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demiromantic/demisexual; One, both or neither.

2020.11.22 01:01 confusedgirl933 demiromantic/demisexual; One, both or neither.

Hi this is something I have been doubting for a long today and after today I am so confused.
am I demiromantic? I have only ever had two crushes my entire life one was on my best friend, since years, suddenly I looked at her a bit differently and then After a while I realised I liked her.
The second time was after months, this girl I met on tinder i got a crush after 3 months, but only after meeting, and seeing her at school. After have spended time with her.
Like I can be interested but no crush, I feel like I need to meet the person often, spend time get to kn know them them and them to get to know me.
I have always know I don't get feelings easily but I have noticed even if this person and I click like missing puzzle pieces, if we haven't bonded face to face or build a stronger bond beyond videos hatting or others. I won't like them.
Like there is this girl I I started talking to almost 2 months ago we video chat everyday talk the entire day, and we kinda flirt but I also don't feel 100 comfy with it. BC I feel like I need feelings to 10O procent mean them and I sometimes flirt back but not as strongly as her or just say ow is that so ands i like liked it but also feel neutral and today we met for the first time and I loved her company, hell yes; And 70 procent liked hugging her or 80. but also not 100 I need feelings to like it more or fully. Like I need time or an emotional connection or time spend with that person. I can not crush on someone without that.
Am I demisexual?
Like I want sex and I crave it and thought I could do it with strangers. But I always fall back to I want to be special and someone I have feelings for. I feel like I need feelings. I am a virgin and I feel, what if it's just bc I am inexperienced or shy or bc of my anxiety. I feel the pressure but today this girl came over the one I talked about earlier and god we had sm fun. but then we cuddled, and she came super closed and she kissed me and I let her. but I didn't really feel anything in the beginning, and I let her kiss me even more bc I was waiting to feel something. After a whole I felt a little but not for long or strongly. I mostly didn't feel anything or not alot. But god she is wonderful; bUT I didn't feel like omg i KISSING HER, I wanne kiss her more, i FEEL IT, I CRAVE IT. I felt like there was something wrong with me. And sometimes I love the hugging and sometimes it felt stiff bc i didnt feel wow and sometimes i LIKED IT a bit more or it was so comfy and I liked having her head in my neck but there were no FEELINGS feelings u now. She also caressed me and i loved that but I also love that when a friend does it. I like being caressed and sometimes I felt giddy or smiled but idk if it was of a romantic nature.
Like i could see us be something but I need time and more time together and spend time and connect more. Also she kissed my neck or head or arm and it was cute but idk if i FELT WOW or romantic or do it again pls idk. And she held my hand sm and its nice and she compared hand sizes and it was giddy but i didnt feel like god i have a crush on her. I could see myself liking it maybe one day. And at one point she looked so lovely at me and it made me anxious bc im shy and bc of anxiety but idk if I looked that way and I was overreacting sm and felt like I had to force a smile sometimes bc I was in my head too much; lIKE I ALSO caressed her hair and it was nice but didnt feel wow or damN i LIKE THIS PERSON, I am interested to get to know her better and see where it goes, but I need more time. I feel so conflicted i have been taking so many quizzes and 4/5 say i'm demisexual but of course that doesn't mean 100 procent accuracy. And I read the defintions and stuff u can identify with some I am like omg that is me and some are like not that accurate (some difference) or idk. Like I can flirt but when i meet that person i can't anymore ot i can imagune sexual stuff but as soon as i see them i shut down and dont feel it anymore or did i EVER FEEL it and did i imagine it. i KNOW ill props love sex but i need feelings otherwise idk if i can. im just confused : (and ive been doubting for too long, like i CAN FEEL SOMEINE IS HOT OR ATTRACTIVE AND IMLAGINE STUFF BUT NOT ALWAYS WOW but if u put that person in front of me idk if i could or is they kissed me idk if i would feel anything; LIKE I know another element was that demisexual people watch porn and stuff but mostly think about the connection between the people or the connection of it and i dont need that but i do think sex is about connection (mostly) or I need one, I can think this person is attractive, i'm on tinder and i can giggle and love talking to someoone but I need feelings and a connection, one day I just have a crush and i'm like oops or as soon as SEE thar person i JUST DONT feel it and i NEED MORE TIMe;, idk anymore :( can use some opinions or advice or should I just say fuck labels but I feel like they could help :(
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2020.11.19 17:38 smellmynavel 40% policjantów znęca sie fizycznie nad swoimi rodzinami

To Amerykańska statystyka krążaca po internecie, choć żrodła nie sa zgodne co do tej liczby (podaje niżej) to myśle, że warto być tego świadomym , szczególnie w świetle ostatnich protestów.
To jest grupa zawodowa która nie tylko już sama przyciąga jakis procent ludzi z problemami, ale jeszcze ich szkoli do agresji. Dodatkowo daje im poczucie nietykalnośći, bo gdzie sie niby maltretowana żona czy syn zgłoszą? Do kolegi swojego oprawcy? Swój swojego będzie chronił a ofierze sie dostanie mocniej. Kiedys nie potrafiłąm zrozumieć braku ingerencji policji w sprawach przemocy, a połowa z nich po prostu identyfikuje sie z oprawcą. Nie może przyznać że oprawca jest zły, bo wtedy musiał by przyznac że sam jest zły. Więc brnie w mentalne salto pod tytułem "pewnie był sprowokowany", "może miał gorszy dzień", "należało jej sie bo xyz".
Przy okazji jeśli znacie rodziny policyjne, to postarajcie sie czytać między wierszami i w razie czego zaoferujcie pomoc.
żródła polskie 1
różne źródła amerykańskie: 1 , 2, 3 , 4
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2020.11.08 20:25 Aiass Economics

