/Byron Haskin)
(10:00pm) Dead Reckoning (1947/1h 40m/Drama/John Cromwell)
Thu Nov 05
(12:00am) Pitfall (1948/1h 24m/Crime/Andre Detoth)
(1:45am) The Racket (1951/1h 28m/Crime/John Cromwell)
(3:30am) The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946/1h 56m/Drama/Lewis Milestone)
(5:30am) The Luckiest Guy in the World (1946/21m/Drama/Joseph Newman)
(6:00am) London by Night (1937/1h 9m/Drama/William Thiele)
(7:15am) Finger Of Guilt (1956/1h 35m/Drama/Joseph Losey)
(8:45am) Nightmail (1936/23m/Documentary/Basil Wright)
(9:15am) One Spy Too Many (1966/1h 42m/Drama/Joseph Sargent)
(11:00pm) The Venetian Affair (1967/1h 32m/Drama/Jerry Thorpe)
(12:45pm) How to Steal the World (1968/1h 26m/Action/Sutton Roley)
(2:30pm) Zigzag (1970/1h 45m/Drama/Richard A. Colla)
(4:15pm) Cat O'Nine Tails (1971/1h 52m/HorroDario Argento)
(6:15pm) The Pack (1977/1h 30m/HorroRobert Clouse)
(8:00pm) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947/1h 44m/Romance/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(10:00pm) Vertigo (1958/2h 8m/Romance/Alfred Hitchcock)
Fri Nov 06
(12:15am) Twentieth Century (1934/1h 31m/Comedy/Howard Hawks)
(2:00am) Cat People (1942/1h 11m/HorroJacques Tourneur)
(3:30am) The Curse of the Cat People (1944/1h 10m/HorroGunther V. Fritsch and Robert Wise)
(4:45am) Youth Runs Wild (1944/1h 7m/Drama/Mark Robson)
(6:00am) The Silver Horde (1930/1h 16m/Drama/George Archainbaud)
(7:30am) Kept Husbands (1931/1h 16m/Drama/Lloyd Bacon)
(9:00am) The Lost Squadron (1932/1h 12m/Drama/George Archainbaud)
(10:30am) The Sport Parade (1932/1h 3m/Sports/Dudley Murphy)
(11:45pm) Woman Wanted (1935/1h 10m/Comedy/George B. Seitz)
(1:00pm) Espionage Agent (1939/1h 23m/Spy/Lloyd Bacon)
(2:30pm) Primrose Path (1940/1h 33m/Comedy/Gregory La Cava)
(4:15pm) Stars in My Crown (1950/1h 29m/Drama/Jacques Tourneur)
(6:00pm) Ride the High Country (1962/1h 34m/Western/Sam Peckinpah)
(10:45pm) The Circus (1928/1h 11m/Comedy/Charles Chaplin)
Sat Nov 07
(12:15am) The Big Circus (1959/1h 49m/Drama/Joseph M. Newman)
(2:15am) Slumber Party Massacre (1982/1h 24m/HorroAmy Holden Jones)
(3:45am) Near Dark (1987/1h 35m/HorroKathryn Bigelow)
(5:30am) Narcotics Pit of Despair (Part 1) (1967/28m/Drama/Mel Marshall)
(6:00am) Hotel Berlin (1945/1h 38m/Drama/Peter Godfrey)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: Heir Bear (1953/6m/Comedy/Dick Lundy)
(8:08am) We Never Sleep (1956/8m/Documentary/Larry O'reilly)
(8:17am) Switzerland the Beautiful (1934/8m/Documentary/?)
(8:26am) The Pace That Thrills (1952/1h 3m/Adventure/Leon Barsha)
(9:30am) Death Stalks the Plains (1937/?/Action/?)
(10:08am) Mexican Spitfire (1940/1h 7m/Comedy/Leslie Goodwins)
(10:00am) POPEYE: Me Musical Nephews (1933/6m/Comedy/Seymour Kneitel)
(11:30 pm) I'm Much Obliged (1936/21m/Comedy/Roy Mack)
(12:00pm) Boom Town (1940/1h 56m/Drama/Jack Conway)
(2:15pm) The Horse Soldiers (1959/1h 59m/Drama/John Ford)
(4:30pm) Point Blank (1967/1h 32m/Crime/John Boorman)
(6:15pm) My Favorite Year (1982/1h 32m/Comedy/Richard Benjamin)
(8:00pm) A Hard Day's Night (1964/1h 32m/Musical/Richard Lester)
(9:45pm) Ring-a-Ding Rhythm (1961/1h 13m/Comedy/Richard Lester)
(11:15pm) The Knack ... and how to get it (1965/1h 24m/Comedy/Richard Lester)
Sun Nov 08
(1:00am) Nightfall (1957/1h 18m/Drama/Jacques Tourneur)
(2:45am) The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981/2h 3m/Romance/Karel Reisz)
(5:00am) Hollywood Without Make-Up (1966/50m/Documentary/Ken Murray)
(6:00am) Pride and Prejudice (1940/1h 57m/Drama/Robert Z. Leonard)
(8:15am) In Name Only (1939/1h 42m/Romance/John Cromwell)
(10:00am) Nightfall (1957/1h 18m/Drama/Jacques Tourneur)
(11:45pm) The Girl from 10th Avenue (1935/1h 9m/Drama/Alfred E. Green)
(1:00pm) The More the Merrier (1943/1h 44m/Comedy/George Stevens)
(3:00pm) The Nun's Story (1959/2h 29m/Drama/Fred Zinnemann)
(3:45pm) The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964/2h 2m/Comedy/Anthony Asquith)
(8:00pm) The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968/1h 41m/Comedy/Alan Rafkin)
(10:00pm) The Paleface (1948/1h 31m/Comedy/Norman Z. Mcleod)
Mon Nov 09
(12:00am) The Circle (1925/1h/Romance/Frank Borzage)
(2:00am) La Tete d'un Homme (1933/1h 30m/Crime/Julien Duvivier)
(6:45am) Un Carnet de Bal (1937/2h 24m/Drama/Julien Duvivier)
(6:15am) Deception (1946/1h 50m/Romance/Irving Rapper)
(8:15am) Dead Ringer (1964/1h 55m/Drama/Paul Henreid)
(10:30am) Dr. Monica (1934/1h 1m/Drama/William Keighley)
(11:30pm) All This, and Heaven Too (1940/2h 23m/Romance/Anatole Litvak)
(2:00pm) The Unfaithful (1947/1h 49m/Romance/Vincent Sherman)
(4:00pm) The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946/1h 51m/Drama/Tay Garnett)
(6:00pm) Nora Prentiss (1947/1h 51m/Drama/Vincent Sherman)
(8:00pm) Lolita (1962/2h 33m/Romance/Stanley Kubrick)
Tue Nov 10
(1:30am) A Patch of Blue (1965/1h 45m/Romance/Guy Green)
(3:30am) Harper (1966/2h 1m/Drama/Jack Smight)
(6:00am) Four Daughters (1938/1h 30m/Romance/Michael Curtiz)
(7:45am) Lady with Red Hair (1940/1h 21m/Drama/Kurt Bernhardt)
(9:15am) The Unsuspected (1947/1h 43m/Drama/Michael Curtiz)
(11:00pm) Mr. Skeffington (1945/2h 7m/Drama/Vincent Sherman)
(1:30pm) Now, Voyager (1942/1h 57m/Drama/Irving Rapper)
(3:45pm) Casablanca (1942/1h 42m/Romance/Michael Curtiz)
(5:45pm) Caesar And Cleopatra (1945/2h 18m/Drama/Gabriel Pascal)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #11 (2019/Documentary)
(9:15pm) Silent Waters (2003/1h 35m/Drama/Sabiha Sumar)
(11:15pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #11 (2019/Documentary)
Wed Nov 11
(12:30am) The Hurt Locker (2008/2h 10m/WaKathryn Bigelow)
(3:00am) The Day I Will Never Forget (2002/1h 33m/Documentary/Kim Longinotto)
(4:45am) Gas Food Lodging (1991/1h 40m/Drama/Allison Anders)
(6:30am) Le Voleur de crimes (1969/Crime/Nadine Trintignant)
(8:15am) The Teckman Mystery (1955/1h 30m/Crime/Wendy Toye)
(12:00pm) Screaming Eagles (1956/1h 19m/WaCharles Haas)
(2:00pm) The Dirty Dozen (1967/2h 29m/WaRobert Aldrich)
(5:00pm) The Best Years of Our Lives (1946/2h 52m/Drama/William Wyler)
(8:00pm) Sergeant York (1941/2h 14m/Drama/Howard Hawks)
(10:30pm) Where Eagles Dare (1968/2h 38m/WaBrian G. Hutton)