This is a bit long... Should i split it into parts? Neah... I'm too lazy....
Physically, the Saproids are not an impressive race. Skinny little guys. Most races refer to them as "the little grey people". But they are really smart. Proportionally to their bodies, their craniums (and their brains) are the largest among the sentient races. And their are also cunning. And greedy. And ruthless.
You could be at war with them, and not even know it! Because they don't wage wars with ships, and guns, and troops. Oh, no! They wage economics wars. Because they are the trade masters. They are present on any stock market around the universe. They have their greedy little paws in every bank, in every vault. Why? Because nobody can multiply currency like the smart little bastards can.
As a result of their intimate knowledge regarding the economics of the universe, they can crash any economy, of anyone who they deem as a threat to them and to their lifestyle.
When humans finally discovered FTL, they were welcomed to the universe. They met all the other sentient races. Trade deals were made. Technologies were exchanged. Shipping lanes were being established.
Everyone was admiring this race of industrious, peace-loving, hard-working people. Everyone liked them, and the humans seemed to like everyone too. Everyone... except the Saproids.
For some reason, undisclosed by their diplomacy, the humans were rather cold and cautious towards "the little grey men". It's not that they refused contact or trade deals with them, or refused to grant them visiting visas to Earth. It's just that, unlike with the other races, the humans didn't seem to trust them. Like at all! Every Saproid that visited Earth, was accompanied by guards at all time. No access was given to more important human technologies, or real access to the human stock markets. Nobody really knew the reason for this apprehension from the humans part. But soon, all over the universe, when someone was being mad or frustrated at the Saproids, began refering to them as "anal probers" or "cow snatchers". These were terms that started from unofficial human sources.
Of course, this behavior didn't go unnoticed by the Saproids. Nor would it be left unpunished. In great secret, the probers - pardon me - the Saproids, assembled their war council. Their greatest minds in the field of economics met to discuss a strategy to bring these upstarts at the Saproids mercy. Like i said before, the Saproids didn't believe in standard warfare. That was for animals, for mindless brutes, as far as they were concerned. No... Their field of battle was the economy, and their weapon was the currency.
But, their access to human economy was basicly inexistent. So, their usual methods wouldn't be efficient against the humans. In order to find a winning strategy, more data was needed. So, a couple of Saproid generals were sent to Earth, to gather more information. They pretended to be just tourists, willing to visit an exotic planet.
The Human Bureau for Xeno Affairs accepted their tourist visa requests. It recommended them a few popular tourist resorts. Because the Saproids couldn't endure colder climates, the destinations were countries in the warmer climates of Earth. Like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Haiti, Barbados... India was off limits for some reason - apparently for the safety of the cow snatchers - pardon me - the Saproids. Accomodations were made for them, tickets were bought, guides were booked and, of course, guards had been assigned, for their protection, according to the humans.
After a few days of quarantine, some vaccines, and other such formalities, the generals found themselves on Earth, among the humans, and began their observation, and data gathering. The natural beauties of the land left them unmoving. The exotic fauna mostly scared them. The exotic foods, fruits, vegetables - were of no interest (some of it were borderline poisonous!). Sport activities, (such as diving, climbing, hiking, and so on), were just as irrelevant to them. No... They looked for weaknesses in the economy. They watched how money changed hands. They analized what did the humans spent their currency on. They watched, they asked questions, they gathered data. Spreadsheets were made, Graphs created, Power Point presentations...the works! A month later, the generals returned to their home planet, and the War Council gathered once more.
The first to speak was senior general Skump, from the prestigious "Skump, Skump & Skump" trading company. The general stepped onto the podium with confidence. He looked very imposing with two assistants following him, displaying his very long achievements scroll. The general also looked quite refreshed by his time behind the enemy lines, and one could even see a faint tan on his grey skin.
- "Gentlemen", he began his speech, "on my time on the enemy planet i learned a lot of things about the humans. I studied them carefully. And i think i have found an ingenious method to strip them of their currency. To bleed them dry. Not only to make them poor, but to make them direct their money only into our accounts, and to no other race!"
Every member of the council was on their edge of the seat! Their greedy eyes shone with excitement! Little grabby paws were being rubbed together. Some began to drool uncontrollably. Some of them were even hiding erections behind clipboards placed onto their laps! General Skump smiled at their excitement and began to explain his strategy:
- "After i visited several popular vacation destinations among humans, i observed the following:
  1. The humans work almost all year, gathering currency, like any other normal sapient. BUT instead of using the gathered currency to invest and multiply it, they spend a huge portion of the gathered money in only a single month of "vacation". It is a crazy period in their life, that happens every year, when they just...spend! They prefer to spend it on travelling to new places, as different as possible from their standard place of living. They spend on trying new things, new foods, new experiences, new mating partners...
  2. When the humans reach a certain age, they retire from activity. They stop working and they don't make money anymore. BUT, their government pays them money each month! A fair procent of these old humans, when reaching this stage, prefer to move in wamer climates, where they spend their days taking money from their government and spending them. Usually, spending the money as explained on point 1 of my presentation.
  3. The main source of income for those popular vacation sites i visited was the money spent as shown above. The entire economy in those places depends on the money they extract from the tourists. "
- "Gentlemen", continued the general, "i have seen tourism in the universe, but i have never seen an economy so depended on it, nor have i met a race so ready to spend money on such frivolous things."
- "So, after analyzing all these things, i propose the following course of action:
  1. We build tourist resorts! Terrans will come here because they love new places and experiences! If you build it, they will come! They will come with their money, and leave without them! We will make them pay for these resorts! Not only they will leave their money here, but we will also bankrupt Earth's tourist destinations. After all, they can't offer so much "new" as an alien planet!
  2. I am aware that the humans don't trust us, and don't like us. They call us "anal probers", and "cow snatchers". They won't visit Saproid resorts. So, we build them on other worlds. There are plenty of races that will welcome us investing on their planets. We just make sure that no staff is Saproid, that the humans don't know it is our resorts, and they will happily spend their income in those places.
  3. We establish charter flights between Earth and our newly built resorts. The terrans will PAY us to come here and give us their money! Also, this would mean less tourists and less income for the transport companies on Earth. Again - a serious blow to their local economy!
  4. and at last - we will attract the elderly humans. We sell them houses and land, in warm climates. Like all humans, they crave new experiences. So, they will move to these places. Not temporary, but they will stay there until they expire. All the time sucking money from Earth, and spending it on the planets we attract them to! Again - i am aware they will not come to our planet. Instead, we must attract them on planets that are under our unofficial control. So we can benefit from the steady credit flow that will be coming from Earth towards this elderly."
- "Thank you for your attention gentlemen. I am looking forward to your opinions, and to the plans that my fellow generals devised."
The other generals that visited Earth also presented their plans and observations. But, applying all the plans at once was avoided for three reasons: first, too many plans at once might alert the humans that they are under attack. Second - each of these plans required money, and there were only so many resources the Saproids were willing to risk. And third - they wanted not to push this story teller right here too much right now; to leave some room for a potential follow up.
The council members voted and, with majority of votes, chose general Skump's plan as the starting offensive against the humans. They started going over details, calculated return of investment rates, choosing suitable locations, squabbling over who gets to invest where and on what. But, they were professionals. Slowly, the thing were set into motions and the silent war began, without the humans even realizing they were under attack.
In less than a year, ten huge resorts, with hundreds of hotels, on ten different planets were ready to receive their (mostly human) guests. Transport lines were established between these resorts, Earth, and even Earth's colonies. Clips appeared on the human internet, promoting these resorts. Also, as the same time, amazing offers appeared , dedicated to the elderly humans, for houses and lands on warm, beautiful, exotic planets. For the humans that chose to move to these planets, they even offered free transport!
The plan was in motion, and it was flawlessly executed. Results soon became visible. Humans, after being confined on their own worlds for their entire existence, flocked to the new resorts with great enthusiasm! Old people were happy to get away from the crowded, polluted Earth, and settle on warm, new planets. The number of tourists and elderly surpassed even the most optimistic predictions of the Saproids. Money was starting to flow steadily from the direction of Earth, into the pockets of the anal probers. The council calculated that at this rate, in 10 years, humans would spend enough money outside their system, that they would enter a recession.
Mike Lawry was one of the guides that had been hired to babysit that delegation of cow snatchers. He had never before met real life aliens, but he was rather disappointed. He tried his best to entertain them. But the boring, cheap, non-tipping, grey little bastards were not interested in anything fun. They just watched, observed, took notes... At some point, Mike thought they were into voyeurism, but neah... They just didn't know how to have fun.
So, when he was assigned to another delegation, from another species, he had very low expectations. He almost refused the job. But... his professional pride won. He vowed to himself that this delegation was gonna have fun like never before!
So, he did everything with them: took them to shows (concerts, magic shows, cabaret, etc); took them on trips, like safari, hiking; took them onto the sea, for swimming, snorkeling, diving; took them skydiving; took them to fancy restaurant to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines - the works!
At first, the new aliens were just as boring as the Saproids. Like they were scared to do any of the activities.
- "Why do you humans do these things? This vacation?" asked the leader of the delagation. "Seems like a waste of resources".
So Mike explained to them that humans need to take time off their usual work, in order to recharge. A human, without relaxation from time to time, becomes much less productive. And, he told them he was willing to bet that the entire delegation would feel much more efficient after a week under his ...supervision.
The aliens agree to follow his lead, and, after only a few hours, they relaxed, and started having the time of their lives. At the end of one full week, the aliens were energized, happy, relaxed, and felt ready to return to their mundane tasks with more vigor! least until their next vacation!
And so went things with the next delegation. And the next... And the next...
Word spread, and soon, there was a growing stream of alien tourists on Earth.
At some point, resorts dedicated to human tourists opened on other planets. Most humans that could afford a vacation, went to space! That took some pressure off the Earth's overcrowded resorts, and made room for the ever growing mass of alien tourists.
Josh Brenner was amongst the first people to visit the tourist resorts built for humans, on alien worlds. He enjoyed his vacation immensely! He liked it so much, that he visited three of the mega resorts in less than a year! It was like visiting places from the movies he watched as a little kid. Like entering the universe of Star Wars. So many other races, such wonderful and exotic sceneries, so many strange foods!
However, he did notice a few unexpected things... Apparently, most alien races didn't usually take vacations like the humans did. All the destinations he visited were obviously new , and designed for humans. And even if they were designed for humans, you could easily see the lack of experience in tourism the designers of these places had. Sure - there were hotels, and each hotel had restaurants. But there were was a serious lack of other tourists attractions. Like organized activities, diving in those purple seas, safari excursions to observe the strange fauna, bird watching, sky diving. Nothing like that. Not even souvenir shops. Nothing like that. So, Josh Brenner did what any bussinessman does when he smells an opportunity - he invested! He started rather small - bought a building near one of those resorts. Transformed it into a hotel, but, unlike the resort, he made it suitable for as many species as he could. After that, he convinced his friends and family to invest too. They built a restaurant, opened a souvenir shop, opened an agency that organized all sorts of activities, in order for the visitors to enjoy all the experiences that the alien planet had to offer. And, most important - they promoted this type of tourism to all the other known sentient races! Even if the other sentient races were not used to this type of spending time, it was impossible not to enjoy yourself if humans were organizing your vacation. Soon, it was known throughout the universe that if you wanted to have fun, you turn to the humans!
Josh Brenner and his friends were just the first humans to do this. But they were not alone. Soon, the mega resorts built for the humans were old news. Human built resorts were attracting more tourists, from all over the universe. A brand new market was opened by the Saproids, but, because of their experience in tourism, the humans were the experts on this new market!
Walt Kowalsky was sitting on his porch, sipping his beer, enjoying the warm evening, and view of the spectacular first sunset of the day. The planet Calednia had two suns, that rotated around each other. The sunsets were something else. Like watching two mythological creatures fighting over the rule of the heavens. It wasn't really a sunset. As one sun disappeared under the horizon, the second sun was coming up. This first sunset actually marked the middle of the day.
"Huh... i'm cheating death." snorted Walt to himself. "I'm doubling the number of sunsets i'm going to see before i die". Bitter sweet humour, but that's the humour of an old man.
He had moved to Calednia six months ago, as soon as offers for new homes, on aliens planets began to appear on the internet.
"One last adventure", he had thought to himself when he bought the place. Best decision he ever made! The weather was always perfect, the house was cheap but very spacious and comfortable. The local race was friendly. They looked like ewoks, but less hairy.
"Man, i love this view", he sighed, as the second sun won the battle and climbed up the pink sky.
Just then his communicator beeped.
- "Yeah?" answered Walt, and took another sip of his beer.
- "Mr Kowalsky?" asked a high pitched voice. Sounding suspiciously like one of them anal probers.
- "This is he."
- "My name is Rajesh, from Xerop Utilities. I am calling to ask you when can we schedule a replacement of the utilities in your home?"
- "Huh?" a confused Walt asked
- "Oh, right... I forgot you are new to our planet. You see sir, on Calednia, our company, Xerop Utilities, replaces your water pump, air filter, air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator every year. We call this preventive maintenance. In this way we make sure your equipment does not break... too often."
- "Woau... You do this for free every year?"
- "What? No sir. You will be billed, of course."
- "Like hell i will! Nothing wrong with my stuff. Nothing broke yet. When something breaks, i'll fix it myself. If i can't, only THEN i'll buy a new one."
- "Mmm... You can't do that..."
Rajesh seemed at loss for words.
- "Listen here kid. Are these equipments my property?"
- "Well... yes sir, of course..."
- "Then, if you want to tell me what i can do and what i can't do with my property, you're gonna have to come here and tell it to me personally, and to my rifle!"
No answer came from the other side of the line. Just a gulp.
- "That's what i thought. Now f**k off, and don't call this number again!"
About a week later, his water pump broke. Walt grabbed his tool box, and opened it. It was only one condenser that burnt itself, but that started the whole contraption. It was rather standard, but cheaply made, flimsy. He replaced it in 2 minutes. But for the pump to break just as that company was trying to sell him a new one, seemed like too big of a coincidence. So he checked all the stuff around his house. Fridge, air filter, washing machine... everything. All of them were decently built, but had some cheap condensers, or cheap fuses, of cables too thin, like they were all meant to only last a few months.
He went online and ordered himself a box of honest, earth built condensers, fuses, and what-not. Just to have some spares. Xenos might replace the entire machine when it stopped working, but to him, that was wastefull.
About a month later, he was at his neighbor's house, at a party. They were a nice clan of ewoks. Happy, cute, and man they were funny after a few beers! Everyone was telling stories, jokes. They were all laughing; Walt was telling them about how he scared Rajesh silly over the phone, to the amusement of the whole party.
- "Wait, wait, wait..." said Blink, the son of his neighbor. "You mean to tell us you fix all these stuff by yourself?"
- "Yeah dude. It's not even that complicated. They are simple machines. Really easy to fix. And if you mess up, so what? They were gonna sell you a new one anyway".
- "Well... i wouldn't mind not buying new stuff every year" said Blink's dad. "It's sucking me dry. If i wouldn't have to replace them, maybe we could afford one of those vacations i keep hearing about. Walt, think you could show Blink here how to fix them?"
- "Sure thing buddy! If he wants too..."
- "I don't know..." said Blink. "My friends will probably laugh at me, saying i'm into old man stuff"
Walt thought for a second then asked:
- "You kids here have a social network right? And the kid with the most interesting posts, the most likes and shares is the most popular right?"
- "Well... yeah"
- "Kid, i'll teach you how to fix them things, and you can post tutorials online for each type of fix. You're going to save your people so much money that your channel is going to be the most popular on this planet! You're going to get so much tail, you're not going to have energy left to fix things!" laughed Walt
- "...Tail? What do you mean?"
- "Nevermind that... It's the beer talking... So? You in?"
- "Yeah.. Ok. Not sure if you're right about the popular part, but i would really like for us to save enough money to go on a vacation."
- "Great! Then it's settled! Man, i'm going to enjoy sticking it to that Xerop Utilities Company. You know, i have a suspicion that company is run by those anal probers assholes... You know that my grand daddy was abducted by those assholes?" And so, the story telling part of the party continued.
In the following months, Radio Shack received thousands of orders from planet Calednia. And the orders kept growing in number and in number of articles. The sales for new water pumps, air filters, boilers, washing machines, refrigerators, and other house hold equipment plummeted. And Blink's channel became the most popular channel on the planet.
The situation on Calednia was not singular. One every planet where old humans moved, at one point or another, similar events developed. The humans refused to replace equipment regularly. If the machines broke down, they just fixed them. Then they showed their neighbors how to fix them. And so on, until spare parts stores from Earth were forced to open branches and deposits on the alien planets, to cope with the demand.
Four years after the Saproids started their silent war against the humans, their expensive built resorts were now shadowed by the human ones and were barely making any profit. All the planets where old humans had moved, and whereon the Saproids had booming companies like Xerop Utilities, were now reporting massive losses.
The Saproid council held elections and removed the generals responsible for this debacle from the leadership.
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2020.09.25 19:01 -VillainInMyOwnStory [help] My dog is stubbornly detached from me and no tricking works on him...