Thu Nov 12
(1:15am) From Here to Eternity (1953/1h 58m/WaFred Zinnemann)
(3:30am) The Story of G. I. Joe (1945/1h 49m/Drama/William A. Wellman)
(5:30am) MGM Parade Show #6 (1955/25m/Documentary/?)
(6:00am) Ada (1961/1h 49m/Drama/Daniel Mann)
(8:00am) They Won't Believe Me (1947/1h 35m/Drama/Irving Pichel)
(9:45am) Top Secret Affair (1957/1h 40m/Comedy/H. C. Potter)
(11:45pm) The Lusty Men (1952/1h 53m/Drama/Nicholas Ray)
(1:45pm) The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952/1h 54m/Drama/Henry King)
(3:45pm) Smash Up-The Story of a Woman (1947/1h 43m/Drama/Stuart Heisler)
(5:45pm) I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955/1h 57m/Drama/Daniel Mann)
(8:00pm) The Gilded Lily (1935/1h 20m/Comedy/Wesley Ruggles)
(11:15pm) Blind Adventure (1933/1h 5m/Crime/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
Fri Nov 13
(12:30am) The Mob (1951/1h 27m/Crime/Robert Parrish)
(2:15am) Penthouse (1933/1h 28m/Mystery/W. S. Van Dyke)
(4:00am) Third Finger, Left Hand (1940/1h 36m/Comedy/Robert Z. Leonard)
(6:00am) While the Patient Slept (1935/1h 5m/Mystery/Ray Enright)
(7:15am) Their Big Moment (1934/1h 8m/Comedy/James Cruze)
(8:30am) Spooks Run Wild (1941/1h 9m/Comedy/Phil Rosen)
(9:45am) The Secret Garden (1949/1h 32m/Drama/Fred M. Wilcox)
(11:30pm) You'll Find Out (1940/1h 37m/HorroDavid Butler)
(1:15pm) The Smiling Ghost (1941/1h 11m/HorroLewis Seiler)
(2:30pm) Two on a Guillotine (1965/1h 47m/HorroWilliam Conrad)
(4:30pm) House on Haunted Hill (1958/1h 15m/HorroWilliam Castle)
(6:00pm) The Haunting (1963/1h 52m/HorroRobert Wise)
(8:00pm) Freaks (1932/1h 30m/HorroTod Browning)
(9:15pm) Carnival Story (1954/1h 35m/Romance/Kurt Neumann)
(11:00pm) Berserk (1967/1h 36m/HorroJim O'Connolly)
Sat Nov 14
(12:45am) He Who Gets Slapped (1924/1h 16m/Drama/Victor Seastrom)
(2:15am) Times Square (1980/1h 51m/Drama/Allan Moyle)
(4:15am) Rich Kids (1979/1h 36m/Comedy/Robert M Young)
(6:30am) The Honeymoon Machine (1961/1h 27m/Comedy/Richard Thorpe)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: The Impossible Possum (1954/6m/Comedy/Dick Lundy)
(8:08am) The Merchandise Mart (1956/8m/Documentary/Larry O'reilly)
(8:17am) Beautiful Budapest (1938/8m/Documentary/?)
(8:26am) Flying Devils (1933/1h 2m/Drama/Russell Birdwell)
(9:30am) Six Gun Law (1937/?/Action/?)
(10:00am) POPEYE: Too Weak to Work (1933/7m/Comedy/Izzy Sparber)
(10:08am) Mexican Spitfire at Sea (1942/1h 13m/Comedy/Leslie Goodwins)
(11:30pm) You, the People (1940/21m/Drama/Roy Rowland)
(12:00pm) Dodge City (1939/1h 45m/Western/Michael Curtiz)
(2:00pm) In a Lonely Place (1950/1h 31m/Drama/Nicholas Ray)
(3:45pm) Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964/2h 3m/Comedy/Gordon Douglas)
(6:00pm) The Gumball Rally (1976/1h 46m/Comedy/Chuck Bail)
(10:00pm) Brother Orchid (1940/1h 30m/Comedy/Lloyd Bacon)
Sun Nov 15
(12:00am) Fear (1946/54m/Drama/Alfred Zeisler)
(1:30am) Family Plot (1976/2h/Comedy/Alfred Hitchcock)
(3:45am)Frenzy (1972/1h 56m/ThrilleAlfred Hitchcock)
(6:00am) Lady Be Good (1941/1h 51m/Comedy/Norman Z. McLeod)
(8:00am) The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933/1h 42m/Comedy/W. S. Van Dyke)
(10:00am) Fear (1946/54m/Drama/Alfred Zeisler)
(11:45pm) Bringing Up Baby (1938/1h 42m/Comedy/Howard Hawks)
(1:45pm) Gaslight (1944/1h 54m/Drama/George Cukor)
(3:45pm) High Society (1956/1h 47m/Comedy/Charles Walters)
(5:45pm) The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964/2h 8m/Comedy/Charles Walters)
(8:00pm) The Ipcress File (1965/1h 48m/ThrilleSidney J. Furie)
(10:00pm) Gambit (1967/1h 49m/Comedy/Ronald Neame)
Mon Nov 16
(12:00am) Across to Singapore (1928/1h 26m/Drama/William Nigh)
(2:00am) Solaris (1972/2h 47m/Sci-Fi/Andrey Tarkovskiy)
(5:00am) Alan Arkin: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival (2015/59m/Interview/?)
(6:00am) Comet over Broadway (1938/1h 9m/Drama/Busby Berkeley)
(7:15am) Say It with Songs (1929/1h 35m/Drama/Lloyd Bacon)
(9:00am) Over the Wall (1938/1h 6m/Drama/Frank Macdonald)
(10:15am) The Beggar's Opera (1953/1h 34m/Musical/Peter Brook)
(12:00pm) 20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang (1933/19m/Comedy/Roy Mack)
(12:30pm) Weary River (1929/1h 29m/Musical/Frank Lloyd)
(2:15pm) Always in My Heart (1942/1h 32m/Drama/Jo Graham)
(4:00pm) The Canary Comes Across (1938/21m/Musical/Will Jason)
(4:30m) Untamed Youth (1957/1h 20m/Musical/Howard W. Koch)
(6:00pm) Jailhouse Rock (1957/1h 36m/Drama/Richard Thorpe)
(8:00pm) The Diary of Anne Frank (1959/2h 50m/Drama/George Stevens)
(11:15pm) Odds Against Tomorrow (1959/1h 35m/Drama/Robert Wise)
Tue Nov 17
(1:00am) Executive Suite (1954/1h 44m/Drama/Robert Wise)
(3:00am) Tennessee Champ (1954/1h 13m/Comedy/Fred M. Wilcox)
(4:15am) Blood on the Moon (1948/1h 28m/Drama/Robert Wise)
(6:00am) The Petrified Forest (1936/1h 23m/Drama/Archie L. Mayo)
(7:30am) San Quentin (1937/1h 10m/Drama/Lloyd Bacon)
(8:45am) Racket Busters (1938/1h 11m/Drama/Lloyd Bacon)
(10:00am) King of the Underworld (1939/1h 9m/Drama/Lewis Seiler)
(11:15pm) They Drive by Night (1940/1h 33m/Drama/Raoul Walsh)
(1:00pm) The Maltese Falcon (1941/1h 40m/Crime/John Huston)
(2:45pm) The Big Sleep (1946/1h 54m/Crime/Howard Hawks)
(5:00pm) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948/2h 6m/Drama/John Huston)
(7:30pm) MGM Parade Show #6 (1955/25m/Documentary)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #12 (2019/Documentary)
(11:15pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #12 (2019/Documentary)
Wed Nov 18
(12:30am) Shag: The Movie (1989/1h 40m/Comedy/Zelda Barron)
(2:30am) The Day I Became A Woman (2000/1h 18m/Drama/Marzieh Meshkini)
(4:00am) Lourdes (2009/1h 39m/Drama/Jessica Hausner)
(5:45am) Found Memories (2012/1h 38m/Drama/Julia Murat)
(7:30am) Orlando (1992/1h 33m/Drama/Sally Potter)
(9:15am) Yentl (1983/2h 14m/Romance/Barbra Streisand)
(12:00pm) Carmen Jones (1954/1h 45m/Drama/Otto Preminger)
(2:00pm) Take a Giant Step (1959/1h 40m/Drama/Philip Leacock)
(4:00pm) A Patch of Blue (1965/1h 45m/Romance/Guy Green)
(6:00pm) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967/1h 48m/Comedy/Stanley Kramer)
(10:00pm) The Sign of the Ram (1948/1h 28m/Drama/John Sturges)

Thu Nov 19

(1:15am) Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940/1h 42m/Musical/Norman Taurog)
(3:15am) The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939/1h 33m/Drama/H. C. Potter)
(5:00am) AFI's Master Class - The Art of Collaboration: Spielberg-Williams (2011/52m/Documentary)
(6:00am) Soldiers Three (1951/1h 27m/Drama/Tay Garnett)
(7:45am) Kim (1951/1h 53m/Drama/Victor Saville)
(9:45am) Bhowani Junction (1956/1h 50m/Drama/George Cukor)
(11:45am) Target Zero (1955/1h 32m/Drama/Harmon Jones)
(1:30pm) Sabotage Agent (1943/1h 50m/ThrilleHarold S. Bucquet)
(3:30pm) Operation Crossbow (1965/1h 58m/Drama/Michael Anderson)
(5:45pm) The Sea Wolves (1980/2h/Drama/Andrew V. McLaglen)
(8:00pm) Lost Boundaries (1949/1h 39m/Drama/Alfred L. Werker)
(10:00pm) Home of the Brave (1949/1h 28m/Drama/Mark Robson)
(11:45pm) Pinky (1949/1h 42m/Drama/Elia Kazan)
Fri Nov 20
(1:45am) Intruder in the Dust (1949/1h 29m/Drama/Clarence Brown)
(3:30am) Trial (1955/1h 45m/Drama/Mark Robson)
(5:30am) MGM Parade Show #6 (1955/25m/Documentary)
(6:00am) Broadway Hostess (1935/1h 8m/Drama/Frank McDonald)
(7:15am) Woman Wanted (1935/1h 10m/Comedy/George B. Seitz)
(8:30am) The Animal Kingdom (1932/1h 25m/Comedy/Edward H. Griffith)
(10:00am) Nothing But Trouble (1944/1h 9m/Comedy/Sam Taylor)
(11:15am) Make Your Own Bed (1944/1h 22m/Comedy/Peter Godfrey)
(12:45pm) One Night at Susie's (1930/1h 25m/Drama/John Francis Dillon)
(2:00pm) Breakfast for Two (1937/1h 5m/Comedy/Alfred Santell)
(3:15pm) A Successful Calamity (1932/1h 12m/Comedy/John G. Adolfi)
(6:15pm) Paradise Lagoon (1957/1h 33m/Comedy/Lewis Gilbert)
(8:00pm) Man on a Tightrope (1953/1h 45m/Drama/Elia Kazan)
(10:00pm) Merry Andrew (1958/1h 43m/Comedy/Michael Kidd)
Sat Nov 21
(12:00am) La Strada (1954/1h 55m/Drama/Federico Fellini)
(2:00 am) Earth Girls Are Easy (1988/1h 40m/Comedy/Julien Temple)
(3:45am) Alien From L.A. (1988/1h 27m/Comedy/Albert Pyun)
(5:30am) When You Grow Up (1973/11m/Documentary/Jerry Kurtz)
(6:00am) Kismet (1944/1h 40m/Adventure/William Dieterle)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: The Little Bantamweight (1938/8m/Comedy/Rudolf Ising)
(8:09am) Her Honor, the Nurse (1956/8m/Documentary/Harry W. Smith)
(8:18am) A Wee Bit of Scotland (1949/9m/Documentary)
(8:28am) British Intelligence (1940/1h 2m/Drama/Terry Morse)
(9:30am) The Gold Stampede (1937/Action)
(10:00am) POPEYE: A Jolly Good Furlough (1943/7m/Comedy/Dan Gordon)
(10:09am) Mexican Spitfire Out West (1940/1h 16m/Comedy/Leslie Goodwins)
(11:30am) Soak the Old (1940/20m/Drama/Sammy Lee)
(12:00pm) Plymouth Adventure (1952/1h 45m/Adventure/Clarence Brown
(2:00pm) Gunga Din (1939/1h 57m/Adventure/George Stevens)
(4:15pm) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964/1h 33m/Comedy/Stanley Kubrick)
(6:00pm) The Front Page (1974/1h 45m/Comedy/Billy Wilder)
(8:00pm) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968/2h 40m/Sci-Fi/Stanley Kubrick)
(10:45pm) THX 1138 (1971/1h 28m/Sci-Fi/George Lucas)
Sun Nov 22
(12:15am) Kiss Me Deadly (1955/1h 44m/Drama/Robert Aldrich)
(2:15am) The Thomas Crown Affair (1968/1h 42m/Drama/Norman Jewison)
(4:15am) Affair with a Stranger (1953/1h 29m/Comedy/Roy Rowland)
(6:00am) Born to Dance (1936/1h 48m/Comedy/Roy Del Ruth)
(8:00am) The Gay Divorcee (1934/1h 47m/Comedy/Mark Sandrich)
(10:00am) Kiss Me Deadly (1955/1h 44m/Drama/Robert Aldrich)
(12:00pm) The Thin Man (1934/1h 20m/Comedy/W. S. Van Dyke)
(1:45pm) Woman of the Year (1942/1h 52m/Comedy/George Stevens)
(3:45pm) Splendor in the Grass (1961/2h 4m/Drama/Elia Kazan)
(6:00pm) Hannah and Her Sisters (1986/1h 46m/Comedy/Woody Allen)
(8:00pm) Bananas (1971/1h 21m/Comedy/Woody Allen)
(9:30pm) Duck Soup (1933/1h 10m/Comedy/Leo Mccarey)
(11:00pm) Cracked Nuts (1931/1h 5m/Comedy/Edward Cline)
Mon Nov 23
(12:15am) Downhill (1927/1h 14m/Drama/Alfred Hitchcock)
(2:00am) A Taste of Honey (1961/1h 40m/Drama/Tony Richardson)
(4:00am) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962/1h 44m/Drama/Tony Richardson)
(6:00am) David Copperfield (1935/2h 13m/Comedy/George Cukor)
(8:15am) The Age of Innocence (1934/1h 21m/Drama/Philip Moeller)
(9:45am) A Woman Rebels (1936/1h 28m/Drama/Mark Sandrich)
(11:15am) That Forsyte Woman (1949/1h 54m/Romance/Compton Bennett)
(1:15pm) On Approval (1944/1h 20m/Comedy/Clive Brook)
(2:45pm) The Hour of 13 (1952/1h 19m/ThrilleHarold French)
(4:15pm) Gaslight (1944/1h 54m/Drama/George Cukor)
(6:15pm) The Magnificent Ambersons (1942/1h 28m/Drama/Orson Welles)
(8:00 pm) Red River (1948/2h 5m/Western/Howard Hawks)
(10:30pm) The Treasure of Pancho Villa (1955/1h 36m/Adventure/George Sherman)
Tue Nov 24
(12:30am) Winchester '73 (1950/1h 32m/Western/Anthony Mann)
(2:30am) My Man and I (1952/1h 39m/Drama/William A. Wellman)
(4:15am) The Young Savages (1961/1h 40m/Drama/John Frankenheimer)
(6:15am) Enter Laughing (1967/1h 52m/Comedy/Carl Reiner)
(8:15am) The Chapman Report (1962/2h 5m/Drama/George Cukor)
(10:30am) Wild in the Streets (1968/1h 37m/Comedy/Barry Shear)
(12:30pm) Goodbye, My Fancy (1951/1h 47m/Comedy/Vincent Sherman)
(2:30pm) A Yank at Oxford (1938/1h 40m/Comedy/Jack Conway)
(4:30pm) A Yank at Eton (1942/1h 28m/Comedy/Norman Taurog)
(6:15pm) Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949/1h 23m/Comedy/Elliott Nugent)
(8:00pm) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #13 (2019/Documentary)
(9:15pm) An Angel at My Table (1990/152m/Drama/Jane Campion)
Wed Nov 25
(12:00am) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema #13 (2019/Documentary)
(1:15am) Sweet Bean (2015/1h 53m/Drama/Naomi Kawase)
(3:00am) 27 Missing Kisses (2000/1h 38m/Comedy/Nana Djordjadze)
(6:15am) My Brilliant Career (1979/1h 38m/Romance/Gillian Armstrong)
(8:00am) This is the Sea (1997/1h 44m/Drama/Mary McGuckian)
(9:45am) Heart of a Dog (2015/1h 15m/Documentary/Laurie Anderson)
(11:15am) Above Suspicion (1943/1h 30m/Action/Richard Thorpe)
(1:00pm) Today We Live (1933/1h 53m/Romance/Howard Hawks)
(3:00pm) The Bride Wore Red (1937/1h 43m/Comedy/Dorothy Arzner)
(4:45pm) The Damned Don't Cry (1950/1h 43m/Drama/Vincent Sherman)
(6:30pm) Torch Song (1953/1h 30m/Romance/Charles Walters)
(8:00pm) All Mine to Give (1957/1h 50m/Drama/Allen Reisner)
(10:00pm) Cheaper by the Dozen (1950/1h 25m/Comedy/Walter Lang)
(11:45pm) Ma and Pa Kettle (1949/1h 15m/Comedy/Charles Lamont)

Thu Nov 26

(1:15am) Spencer's Mountain (1963/1h 59m/Comedy/Delmer Daves)
(3:30am) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954/1h 43m/Comedy/Stanley Donen)
(5:30am) Jack and the Beanstalk (1952/1h 27m/Comedy/Jean Yarbrough)
(7:00am) The Little Princess (1939/1h 31m/Drama/Walter Lang)
(9:00am) The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964/1h 42m/Comedy/Arthur Lubin)
(11:00am) The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963/1h 57m/Comedy/Vincente Minnelli)
(1:15 pm) Lassie Come Home (1943/1h 28m/Drama/Fred M. Wilcox)
(3:00pm) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968/2h 25m/Comedy/Ken Hughes)
(5:45pm) The Black Stallion (1979/1h 57m/Drama/Carroll Ballard)
(8:00pm) Rear Window (1954/1h 52m/Drama/Alfred Hitchcock)
(10:00pm) The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956/1h 59m/Mystery/Alfred Hitchcock)
Fri Nov 27
(12:15am) The Birds (1963/2h 0m/HorroAlfred Hitchcock)
(2:30am) Psycho (1960/1h 49 m/HorroAlfred Hitchcock)
(4:30am) Rope (1948/1h 20m/Mystery/Alfred Hitchcock)
(6:00am) The Lady Vanishes (1938/1h 37m/Comedy/Alfred Hitchcock)
(7:45am) Strangers On A Train (1951/1h 36m/Drama/Alfred Hitchcock)
(9:30am) Saboteur (1942/1h 48m/ThrilleAlfred Hitchcock)
(11:45am) Torn Curtain (1966/2h 8m/ThrilleAlfred Hitchcock)
(2:00pm) Marnie (1964/2h 10m/Romance/Alfred Hitchcock)
(4:15pm) The Trouble With Harry (1955/1h 39m/Comedy/Alfred Hitchcock)
(6:00pm) Shadow Of A Doubt (1943/1h 48m/Drama/Alfred Hitchcock)
(8:00pm) 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao (1964) (1964/1h 40m/Fantasy/George Pal)
(10:00pm) Jumbo (1962/2h 5m/Comedy/Charles Walters)
Sat Nov 28
(12:15am) At The Circus (1939/1h 27m/Comedy/Edward Buzzell)
(2:00 am) Born In Flames (1983/1h 30m/Drama/Lizzie Borden)
(3:30am) Desperate Living (1977/1h 30m/Comedy/John Waters)
(5:15am) Living Stereo (1958/7m/Documentaryu/?)
(6:00am) Key Largo (1948/1h 41m/CCrime/JohnHuston)
(8:00am) MGM CARTOONS: Little Gravel Voice (1942/8m/Comedy/Rudolf Ising)
(8:10am) Tale Of A Trotter (1956/7m/Documentary/?)
(8:18am) Land Of Tradition (8m/Documentary/?)
(8:28am) Penrod’s Double Trouble (1038/1h 1m/Comedy/Lewis Seiler)
(9:30am) Walls Of Fire (1937/?/Action/?)
(10:00am) POPEYE: Ration For The Duration (1933/8m/Comedy/Seymour Kneitel)
(10:09am) Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost (1942/1h 10m/Comedy/Leslie Goodwins)
(11:30am) Soak The Poor (1937/1m/Drama/Harold S. Bucquet)
(12:00am) Mutiny On The Bounty (1935/2h 12m/Adventure/Frank Lloyd)
(2:30pm) Giant (1956/3h 21m/Drama/George Stevens)
(6:00pm) Welcome To Hard Times (1967/1h 43m/Drama/Burt Kennedy)
(8:00pm) An American In Paris (1951/1h 53m/Romance/Vincente Minnelli)
(10:pm) Moulin Rouge (1952/1h 58m/Drama/John Huston)
Sun Nov 29
(12:15am) Suspense (1946/1h 40m/crime/Frank Tuttle)
(2:15am) Topaz (1969/2h 5m/ThrilleAlfred Hitchcock)
(4:10am) My Favorite Spy (1942/1h 26m/Comedy/Tay Garnett)
(6:00am) Strange Interlude (1932/1h 50m/Drama/Robert Z. Leonard)
(8:00am) The Constant Nymph (1943/1h 52m/Romance/Edmund Goulding)
(10:00am) Suspense (1946/1h 40m/crime/Frank Tuttle)
(12:00pm) High Sierra (1941/1h 40m/Drama/Raoul Walsh)
(2:00pm) Annie Get Your Gun (1950/1h 47m/Musical/George Sidney)
(4:00pm) Sunday In New York (1963/1h 45m/Peter Tewksbury)
(6:00pm) Running On Empty (1988/1h 56m/drama/Sidney Lumet)
(8:00pm) Indiscreet (1938/1h 40m/Comedy/Stanley Donen)
(10:00pm) That Touch Of Mink (1962/1h 39m/Comedy/Delbert Mann)
Mon Nov 30
(12:00am) Too Many Kisses (1923/1h/?/Paul Sloane)
(2:00am) The Great Beauty (2013/2h 22m/Drama/Paolo Sorrentino)
(4:30am) (1963/2h 20m/Romance/Federico Fellini)
(7:00am) The Girl From Jones Beach (1949/1h 18m/Comedy/Peter Godfrey)
(8:30am) She’s Back On Broadway (1953/1h 35m/Drama/Gordon Douglas)
(10:15am) She’s Working Her Way Through College (1952/1h 41m/comedy/Bruce Humberstone)
(12:15pm) The West Point Story (1950/1h 47/comedy/Roy Del Ruth)
(2:15pm) Red Light (1949/1h 23m/Drama/Roy Del Ruth)
(4:00pm) Backfire (1950/1h 31m/Drama/Vincent Sherman)
(5:45pm) White Heat (1949/1h 54m/Drama/Raoul Walsh)
(8:00pm) The Poseidon Adventure (1972/1h 57m/Ronald Neame)
(10:15pm) Flap (1970/1h 49m/Comedy/Carol Reed)
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2020.08.17 23:02 tombstoneshadows28 Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) Schedule For The Month Of September, 2020 (All Airtimes E.S.T)