So I've adopted a 3 years old dog over 6 months ago. I know he's capable of affection because after spending one day with my sister (ignoring eachother on walk with me) he was so attached to her he attacked me when I tried to walk towards her. He tried to hump her which he doesn't do with anything or anyone, he jumped and curled on bed next to her multiple times and he also tried getting up on her lap to snuggle. In over 6 months of being under my care he didn't initiate any contact with me, outside of randomly hitting me in face with his muzzle when I finish giving him treats. He sleps 99 procent off the day. The only time he takes a break from sleeping is to eat and poop and then he's sleeping again. He's healthy.
I tried to trick him into liking me. First I was giving him space, randomly dropping treats behind myself from time to time. I try to support him when he's stressed. I sat on ground looking away and putting treats around myself. Eventually I tried ignoring him for days, outside of feeding and walking. Before that I tried treating him every time he would make eye contact with me, now looking me in the eyes is the first thing he tries when we practice basic obedience. I tried to speak calmly and be source of everything good and happy. I tried being clear and predictable. Following daily schedule for his sake. Go to fun dog places like forest and parks.
And still, he ignores me most of the time, he comes to me only when I pull out treats, never before that. He sits on bed sometimes but as far from me as he can. Never tries to snuggle or ask for pats like he instantly did with my sister. Even though she gave him a treat one time and never again later. Even though she's scared of him and doesn't know anything about dogs.
Is there something more I could try to become his favorite person?
Please don't comment with "give the dog back", "dogs recognize bad ppl" or "give him to your sister" because I already daily think all of that and none of it is of any help. He is the way he is to me and yet I still love him and I want it so bad to work out between us.
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2020.08.01 01:21 Nimue_- Regret getting my pet rats an feel horrible