Tuesday, September 01, 2020
(1:15 AM) (drama) L'Eclisse (1962/126 m/Michelangelo Antonioni)
(3:30 AM) (western) Lost Command (1966/129 m/Mark Robson)
(6:00 AM) (suspense) The 39 Steps (1935/87 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(7:45 AM) (suspense) The Lady Vanishes (1938/96 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(9:30 AM) (suspense) Foreign Correspondent (1940/121 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(11:45 AM) (suspence) Suspicion (1941/99 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(1:27 PM) (short) Men In Fright (1938/11 m/George Sidney)
(1:45 PM) (suspense) Stage Fright (1950/110 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(3:45 PM) (suspense) Dial ‘M’ For Murder (1954/105 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(5:32 PM) (short) Third Dimensional Murder (1941/7 m/George Sidney)
(5:45 PM) (suspense) The Wrong Man (1956/105 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(7:34 PM) (short) Wrong Way Butch (1950/10 m/David Barclay)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 1) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
(10:45 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 1) (2019/60 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, September 02, 2020
(12:00 AM) (premiere) Olivia (1951/96 m/
(1:45 AM) (premiere) Sleepwalking Land (2008/96 m/Teresa Prata)
(3:30 AM) (premiere) Seven Beauties (1975/117 m/Lina Wertmuller)
(5:30 AM) (premiere) Je tu il Elle (1975/86 m/Chantal Akerman)
(6:57 AM) (short) Over The Counter (1932/18 m/Jack Cummings)
(7:15 AM) (premiere) Madchen In Uniform (1931/89 m/Leontine Sagan)
(9:00 AM) (comedy) La Cienaga (2001/101 m/Lucrecia Martel)
(11:00 AM) (musical) Yolanda and the Thief (1945/108 m/Vincente Minnelli)
(1:00 PM) (musical) Call of the Flesh (1930/100 m/Charles Brabin)
(2:45 PM) (musical) Fiesta (1947/102 m/Richard Thorpe)
(4:30 PM) (musical) Pan-Americana (1945/84 m/John H. Auer)
(6:00 PM) (romance) Latin Lovers (1953/104 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(8:00 PM) (musical) Sweet Charity (1969/148 m/Bob Fosse)
(10:45) (drama) All That Jazz (1979)
Thursday, September 03, 2020
(1:00 AM) (musical) Cabaret (1972/124 m/Bob Fosse)
(3:15 AM) (premiere) Star ‘80 (1983/103 m/Bob Fosse)
(5:15 AM) (documentary) A Well Spent Life (1971/44 m/Les Blank)
(6:00 AM) (suspense) The Window (1949/73 m/Ted Tetzlaff)
(7:15 AM) (comedy) Having Wonderful Time (1938/70 m/Alfred Santell)
(9:30 AM) (drama) Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975/107 m/Peter Weir)
(10:30 AM) (adventure) Corvette Summer (1978/105 m/Matthew Robbins)
(12:15 PM) (romance) A Stolen Life (1946/107 m/Curtis Bernhardt)
(2:15 PM) (drama) The Southerner (1945/93 m/Jean Renoir)
(4:00 PM) (comedy) The Seven Year Itch (1955/104 m/Billy Wilder)
(5:49 PM) (short) Mackinac Island (1944/9 m/James A. FitzPatrick)
(6:00 PM) (romance) Summer of ‘42 (1971/104 m/Robert Mulligan)
(9:00 PM) (drama) The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936/86 m/William Dieterle)
(9:45 PM) (drama) The Story of Dr. Jenner (1939/10 m/Henry K. Dunn)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Sister Kenny (1946/116 m/Dudley Nichols)
Friday, September 04, 2020
(12:01 AM) (short) See Your Doctor (1939/8 m/Basil Wrangell)
(12:15 AM) (drama) Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (1940/103 m/William Dieterle)
(2:15 AM) (drama) Arrowsmith (1931/99 m/John Ford)
(4:15 AM) (adventure) Yellow Jack (1938/83 m/George B. Seitz)
(5:47 AM) (short) Her Honor, The Nurse (1956/8 m/Harry W. Smith)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Madame Curie (1943/124 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(9:15 AM) (documentary) Hollywood: The Dream Factory (1972/51 m/Mark Woods)
(9:30 AM) (comedy) Some Like It Hot (1959/122 m/Billy Wilder)
(11:45 AM) (comedy) The Apartment (1960/125 m/Billy Wilder)
(2:00 PM) (comedy) The Prisoner of Second Avenue (1974/98 m/Melvin Frank)
(4:00 PM) (comedy) The Sunshine Boys (1975/111 m/Herbert Ross)
(6:00 PM) (comedy) The Goodbye Girl (1977/111 m/Herbert Ross)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) The T.A.M.I. Show (1964/113 m/Steve Binder)
(10:15 PM) (documentary) Let The Good Times Roll (1973/99 m/Sidney Levin)
Saturday, September 05, 2020
(12:00 AM) (documentary) Elvis: That’s The Way It Is (1970/95 m/Denis Sanders)
(1:45 AM) (documentary) Divine Madness (1980/94 m/Michael Ritchie)
(3:30 AM) (documentary) ABBA: The Movie (1977/97 m/Lasse Hallstrom)
(5:30 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #4 (1955/26 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (crime) The Biggest Bundle Of Them All (1968/108 m/Ken Annakin)
(9:00 AM) (premiere) MGM CARTOONS: The Chump Champ (1950/7 m/Fred [Tex] Avery)
(9:09 AM) (documentary) Game Warden (1955/8 m/Harry W. Smith)
(9:18 AM) (short) Seattle: Gateway To The Northwest (1940/9 m/?)
(9:28 AM) (drama) Isle Of Fury (1936/60 m/Frank McDonald)
(9:30 AM) (serial) TERRY AND THE PIRATES: The Fatal Mistake (1940/17 m/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Fleets of Stren'th (1942/7 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) (adventure) Elephant Stampede (1951/71 m/Ford Beebe)
(11:30 AM) (short) Frontier Days (1945/17 m/Jack Scholl)
(12:00 PM) (suspense) The Prize (1963/135 m/Mark Robson)
(2:30 PM) (western) Stagecoach (1939/96 m/John Ford)
(4:15 PM) (drama) East Of Eden (1955/118 m/Elia Kazan)
(6:30 PM) (comedy) Bananas (1971/82 m/Woody Allen)
(8:00 PM) (documentary) The Kids Are Alright (1979/109 m/Jeff Stein)
(10:00 PM) (premiere) Shine A Light (2008/122 m/Martin Scorsese)
Sunday, September 06, 2020
(12:15 AM) (documentary) The Decline of Western Civilization (1981/100 m/Penelope Spheeris)
(2:15 AM) (documentary) The Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years (1988/93 m/Penelope Spheeris)
(4:00 AM) (documentary) This Is Elvis (1981/102 m/Malcolm Leo)
(6:00 AM) (musical) On An Island With You (1948/108 m/Richard Thorpe)
(9:00 AM) (musical) Easy To Love (1953/96 m/Charles Walters)
(10:00 AM) (crime) Night Editor (1946/67 m/Henry Levin)
(12:00 PM) (romance) The Enchanted Cottage (1945/92 m/John Cromwell)
(1:45 PM) (drama) The V.I.P.s (1963/119 m/Anthony Asquith)
(4:00 PM) (romance) Crossing Delancey (1988/97 m/Joan Micklin Silver)
(6:00 PM) (romance) To Have and Have Not (1944/100 m/Howard Hawks)
(8:00 PM) (documentary) The Song Remains The Same (1976/138 m/Peter Clifton)
(10:30 PM) (documentary) Jimi Hendrix (1973/102 m/Joe Boyd)
Monday, September 07, 2020
(12:15 AM) (premiere) Jimi Plays Monterey (1986/49 m/D.A. Pennebaker)
(1:15 AM) (premiere) Shake!: Otis At Monterey (1987/19 m/D.A. Pennebaker)
(1:45 AM) (premiere) Fade To Black (2004/110 m/Patrick Paulson)
(5:30 AM) (premiere) Say Amen, Somebody: The Good News Musical (1982/101 m/George T. Nierenberg)
(7:15 AM) (premiere) A Poem Is A Naked Person (1977/90 m/Les Blank)
(9:00 AM) (premiere) Louie Bluie (1985/61 m/Terry Zwigoff)
(12:15 PM) (premiere) Big Time (1988/87 m/Chris Blum)
(2:00 PM) (documentary) Don’t Look Back (1967/96 m/D.A. Pennebaker)
(4:00 PM) (premiere) Neil Young: Heart Of Gold (2006/104 m/Jonathan Demme)
(6:00 PM) (premiere) Festival (1967/98 m/Murray Lerner)
(8:00 PM) (documentary) Monterey Pop (1969/79/D.A. Pennebaker)
(9:30 PM) (documentary) Woodstock: The Director’s Cut (1970/224 m/Michael Wadleigh)
Tuesday, September 08, 2020
(1:30 AM) (musical) A Hard Day’s Night (1964/87 m/Richard Lester)
(3:15 AM) (documentary) Go Go Mania (1965/70 m/Frederic Goode)
(4:45 AM) (documentary) Robert Osborne’s 20th Anniversary Tribute (2015/47 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (crime) Armored Car Robbery (1950/68 m/Richard Fleischer)
(7:30 AM) (crime) The Asphalt Jungle (1950/112 m/John Huston)
(9:30 AM) (crime) High Sierra (1941/100 m/Raoul Walsh)
(11:15 AM) (crime) Rififi (1954/118 m/Jules Dassin)
(1:30 PM) (crime) The League Of Gentlemen (1960/114 m/Basil Dearden)
(3:45 PM) (comedy) Ocean’s 11 (1960/127 m/Lewis Milestone)
(6:00 PM) (suspense) Jack of Diamonds (1967/108 m/Don Taylor)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 2) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
(9:15 PM) (premiere) El Camino (1963/95 m/Ana Mariscal)
(11:15 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode #2) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, September 09, 2020
(12:30 AM) (premiere) Lovely & Amazing (2001/91 m/Nicole Holofcener)
(2:15 AM) (premiere) Wanda (1970/103 m/Barbara Loden)
(4:15 AM) (premiere) The Watermelon Woman (1995/85 m/Cheryl Dunye)
(6:00 AM) (premiere) In The Empty City (2004/90 m/Maria Jopo Ganga)
(7:45 AM) (silent) The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926/66 m/Lotte Reiniger)
(9:15 AM) (premiere) Entre Nous (1983/111 m/Diane Kurys)
(11:30 AM) (drama) Jeopardy (1953/69 m/John Sturges)
(1:00 PM) (suspense) Cry Terror! (1958/96 m/Andrew L. Stone)
(3:15 PM) (drama) The Devil Makes Three (1952/90 m/Andrew Marton)
(5:00 PM) (suspense) Dial 1119 (1950/75 m/Gerald Mayer)
(6:30 PM) (suspense) Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (1956/80 m/Fritz Lang)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) Mr. Belvedere Goes To College (1949/83 m/Elliott Nugent)
(11:30 PM) (premiere) Blondie Goes To College (1942/77 m/Frank R. Strayer)
Thursday, September 10, 2020
(1:00 AM) (musical) She's Working Her Way Through College (1952/101 m/Bruce Humberstone)
(3:00 AM) Start Cheering (1938/78 m/Albert S. Rogell)
(4:30 AM) Strictly Dynamite (1934/71 m/Elliott Nugent)
(6:00 AM) (drama) Mademoiselle Fifi (1944/69 m/Robert Wise)
(7:15 AM) (suspense) The Curse of the Cat People (1944/70 m/Gunther V. Fritsch and Robert Wise)
(8:30 AM) (horror) The Body Snatcher (1945/78 m/Robert Wise)
(10:00 AM) (suspense) Mystery In Mexico (1948/66 m/Robert Wise)
(11:15 AM) (western) Blood On the Moon (1948/?/Robert Wise)
(1:00 PM) (crime) Born To Kill (1947/92 m/Robert Wise)
(2:45 PM) (drama) The Set-Up (1949/72 m/Robert Wise)
(4:15 PM) (romance) So Big (1953/102 m/Robert Wise)
(6:00 PM) (drama) Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956/113 m/Robert Wise)
(9:00 PM) (war) So Proudly We Hail (1943/126 m/Mark Sandrich)
(10:15 PM) (comedy) MAS*H (1970/116 m/Robert Altman)
Friday, September 11, 2020
(12:30 AM) (war) The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944/136 m/Cecil B. DeMille)
(3:00 AM) (war) Cry ‘Havoc’ (1944/97 m/Richard Thorpe)
(4:45 AM) (war) Battle Circus (1953/90 m/Richard Brooks)
(6:30 AM) (short) Angel Of Mercy (1939/10 m/Edward L. Cahn)
(6:45 AM) (drama) The White Angel (1936/92 m/William Dieterle)
(9:30 AM) (comedy) Bud Abbott and Lou Costello In Hollywood (1945/83 m/S. Sylvan Simon)
(10:00 AM) (comedy) Merton of the Movies (1947/82 m/Robert Alton)
(11:30 AM) (musical) Show Girl in Hollywood (1930/78 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(1:00 PM) (comedy) Goldie Gets Along (1933/68 m/Malcolm St. Clair)
(2:15 PM) (musical) Talent Scout (1937/62 m/William Clemens)
(3:30 PM) (comedy) Pick A Star (1937/70 m/Edward Sedgwick)
(4:45 PM) (comedy) Boy Meets Girl (1938/86 m/Lloyd Bacon)
(6:15 PM) (comedy) Movie Crazy (1932/96 m/Clyde Bruckman)
(8:00 PM) (adventure) She (1965/106 m/Robert Day)
(10:00 PM) (adventure) Clash of the Titans (1981/118 m/Desmond Davis)
Saturday, September 12, 2020
(12:15 AM) (comedy) Casino Royale (1967/131 m/John Huston, et. al.)
(2:45 AM) (horror) Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959/78 m/Edward D. Wood, Jr.)
(4:15 AM) (drama) Reefer Madness (1936/66 m/Louis Gasnier)
(5:15 AM) (premiere) Sex Madness (1938/52 m/?
(6:15 AM) (comedy) A Slight Case Of Murder (1938/85 m/Lloyd Bacon)
(9:00 AM) (premiere) MGM CARTOONS: Droopy’s Double Trouble (1951/7 m/Fred [Tex] Avery)
(9:09 AM) (short) High Dive Kids (1956/8 m/?)
(9:18 AM) (short) Sitka and Juneau: A Tale of Two Cities (1940/9 m/?)
(9:28 AM) (drama) Daredevil Drivers (1938/60 m/B. Reeves Eason)
(9:30 AM) (serial) TERRY AND THE PIRATES: Pyre of Death (1940/17 m/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Pip-Eye, Pup-Eye, Poop-Eye An' Peep-Eye (1942/6 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) (adventure) The Lion Hunters (1951/80 m/Ford Beebe)
(11:30 AM) (short) The Rear Gunner (1943/20 m/Ray Enright)
(12:00 PM) (crime) Double Indemnity (1944/108 m/Billy Wilder)
(2:00 PM) (drama) Birdman of Alcatraz (1962/149 m/John Frankenheimer)
(4:45 PM) (war) The Sand Pebbles (1966/179 m/Robert Wise)
(8:00 PM) (suspense) Out of the Past (1947/97 m/Jacques Tourneur)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Experiment Perilous (1944/91 m/Jacques Tourneur)
Sunday, September 13, 2020
(12:00 AM) (suspense) Danger Signal (1945/78 m/Robert Florey)
(1:30 AM) (drama) The China Syndrome (1979/122 m/James Bridges)
(3:45 AM) (horror) Coma (1978/113 m/Michael Crichton)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) See Here, Private Hargrove (1944/101 m/Wesley Ruggles)
(9:00 AM) (musical) Summer Stock (1950/109 m/Charles Walters)
(10:00 AM) (suspense) Danger Signal (1945/78 m/Robert Florey)
(11:30 AM) (comedy) The Whole Town’s Talking (1935/93 m/John Ford)
(1:15 PM) (drama) The Last Hurrah (1958/121 m/John Ford)
(3:30 PM) (drama) Sweet Bird Of Youth (1962/120 m/Richard Brooks)
(5:45 PM) (adventure) The Black Stallion (1979/117 m/Carroll Ballard)
(8:00 PM) (musical) Carmen Jones (1954/105 m/Otto Preminger)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Bright Road (1953/68 m/Gerald Mayer)
(11:30 PM) (musical) Sun Valley Serenade (1941/86 m/H. Bruce Humberstone)
Monday, September 14, 2020
(1:15 AM) (silent) The Ace of Hearts (1921/74 m/Wallace Worsley)
(6:00 AM) (musical) Playing Around (1930/66 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(7:15 AM) (drama) Union Depot (1932/67 m/Alfred E. Green)
(9:30 AM) (drama) When In Rome (1952/78 m/Clarence Brown)
(10:00 AM) (drama) The Toast Of New York (1937/109 m/Rowland V. Lee)
(12:00 PM) (musical) Fashions of 1934 (1934/78 m/William Dieterle)
(1:30 PM) (suspense) Kind Lady (1935/76 m/George B. Seitz)
(3:00 PM) (romance) Sylvia Scarlett (1935/95 m/George Cukor)
(4:45 PM) (romance) Nobody Lives Forever (1946/100 m/Jean Negulesco)
(6:30 PM) (suspense) Cast a Dark Shadow (1955/83 m/Lewis Gilbert)
(8:00 PM) (short) Star Night At the Cocoanut Grove (1934/20 m/Louis Lewyn)
(8:00 PM) (short) A Night At The Movies (1937/10 m/Roy Rowland)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) The Pip From Pittsburg (1931/21 m/James Parrott)
(8:00 PM) (short) Movie Pests (1944/10 m/Will Jason)
(8:00 PM) (short) So You Want To Be A Detective (1948/11 m/Richard Bare)
(8:00 PM) (short) Los Angeles “Wonder City of the West” (1935/8 m/?)
(8:00 PM) (short) The Man In The Barn (1937/11 m/Jacques Tourneur)
(8:00 PM) (short) Smash Your Baggage (1932/9 m/Roy Mack)
(10:00 PM) (short) Asleep In The Feet (1933/19 m/Gus Meins)
(10:00 PM) (comedy) Top Flat (1935/19 m/William Terhune)
(10:00 PM) (short) The Bargain of the Century (1933/19 m/Charley Chase)
(11:15 PM) (short) You’re Telling Me (1932/19 m/Lloyd French)
(11:15 PM) (short) Call A Cop! (1931/20 m/George Stevens)
(11:15 PM) (short) Too Many Women (1932/19 m/Lloyd French)
(11:15 PM) (short) Air-Tight (1931/17 m/George Stevens)
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
(12:45 AM) (comedy) Buzzin’ Around (1933/20 m/Alfred J. Goulding)
(12:45 AM) (short) Whispering Whoopee (1930/21 m/James W. Horne)
(2:00 AM) (short) Women In Hiding (1940/22 m/Joseph Newman)
(2:00 AM) (short) Drunk Driving (1939/21 m/David Miller)
(2:00 AM) (short) The Public Pays (1936/18 m/Errol Taggart)
(3:15 AM) (short) His Silent Racket (1933/18 m/Charley Chase
(3:15 AM) (short) Girl Shock (1930/20 m/James W. Horne)