I(23f) am a huge animal lover. I am also a student and i have lived alone for 4 years now. I have a job and a few friends but overall i spent about 80 procent of my time alone. I am obsessed with dogs but getting one is unfair to the dog because i can't live my life around it for 8 to 15 years and i don't have the space. Now rats only live about 2 years. They are supposed to be very trainable and social. So i got them. Its been 4 days now and i feel terrible. One of them fliches and hides whenever i move and i don't feel like they'll love me. I kbow you are supposed to put a lot of effort and patience towards taming them but i don't feel like i have that discipline with them. Even with dogs or kids im not a fan of shy creatures. I have had thoughts (unvoluntarily) about just dumping them outside. If thought about going to a local ratshelter or selling them on a local Craigslist-esk site.
Because of this i feel so horrible and guilty and depressed and i don't know what to do
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2020.07.23 01:03 Peanut078 Hello!

Hii i finally got a S8, fell in love with it when i saw it back in 2017 i got the chance and bought it, time is moving so fast, my love has not been fallen for this phone I came from a motorola g8 plus after smashing it..., i wanted GameCube emulation and thought hey the snapdragon 835 will do better than my snapdragon 665 To find out they only sold the exynos version of it in my country xD i am enjoying Grid autosport though :P Well i was planning to do about a couple of years with this device, as i don't need all the hightech stuff of today like 4 cameras or a 99 procent body ratio
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2020.07.16 11:27 mylifeafternarcs Building my life up again after years on and off with a narcissistic ex.