(3:15 AM) (short) Fallen Arches (1933/19 m/Gus Meins)
(3:15 AM) (short) The Chases of Pimple Street (1934/20 m/Charles Parrott)
(3:15 AM) (short) Four Parts (1934/18 m/Eddie Dunn)
(5:00 AM) (short) So You Want To Play The Piano (1956/10 m/Richard Bare)
(5:00 AM) (short) Apples To You! (1934/20 m/Leigh Jason)
(5:00 AM) (short) Zion: Canyon of Colour (1934/8 m/?)
(5:00 AM) (short) How To Sleep (1935/11 m/Nick Grindé)
(5:00 AM) (short) Double Talk (1937/11 m/Lloyd French)
(5:00 AM) (western) Pony Express Days (1940/20 m/B. Reeves Eason)
(5:00 AM) (comedy) Important Business (1944/11 m/Will Jason)
(5:00 AM) (short) The Black Network (1936/21 m/Roy Mack)
(5:00 AM) (short) And She Learned About Dames (1934/?/?)
(5:00 AM) (short) The Fabulous Fraud (1948/11 m/Edward L. Cahn)
(7:15 AM) (suspense) Man Hunt (1933/64 m/Irving Cummings)
(8:30 AM) (suspense) Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939/59 m/Jac ques Tourneur)
(9:45 AM) (suspense) Phantom Raiders (1940/70 m/Jacques Tourneur)
(11:00 AM) (suspense) Sky Murder (1940/72 m/George B. Seitz)
(12:15 PM) (suspense) Star Of Midnight (1935/90 m/Stephen Roberts)
(2:00 PM) (suspense) Miracles For Sale (1939/71 m/Tod Browning)
(3:15 PM) (suspense) Eyes In The Night (1942/80 m/Fred Zinnemann)
(4:45 PM) (suspense) The Hidden Eye (1945/69 m/Richard Whorf)
(6:00 PM) (suspense) Stage Fright (1950/110 m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(9:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 3) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
(9:15 PM) (documentary) Harlan County, U.S.A. (1976/105 m/Barbara Kopple)
(11:15 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 3) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
(12:30 AM) (drama) The Virgin Suicides (1999/97 m/Sofia Coppola)
(2:30 AM) (premiere) Loving Couples (1964/113 m/Mai Zetterling)
(6:30 AM) (premiere) 10 to 11 (2009/110 m/Pelin Esmer)
(9:30 AM) (comedy) Losing Ground (1982/86 m/Kathleen Collins)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) Strangers In Good Company (1990/101 m/Cynthia Scott)
(12:00 PM) (short) Wagon Wheels West (1943/17 m/B. Reeves Eason)
(12:30 PM) (western) Westward The Women (1951/116 m/William A. Wellman)
(2:45 PM) (western) Strange Lady In Town (1955/112 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(4:45 PM) (western) Rachel and the Stranger (1948/93 m/Norman Foster)
(6:15 PM) (western) Cat Ballou (1965/96 m/Elliot Silverstein)
(8:00 PM) (musical) A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949/107 m/Tay Garnett)
(10:00 PM) (premiere) Peggy Sue Got Married (1986/103 m/Francis Ford Coppola)
Thursday, September 17, 2020
(12:00 AM) (premiere) Repeat Performance (1947/93 m/Alfred Werker)
(1:45 AM) (drama) Turn Back the Clock (1933/79 m/Edgar Selwyn)
(3:15 AM) (adventure) The Boy and the Pirates (1960/84 m/Bert I. Gordon)
(5:00 AM) (romance) Berkeley Square (1933/88 m/Frank Lloyd)
(6:45 AM) (short) MGM Is On The Move! (1964/36 m/?)
(7:45 AM) (crime) Angel Face (1953/91 m/Otto Preminger)
(9:30 AM) (western) River of No Return (1954/91 m/Otto Preminger)
(11:15 AM) (suspense) Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965/107 m/Otto Preminger)
(1:15 PM) (drama) The Man with the Golden Arm (1956/119 m/Otto Preminger)
(3:30 PM) (drama) Anatomy Of A Murder (1959/161 m/Otto Preminger)
(6:15 PM) (suspense) Laura (1944/88 m/Otto Preminger)
(8:00 PM) (comedy) People Will Talk (1951/110 m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Magnificent Obsession (1954/108 m/Douglas Sirk)
Friday, September 18, 2020
(12:00 AM) (drama) A Man to Remember (1938/78 m/Garson Kanin)
(1:30 AM) (drama) The Citadel (1938/113 m/King Vidor)
(3:30 AM) (drama) Red Beard (1965/185 m/Akira Kurosawa)
(6:45 AM) (drama) The Doctor and the Girl (1949/98 m/Curtis Bernhardt)
(9:30 AM) (romance) Dark Victory (1939/104 m/Edmund Goulding)
(10:30 AM) (romance) The Painted Veil (1934/84 m/Richard Boleslawski)
(12:00 PM) (romance) Conquest (1937/112 m/Clarence Brown)
(2:00 PM) (romance) Camille (1937/109 m/George Cukor)
(4:00 PM) (comedy) Ninotchka (1939/110 m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(6:00 PM) Grand Hotel (1932/113 m/Edmund Goulding)
(8:00 PM) (drama) The Rain People (1969/101 m/Francis Ford Coppola)
(10:00 PM) (drama) Harry and Tonto (1974/115 m/Paul Mazursky)
Saturday, September 19, 2020
(12:00 AM) (comedy) Lost In America (1985/91 m/Albert Brooks)
(2:00 AM) (premiere) Wild At Heart (1990/124 m/David Lynch)
(4:15 AM) (premiere) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992/135 m/David Lynch)
(6:30 AM) (suspense) Blackmail (1939/81 m/H.C. Potter)
(9:00 AM) (premiere) MGM CARTOONS: The Flea Circus (1954/7 m/Fred [Tex] Avery)
(9:09 AM) (short) Holland Sailing (1956/8 m/?)
(9:18 AM) (short) Alluring Alaska (1941/9 m/?)
(9:27 AM) (western) Guns Of Hate (1948/62 m/Lesley Selander)
(9:30 AM) (serial) TERRY AND THE PIRATES: The Secret of the Temple (1940/17 m/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix (1933/7 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) (adventure) African Treasure (1952/70 m/Ford Beebe)
(11:30 AM) (short) Roaring Guns (1944/19 m/Jean Negulesco)
(12:00 PM) (drama) Going Home (1971/97 m/Herbert B. Leonard)
(1:45 PM) (western) 3:10 To Yuma (1957/92 m/Delmer Daves)
(3:30 PM) (drama) Fail-Safe (1964/112 m/Sidney Lumet)
(5:30 PM) (war) Sergeant York (1941/134 m/Howard Hawks)
(8:00 PM) (musical) Guys and Dolls (1955/149 m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(10:45 PM) (crime) Midnight Alibi (1934/58 m/Alan Crosland)
Sunday, September 20, 2020
(12:00 AM) (suspense) Gilda (1946/110 m/Charles Vidor)
(2:15 AM) (sci-fi) Rollerball (1975/125 m/Norman Jewison)
(4:30 AM) (sci-fi) Countdown (1968/101 m/Robert Altman)
(6:15 AM) (drama) All The King’s Men (1949/110 m/Robert Rossen)
(9:15 AM) (comedy) It Happened One Night (1934/105 m/Frank Capra)
(10:00 AM) (suspense) Gilda (1946/110 m/Charles Vidor)
(12:15 PM) (musical) Going My Way (1944/127 m/Leo McCarey)
(2:30 PM) (musical) Royal Wedding (1951/93 m/Stanley Donen)
(4:15 PM) (musical) Dangerous When Wet (1953/95 m/Charles Walters)
(6:00 PM) (comedy) Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? (1967/108 m/Stanley Kramer)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Tamango (1959/100 m/John Berry)
(10:00 PM) (adventure) Tarzan’s Peril (1951/79 m/Byron Haskin)
(11:30 PM) (drama) The Harlem Globetrotters (1951/77 m/Phil Brown)
Monday, September 21, 2020
(1:00 AM) (premiere) Where Now Are The Dreams Of Youth? (1932/86 m/Yasujiro Ozu)
(2:45 AM) (premiere) LONE WOLF AND CUB: Baby Cart in the Land of Demons (1973/90 m/Kenji Misumi)
(4:30 AM) (premiere) LONE WOLF AND CUB: White Heaven In Hell (1974/84 m/Yoshiyuki Kuroda)
(6:00 AM) (silent) Flesh and the Devil (1926/112 m/Clarence Brown)
(9:15 AM) (romance) To Have and Have Not (1944/100 m/Howard Hawks)
(10:15 AM) (crime) The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946/113 m/Tay Garnett)
(12:30 PM) (romance) Possessed (1931/76 m/Clarence Brown)
(2:00 PM) (comedy) Woman of the Year (1942/114 m/George Stevens)
(4:15 PM) (romance) Swing Shift (1984/100 m/Jonathan Demme)
(6:00 PM) (drama) Stromboli (1950/106 m/Roberto Rossellini)
(8:00 PM) (drama) A Cry In The Dark (1988/121 m/Fred Schepisi)
(10:15 PM) (romance) The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1981/124 m/Karel Reisz)
Tuesday, September 22, 2020
(2:30 AM) (drama) Kramer vs. Kramer (1979/105 m/Robert Benton)
(4:30 AM) (drama) Wednesday’s Child (1934/68 m/John Robertson)
(6:00 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #4 (1955/26 m/?)
(6:30 AM) (epic) Around The World In 80 Days (1956/182 m/Michael Anderson)
(9:45 AM) (musical) Bitter Sweet (1940/93 m/W.S. Van Dyke II)
(11:30 AM) (war) In Which We Serve (1942/115 m/Noel Coward)
(1:30 PM) (comedy) Private Lives (1931/84 m/Sidney Franklin)