Hi everyone! This is a throwaway account, as I think my ex stalked my other one on a different sub, and I dont need him to be apart of me moving on.
I left an emotional abusive relationship 4 months ago at final, but otherwise broke up constantly. If not broken up he would stonewall me or ignore me. I moved to his country twice for him, and have been isolated there and alone 95 procent of the time so I feel like Im coming back to life slowly after getting out. Im not very comfortable with other people right now but its getting better.
Its the simplest things, like eating better. Ive spend alot of time in nature. Ive been doing creative things and worked as much as I could doing covid. Ive been connecting with a new and an old friend, who are so open, insightful and selfaware. Its a blessing. I lost another old friend, but she hasnt been well for a long time so Ive seen it as a blessing too, that toxic people are leaving my life to make room for nontoxic ones.
Im applying for the university in two weeks, in a new field for me, where I get to help people. I feel very excited about this, I think it would bring my joy compared to the field Im in now which is alot of seeking validation from outside, and not something that makes me feel great. When this happens I can apply for a study apartment and create a little safespace for myself, where I dont have to move in and out all the time.
Life now is all about good values, peace and healing. I will find validation within myself, keep loving myself so one day I will feel confident in setting boundary, stop apologizing for everything, and just be me.
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2020.06.02 17:49 YWF2003 Eager for anal but im hetero

Hi, im a 25 yo boy and i and very hetero as long as i have known for. But maybe 70% procent of my dreams are about sex. I have sex pretty often but i keep being horny from dreams. What mostly happends is that i wake up very hard and i just wanna touch my asshole and want to penetrate it but Im wondering if other people are familiair with anal preference as a guy, i dont know if this means im gay or bi or just love anal as a hetero.
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2020.05.07 17:33 Kojjanibusken If you ever come face to face with satan

Apologies for my grammar, since english is not my native toungh.
I grew up in a middle-class family and not a single person in my whole family belives in the supernatural. We never spoke of Jesus or anything at dinner table with my parents more than my step father always pointed out that it was a waist of time to go to church at schooltime that occurred like one week every year.
As i grew up i used drugs (not to much) (still do if the time is right). Grew up in a problem area were my biological fater lived. As me and my friends got older, they did not just use. Most of them (if not all of them) started selling, along with other criminal activities. I allways tried to keep away from it as it got more serious. I did participate two burglarys but not more than that, Fought some, had many "girlfriends".If you can call it that.
Cant say i made to much of a "mess" but i was not.. perfect... Who is? We all have our sins to be forgiven.
I have always been a kind hearted person. And if you feel that you have made some wrong choises in life there always is another way. And even if there is no place in heaven for you. Make sure to find a good place in hell, since there is places in hell that are much worse than others. Trust me on that.
I do want to add that i did not start reading about the bible and going through all de documentaries, as well as other peoples testamonials of theire experience in hell just until recent since i have got my own view of this, and other parralell universes or dimensions
All that i am about to tell you may be hard to belive, i did not either want to, until this happened.
This is about when i met the evil himself in the shape of a black shadow.
This is one of my stories.
I was sleeping in my bed, when i all of a sudden felt like i was being watched. I then opened my eyes, and when the blurr cleared, i saw him standing over me beside my bed.
I haistly crawl'd backwards with him following me over the bed trying to get he's hands on me. Fell down on to the floor, got back up on my feet, and ran to the other side of the house only to realise, i would be stuck if i stay here...
Yeah, you probably think it was a crazy dream or something but this actually happend...
So i made the decision to turn back and and try to make a run for the door, whitch means, trying to make a atempt to get aroung the bastard. Took a deep breath and turned around, got up to him and succesfully got passed before bursting out the door. My mind was speeding as i ran down the street where i lived. Got about 150meters away from my house when it hit me... Shit. My grandmother.. I crouched down for a moment while thinking about going back or not, damn it..
I knew he was there for some damn reason. Well i know what he wanted but let's not get in to that yet.
So, i decided to make my way back. After half-jogging the first steps i started to run. Got back to my grandmothers house that i live with, just wishing he is not still there. But to my disepointment i saw him coming around the corner, even before i got in to the house since i never shut the door behind me when i litterally flew out the door on my way out. I took a step back at the same time i placed both of my hands in the face and looked up and burst out: U got to be shitting me! I actually laughed about it.. Well that type of laugh when youre eyes is watering at the same time... I did not cry... maby little...
I was crouching down on the lawn thinking about what was going to happen next, just hoping he was satified with just the fact that he made me run away like a little pussy. I felt he was aproaching me... As he got up next to me, he was about to say someting. I interrupted him with:
He paused for a second. - Come inside and let us talk about it
Me: - What the hell do you want?! Just go..
Him answering: - You know i wont just go away. Let's get back inside, and talk about it.
-I know. I said as i stood up. - lets get back inside
He followed me back inside, and i can just add that at this moment i was actually starting to cry..
I sat down on my bed and asked one more time:
I looked up on him as he was standing by my feet, leaned towards me and said: - It is to late for that.
Me: - To late for what?
Again, i knew what he meant, so he asked me the same question once more since he knew i understood.
I did not answer right away as i just felt helpless.
At this moment you could probably tell that this is not my first encounter with the devil. But this was the first time i ever said please or beged for anything from him.
He enjoyed this.
- So why are you begging me, if it is to late? He asked.
Got my breath back with a gasp and got up just before he put his finger on me again and i fell to the floor by the bed. Again when i got my breath back i rushed for him just to fall on to the floor face down a third time as he touched me.

Now for a fourth time i stood up: - You come back here. Im not finished with you.
-Serious? He answered with humor.
As i loaded my fist to punsh him, or whatever..
Yeah, i was actually at this moment wasn't gonna let him get up to the second floor where my grandmother slept. Well, as you can expect i fell to the ground once again before i could land a punch.
He finally got my point, and sort of shaked his head before he said:
You might think i had enough after that. But i was determined that when i got back up i damn was gonna land that whethever or nor it inflicted some damage or if my hand would just go straight through, and what happend before was going to repeat itself...
Would you be surprised if i said it did? Well yeah, surprise surprise!
He just stopped and actually got surprised! Not for the same reason as me me of course. But as he was turning around and had his finger not more than a finger-length away from my face there was this very bright light coming from the outside of the door and we both paused and turned our heads toward it as you can see it from the bedroom..
Believe me. What i have said so far and are about to say is one houndred procent true. if you belived this first part you need to belive this last thing that happend as well.
As we stood there face to face i could se this figure emerging out of that light. My jaw dropped when i made out the figure that descended from the light. It was this bright shining, absolutely most beautifull angel with long blond hair, white wings and a silve gold plated armor.
As she with speed in the door opening, he took a small step back. Almost without touching the floor as she came in, she just looked at him, raised her arm, pointing her finger to the door:
Without answer, he started to make his way out the door.
With the biggest eyes, i looked at her with admiration. As she stood there right in front of me i realised how tall she was. I am 1.80cm and still she stood over me with more that a head-leath.
- Thank you.
I just looked at her, realising what she was, and said: - i need a hug.
That was the only thing that came out of my mouth at that moment. Dont judge me.
She held me, and... so much love it is indescribable. I felt so much... safety along with so many other feelings. i felt so comforatable. It just cant be described.
The words we exchange as she held me i will keep to myself, but after this i was more than certain that there is a heaven and hell. Along with angels and demons.
I have been both in heaven and hell, met both Jesus and God. Seen Lucifer aswell as other types of demons. I dont want to talk too much abot my visions, dreams and experiences that i have had so far. But i really do want to put this out though. All i read and see get this wrong. The devil/satan, Lucifer and "the devil of the beast" are accually three different beings. As the Devil is one of the seven princess of hell, Lucifer is the fallen Angel that got cast out of heaven and became the emperor of hell. Devil of the beast is that red being with horns and hoofs depicted in books.
Like i said, this was not my first encounter with the devil. Met him many times before, but only in my dreams. I thought i was about to go insane for a period of time. Still see him. From time to time. No worries.. I know how to handle him now. Just stand youre ground. There is one force he hates more than anything.. Love.
What i really wanted to tell with all this is to never sign anything. What so ever. Make sure to keep whats left of youre soul when it is youre time to pass over to the other side.
Heaven bless eart.
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2020.04.28 03:52 tokaiming The Complete XZ1 Compact

The xz1 compact is now on your own, no official Sony support. The latest buildnumber 47.2.A.11.228
So i am going to say this is not ment for people that don't know anything about unlocking the bootloader. All the things i about to say, requires to unlock the bootloader with twrp installed and magisk as root. It is up to you if you want to do this at your own risk. YOU LOOSE YOUR DRM KEY AND SOME FANCY SONY STUFF (Camera/DSEE HX/ClearAudio+/X-Reality Video Enhancement,ETC).