(3:00 PM) (romance) We Were Dancing (1942/95 m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(4:45 PM) (comedy) Blithe Spirit (1945/96 m/David Lean)
(6:30 PM) (romance) Brief Encounter (1945/87 m/David Lean)
(9:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 4) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
(9:15 PM) (premiere) The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005/89 m/Byambasuren Davaa)
(11:00 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 4) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
(12:15 AM) (crime) Salaam Bombay! (1988/114 m/Mira Nair)
(2:30 AM) (drama) Daughters of the Dust (1991/112 m/Julie Dash)
(4:30 AM) (premiere) Krane’s Confectionary (1951/103 m/Astrid Henning-Jensen)
(6:30 AM) (premiere) Mikey and Nicky (1976/107 m/Elaine May)
(9:45 AM) (premiere) The Juniper Tree (1990/79 m/Nietzchka Keene)
(10:15 AM) (premiere) Women Who Loved Cinema (Part 1 & 2) (2002/114 m/Marianne Khoury)
(12:15 PM) (comedy) Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941/101 m/George B. Seitz)
2:00 PM) (musical) Girl Crazy (1943/Norman Taurog)
(4:00 PM) (adventure) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1939/91 m/Richard Thorpe)
(6:00 PM) (comedy) Ah, Wilderness! (1935/98 m/Clarence Brown)\
(8:00 PM) (drama) Boys Town (1938/93 m/Norman Taurog)
(9:45 PM) (drama) The Human Comedy (1943/117 m/Clarence Brown)
Thursday, September 24, 2020
(12:00 AM) (adventure) The Black Stallion (1979/117 m/Carroll Ballard)
(2:15 AM) (musical) Strike Up The Band (1940/120 m/Busby Berkeley)
(4:30 AM) (crime) Killer McCoy (1947/104 m/Roy Rowland)
(6:15 AM) (romance) Wuthering Heights (1939/104 m/William Wyler)
(9:15 AM) (romance) Kitty Foyle (1940/108 m/Sam Wood)
(10:15 AM) (drama) Cass Timberlane (1947/119 m/George Sidney)
(12:15 PM) (drama) The Bad and the Beautiful (1952/118 m/Vincente Minnelli)
(2:30 PM) (drama) Magnificent Obsession (1954/108 m/Douglas Sirk)
(4:30 PM) (drama) All That Heaven Allows (1955/89 m/Douglas Sirk)
(6:15 PM) Written On The Wind (1957/99 m/Douglas Sirk)
(8:00 PM) (drama) Young Dr. Kildare (1938/82 m/Harold S. Bucquet)
(9:30 PM) (drama) The Young Doctors (1961/103 m/Phil Karlson)
(11:30 PM) (comedy) The Hospital (1971/102 m/Arthur Hiller)
Friday, September 25, 2020
(1:30 AM) (drama) No Way Out (1950/107 m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
(3:30 AM) (drama) The Girl In White (1952/93 m/John Sturges)
(5:04 AM) (short) Her Honor, The Nurse (1956/8 m/Harry W. Smith)
(5:30 AM) (drama) Emergency Hospital (1956/63 m/Lee Sholem)
(6:45 AM) (horror) War of the Planets (1965/97 m/Antonio Margheriti)
(9:30 AM) (horror) The Cosmic Monster (1958/72 m/Gilbert Gunn)
(10:00 AM) (horror) Satellite In The Sky (1956/84 m/Paul Dickson)
(11:30 AM) (horror) The Green Slime (1969/90 m/Kinji Fukasaku)
(1:15 PM) (horror) Queen of Outer Space (1958/80 m/Edward Bernds)
(2:45 PM) (horror) The Wild, Wild Planet (1965/94 m/Anthony Dawson)
(4:30 PM) (horror) Village of the Damned (1960/77 m/Wolf Rilla)
(6:00 PM) (horror) Children of the Damned (1964/90 m/Anton M. Leader)
(9:00 PM) (western) The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976/136 m/Clint Eastwood)
(10:30 PM) (western) Alvarez Kelly (1966/110 m/Edward Dmytryk)
Saturday, September 26, 2020
(12:45 AM) (western) Springfield Rifle (1952/93 m/Andre de Toth)
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Larceny, Inc. (1942/95 m/Lloyd Bacon)
(9:00 AM) (premiere) MGM CARTOONS: The First Bad Man (1955/7 m/Fred [Tex] Avery)
(9:09 AM) (short) Salar, The Leaper (1957/8 m/Douglas Sinclair)
(9:18 AM) (documentary) Land of Alaska Nellie (1940/9 m/?)
(9:28 AM) (western) Gun Law (1938/60 m/David Howard)
(9:30 AM) (serial) WILD WEST DAYS: Death Rides The Range (1937/?/?)
(10:00 AM) (premiere) POPEYE: Many Tanks (1933/7 m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:09 AM) (adventure) Bomba and the Jungle Girls (1952/70 m/Ford Beebe)
(11:30 AM) (short) Heavenly Music (1943/22 m/Josef Berne)
(12:00 PM) (drama) The Long Voyage Home (1940/106 m/John Ford)
(2:00 PM) (epic) Quo Vadis (1951/174 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(5:15 PM) (war) Where Eagles Dare (1968/155 m/Brian G. Hutton)
(8:00 PM) (romance) The Red Shoes (1948/134 m/Michael Powell)
(10:30 PM) (war) Night Ambush (1958/105 m/Michael Powell)
Sunday, September 27, 2020
(12:15 AM) (drama) They Won’t Believe Me (1947/90 m/Irving Pichel)
(2:00 AM) (horror) Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954/79 m/Jack Arnold)
(3:30 AM) (horror) UFO (1956/88 m/Winston Jones)
(5:15 AM) (documentary) MGM Parade Show #4 (1955/26 m/?)
(6:00 AM) (romance) Mata Hari (1931/89 m/George Fitzmaurice)
(7:45 AM) (comedy) The Talk Of The Town (1942/117 m/George Stevens)
(10:00 AM) (drama) They Won't Believe Me (1947/90 m/Irving Pichel)
(11:45 AM) (comedy) Don't Make Waves (1967/97 m/Alexander Mackendrick)
(1:30 PM) (drama) Honeysuckle Rose (1980/119 m/Jerry Schatzberg)
(3:45 PM) (romance) Now, Voyager (1942/117 m/Irving Rapper)
(6:00 PM) (drama) Executive Suite (1954/104 m/Robert Wise)
(10:15 PM) (drama) The Decks Ran Red (1958/84 m/Andrew L. Stone)
(12:00 AM) (comedy) Our Modern Maidens (1929/75 m/Jack Conway)
(2:00 AM) (musical) Black Orpheus (1959/108 m/Marcel Camus)
(4:00 AM) (romance) Orpheus (1950/96 m/Jean Cocteau)
Monday, September 28, 2020
(6:00 AM) (comedy) Not So Dumb (1930/76 m/King Vidor)
(7:30 AM) (drama) Street Scene (1931/79 m/King Vidor)
(9:00 AM) (adventure) Bird of Paradise (1932/82 m/King Vidor)
(10:30 AM) (drama) Our Daily Bread (1934/74 m/King Vidor)
(11:45 AM) (western) Northwest Passage (1940/127 m/King Vidor)
(2:00 PM) (drama) H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941/120 m/King Vidor)
(4:15 PM) (drama) The Fountainhead (1949/113 m/King Vidor)
(6:15 PM) (crime) Lightning Strikes Twice (1951/90 m/King Vidor)
(9:00 PM) (comedy) You Can't Take It With You (1938/126 m/Frank Capra)
(10:30 PM) (drama) Ship of Fools (1965/149 m/Stanley Kramer)
(1:15 AM) (premiere) Titicut Follies (1967/84 m/Frederick Wiseman)
(3:00 AM) (drama) The Sign of the Ram (1948/84 m/John Sturges)
(5:00 AM) (documentary) Private Screenings: Liza Minnelli (2010/45 m/Sean Cameron)
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
(6:00 AM) (drama) Blossoms in the Dust (1941/99 m/Mervyn LeRoy)
(9:00 AM) (romance) Mrs. Parkington (1944/124 m/Tay Garnett)
(10:30 AM) (drama) Madame Curie (1943/124 m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(1:00 PM) (romance) The Valley of Decision (1945/118 m/Tay Garnett)
(3:15 PM) (romance) Pride and Prejudice (1940/118 m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(5:30 PM) (war) Mrs. Miniver (1942/134 m/William Wyler)
(8:00 PM) (premiere) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 5) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
(9:15 PM) (drama) Middle of Nowhere (2012/101 m/Ava Duvernay)
(11:15 PM) (documentary) Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (episode 5) (2019/61 m/Mark Cousins)
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
(12:30 AM) (drama) Beau Travail (1999/89 m/Claire Denis)
(6:00 AM) (premiere) Wasp (2003/26 m/Andrea Arnold)
(10:00 AM) (drama) Antonia's Line (1995/103 m/Marleen Gorris)
(12:00 PM) (premiere) The Green-Eyed Blonde (1957/72 m/Bernard Girard)
(1:15 PM) (crime) Ring of Fire (1961/91/Andrew L. Stone)
(2:45 PM) (drama) Untamed Youth (1957/80 m/Howard W. Koch)
(4:15 PM) (musical) Jailhouse Rock (1957/97 m/Richard Thorpe)
(6:00 PM) (drama) Rebel Without A Cause (1955/111 m/Nicholas Ray)
(8:00 PM) (drama) Stand and Deliver (1988/103 m/Ramon Menendez)
(10:00 PM) (drama) The Blackboard Jungle (1955/101 m/Richard Brooks)
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2014.11.04 21:19 unequaltemperament Guide to the Cello Concerto, Part II - Fin de Siècle and Beyond

Part I: Warhorses

Part II: Fin de siècle and beyond

The turn of the 20th century signaled an influx of new ideas just about everywhere in the artistic world. Romanticism had spread its lofty ideals into most corners, and there began a sort of backlash in dealing with balancing those ideals against reality. This was the height of composers such as Strauss and Mahler, considered by many to almost embody Romanticism. Looming on the horizon, however, were two giant wars that would irreversibly change how artists viewed and reacted with the world around them. Musical and artistic philosophies fractured explosively as composers sought to rationalize and understand a world that was changing faster every day.
At the same time, the cello had just about established itself wholly as a solo vehicle, and composers turned to its ability to lament, laugh, and long as a way to give voice to their expression. Here, we will examine a cross-section of these works organized geographically to underscore how reactions to war are both local and global, and how later works bear a different aesthetic than their predecessors.

Part III: Un-certos

Part IV: Alive and Kickin'

Part V: With A Little Help From My Friends

Part VI: Thanks, Slava!


Victor Herbert - Concerto No. 2 in E minor, Op. 30 (1894)

I. Allegro Impetuoso II. Andante Tranquillo III. Allegro
Lynn Harrell, cello Sir Neville Marriner, conductor Academy of St. Martin in the Fields 
One of last concerti from the 19th century, it was this work that ultimately goaded Dvořák into writing his famous B minor concerto. Today, this is the only work of Herbert's that is still considered to be part of the repertoire, which is a shame given the relative lack of cellist-composers we have in our ranks.

Alan Hovhaness - Concerto for cello and orchestra, Op. 17/1 (1936)

I. Andante - Maestoso II. Allegro III. Andante
Janos Starker, cello Dennis Russell Davies, conductor Seattle Symphony 
Known for his "mysticism" and ability to incorporate cultural music from around the world into his own work, Hovhaness was a prolific composer who's opus numbers reach into the 400's. This early work is generally slow and about as un-flashy as a concerto can be, but it also has moments of great beauty and calm.

Samuel Barber - Concerto in A minor, Op. 22 (1945)

I. Allegro Moderato II. Andante Sostenuto III. Molto Allegro e Appassionato
Raya Garbousova, cello Frederic Waldman, conductor Music Aeterna Orchestra 
This is some of Barber's best work. When beginning to write, he sat down with Garbousova and asked her to play through her entire repertoire for him so he might write to her strengths and provide her with a very personal musical vehicle. If what he provided is any indication, Ms. G was one hell of a cellist. Today, this concerto gets very little attention compared to others, almost exclusively thanks to its very extreme technical demands. Though, compared to the next work, Barber's concerto is a stroll through the park.

Elliot Carter - Concerto (2001)

Here's the whole thing, live. I have only recently purchased the piano reduction and movements aren't distinctly labelled.
Fred Sherry, cello Stefan Asbury, conductor Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra 
"My Cello Concerto is introduced by the soloist alone, playing a frequently interrupted cantilena that presents ideas later to be expanded into movements. These movements are connected by episodes that often refer to the final Allegro fantastico. In this score I have tried to find meaningful, personal ways of revealing the cello’s vast array of wonderful possibilities." - Elliot Carter
Carter's music has been attacked as being thorny and incomprehensible, and you will likely hear some of that here. His penchant for registral shifts and very complicated rhythmic relationships mean that listeners are charged with serious responsibility in approaching this piece. Once you wrap your head around it, though, the grandiosity and bravado of Carter's writing is like none other. Carter passed away in December of 2012 at the age of 103, making him only 13 years younger than Herbert's concerto!


Ernst Toch - Concerto, Op. 35 (1925)

I. Allegro Assai Moderato II. Agitato III. Adagio IV. Allegro Vivace
Christian Poltéra, cello Thomas Carroll, conductor Spectrum Concerts Berlin 
A dense, contrapuntal work with numerous performances from Emmanuel Feuermann, it is remarkable to note that Toch uses only eleven instruments in the ensemble. He manages to strike a wonderful balance both stylistically and texturally, paying homage to a number of great late-Romantic and modernist composers while always managing to sound like none of them. The first and third movements carry much of the emotional weight of the concerto, the others being much shorter and lighter in nature.

Friedrich Gulda - Concerto for Cello and Wind Orchestra, Op. 35 (1980)

I. Overture II. Idyll III. Cadenza IV. Menuett V. Finale Alla Marcia
Gautier Capuçon, cello Christian Arming, conductor New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra 
Words fail this ridiculously fun piece. Stop reading this and just go listen. Gulda was widely known as both a jazz and classical composer and pianist, and frequently blended the genres in mind-bending ways. His cello concerto, written for Heinrich Schiff, is no exception: Rock, blues, jazz, marches, and more make their appearances here, and the central section of the concerto returns to the original roots of the form: a cadenza where the performer is told to "improvise wildly with 3rds and 6ths."


Frederick Delius - Cello Concerto (1921)

20 minutes of "continuous, unbounded lyricism"
Jacqueline du Pré, cello Sir Malcolm Sargent, conductor Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 
One of the last works Delius worked on before syphilis robbed him of his sight. In general, people seem to have a "love or hate" relationship with Delius; very few people tend to grow to love him. Like much of his music, this work is almost a stream-of-consciousness walk through the mind of (what I think of as) an English Impressionist. Let yourself get washed away in his lush textures and fantastic harmonies.

Gerald Finzi - Cello Concerto in A minor, Op. 40 (1955)

I. Allegro Moderato II. Andante Quieto III. Rondo (Adagio - Allegro Giocoso)
Tim Hugh, cello Howard Griffiths, conductor Northern Sinfonia 


Camille Saint-Saens - Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 119 (1902)

I. Allegro Moderato e Maestoso II. Allegro non troppo
Johannes Moser, cello Fabrice Bollon, conductor Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra 
The unloved sister of Saint-Saëns' first cello concerto, the D minor concerto has a different artistic goal than it's predecessor. Rather than a focus on cohesive form and inter-related melodic and harmonic ideas, this piece is driven almost entirely by virtuosic passagework and flashy writing. Notated exclusively on two staves for no reason beyond novelty, this concerto is generally considered inferior to the younger concerto.

Jacques Ibert - Concerto for Cello and Wind Instruments (1925)

I. Pastorale II. Romance III. Gigue
Jacqueline du Pré, cello Michael Krein, conductor Michael Krein Orchestra 
Short and sweet at only 12 minutes, Ibert's concerto is reminiscent of the Concertino for Saxophone and 11 Instruments with its chamber instrumentation, condensed forms, and overall frolicking nature. It doesn't take itself seriously, and neither should you. Some interesting writing with harmonics pops its head up once or twice, keep an ear out for that!

Arthur Honegger - Concerto in C Major (1929)

I. Andante II. Lento III. Allegro Marcato
Mstislav Rostropovich, cello Kent Nagano, conductor London Symphony Orchestra 


Paul Hindemith - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1940)

I. Mäßig schnell II. Ruhig bewegt III. Marsch (Lebhaft)
Raphael Wallfisch, cello Yan Pascal Tortelier, conductor BBC Philharmonic 
Hindemith was a musical superman: composer, violist, pedagogue, theorist. The entrance exams for his courses required students to sightread a string quartet score, playing three voices on the piano and singing the fourth. Similarly, his music can be very academic and dense, with large doses of romanticism sprinkled in occasionally. Hindemith was also a wildly productive composer, and he managed to produce sonatas for every major instrument. In addition to this concerto, he also wrote an early cello concerto and Kammermusik No. 3, neither of which retain the minor popularity of this work.


Eric Wolfgang Korngold - Cello Concerto in C Major, Op. 37 (1946)

Allegro Moderato, ma con fuoco
Quirine Viersen, cello Hugh Wolff, conductor Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt 
Korngold rose to fame as a film composer in Hollywood, and scored a film in 1946 entitled Deception starring Bette Davis. In the film, fictional composer Alexander Hollenius scores a new cello concerto for fictional cellist Karel Novak and enlists him for the premiere, but because people love drama, Hollenius is eventually shot dead. Korngold was the actual composer of the "concerto", but eventually fleshed it out into a proper concert work. It is full of what sounds like Hollywood cliche and pastiche, but do remember that it is composers like Korngold and Max Steiner who pioneered this sound, and at the time it was a totally new and refreshing concept. Today, Korngold is best remembered for his violin concerto, which also happens to be based on film themes Korngold had previously used.

György Ligeti - Concerto (1966)

I. ♩= 40, attacca II. L'istesso tempo
Alexis Descharmes, cello Sébastien Boin, conductor Ensemble C barré 
Another "chamber concerto", this time in two parts, this concerto explores the microcosm of sounds in very controlled, specific ways. The first half of the piece is an exploration of timbre around a single pitch, starting out very very quietly at pppppppp (that's 8 p's, for everyone playing at home) with only a single climax. In the second half, Ligeti begins to explore the world around that first pitch, growing further and further away in both pitch and distance, with a hushed cadenza closing the work.


Nikolay Myskovsky - Concerto in C minor, Op. 66 (1945)

I. Lento Ma Non Troppo - Andante II. Allegro vivace
Mstislav Rostropovich, cello Sir Malcolm Sargent, conductor Philharmonia Orchestra 

Edison Denisov - Concerto (1972)

Yes, he was named after the famous Thomas.
Carine Georgian, cello Dmitri Kitaenko, conductor Moscow Philarmonic Symphony Orchestra 

Alfred Schnittke - Concerto No. 1 (1986)

I. Pesante II. Largo III. Allegro Vivace IV. Largo
Torleif Thedeen, cello Leif Segerstam, conductor Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra 
Unique amongst the works here for it's use of amplification (though subtle), Schnittke's 1st concerto is a very dark affair. Clocking in at roughly 45 minutes- nearly all of which is slow- the orchestra constantly berates the soloist and seems to defeat them at the close of the Allegro. In the finale, however, the cello seems to harness the power of the universe and begins a march to the end, constantly gathering strength and momentum until the whole structure collapses and fades into nothing. Schnittke had a stroke while writing this piece, and the last movement was his first compositional output after his recovery.
Next time, concerti by any other name!
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