The xz1 compact is a small device, so how to get the best out of a small device is get rid of the navigationbar and replace it with gestures and it saves one inch space on your device screen. The app calls xposed edge (pro). You can set to swipe from the bottom to go home. A swipe from the bottom and hold goes to your recent app. A swipe from the right edge navigates the back button. I know it is an iphone thing. This mod is really good for in landscape mode. You can also have the pie recent app switcher, that requires quickswitch module in magisk. Just installed it and it works also on nova launcher (somehow also needs to install lawnchair launcher, but you dont need to set it as default launcher. (requirements are Magisk-{busybox/riru-core/riru-edxposed} - edxposed-{xposed edge pro (only woks in version 5.5.1)}

Miracast Fix, If you unlocked the bootloader miracast is gone. To get it back install root explorer and grant root acces. Navigate to root foldesystem/build.prop and add a line persist.wfd.debug.appmonitoring=1 under the line persist.debug.wfd.enable=1 Then navigate to root foldesystem/etc/wfdconfig.xml and change the value enable HDCP by default content protection to 0 Then navigate to root foldesystem/priv-app/wfdservice and replace wfdservice.apk
Sony does a good job in miracasting when casting and screen goes off for saving battery. I use gravitybox to set the display off in 15 seconds when casting. It is a toggle in statusbar that can stay awake or put the display in sleep. I use screen off for music playing.

XZ1C ram management. I noticed that apps closes itself in the background, and every time i go to the recent app launcher, apps did not persist in the ram and needs to open/reload everytime (auto closing). So there is a fix so you can real multitask like a windows computer and keep the apps in memory. I know 4gb ram is not so much but here are the tricks. The app calls eternal process lock. You can set any app to keep in the memory even if you close it in the recent app, the app keeps in memory and do not reload again if you reopen it. I do this in my browser app (firefox), it doesn't close anymore itself and does not reload a page anymore if you reopen it. (requirements are Magisk-{busybox/riru-core/riru-edxposed} - edxposed-{eternal process lock}

A better sound mod. Bass and clarity boost. App is called Viper4androidFX. The best sound mod ever and works also with bluetooth (i have samsung buds). Sound is for everyone different so i can not help you. Also every headphone is different. For me i love clarity and bass for the type of music i listen so i set all settings to the max (viper-dcc/dynamic system/bass/clarity) (requirements are Magisk-{busybox/viper4androidFx}

Micro sdcard. The storage of the XZ1C is really low 32gb space. I have a microsd card 512GB and fixed that all downloads/obb games/ringtones/videos/,etc to the micro sd. I know it work straight out the box, but there is a module that takes it a little step furter. It fixes that obb games and firefox downloads going straight to the micro sdcard. It does not put the app apk in the micro sdcard, for that it requires android nougat, so there is no fix for it. The app is called XinternalSD. (requirements are Magisk-{busybox/exsdcard acces enableriru-core/riru-edxposed} - edxposed-{XinternalSD}

So that is it. Here are some things that i also have HiddenCore Module for safetynet in Magisk Hide, Gravitybox, statusbar download progress, firefox tablet mode, youtube vanced for adfree background play, rotation control pro for forcing app to go in landscape mode.
Edit: For xposed edge i found a bug when complete disable the navbar when text pop up is not scaled and can not see the text as you type. To fix that i just enable the navbar again in xposed edge app, to hide it but not disable it i use gravitybox and enable navbar (yes checkbox it to enable it), scroll down and you can manual slide the height of the navbar to whatever you want. I set it to 0 procent, so the navbar is still enabled but you can not see the navbar.
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2020.04.01 03:38 Thejapanther Ultra fight 1971 ウルトラファイト

Does anyone know where to watch it? Its a show just like redman. The only difference is that Ultraseven beats up the old kaiju suits. But i would love if anyone knows where to watch the show? I have searched everywhere and nyaa wont even load over 0,4 procent.
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2020.03.22 09:44 CustomKas FAQ

What pellet should I use with my airgun?
The only good answer to this is we don’t know. Every airgun, even of the same brand or product has a preference. The difference is usually not big but it could very well be that your Hatsan loves JSB Exacts and the one of your shooting buddy groups better with H&N Field targets. The only way to know is to buy a few sampler packs and shoot and see with which pellet your airgun groups best.
However there are some guidelines that generally apply:

What (cheap) airgun is best suited for hunting? What is the highest power (cheap) springer?
The best airgun is the one that can hit reliably, that is the one and most important thing to focus on, period.
If it’s hunting or plinking, if you don’t hit then it doesn’t matter in any way how hard the pellet went. In general airguns that focus on power alone and advertise it heavily give only that, power, but they tend to group worse than a more tuned 20J underlever or a good PCP. The focus on power is moot anyways because the viable and ethical targets for airgun hunting; pigeons, rats, squirrels, rabbits and other small birds and rodents, are all easily killed with a 16J or more airgun with a well-placed shot. When shooting anything to kill, the most important thing is knowing you’ll hit it with a killing blow consistently anytime, having a cheap overpowered but inaccurate rifle does not give that certainty.
Bigger stuff than that; possums, raccoons, coyotes and hares should only be shot with high power PCP’s or firearms. Often people mention “that guy” with a $2000 PCP on some forum shooting boars and aspire to that, but if you’re here asking the question above then it’s quite clear you’re not on that level yet and a cheap magnum springer won’t get you there.

What airgun should I buy for xxx?
Read and post in the stickied buyer’s guide or do some googling yourself. This question is asked so often that it’s not allowed as a separate post here, you’re welcome to chime in the buyer’s guide though, you’ll surely be helped if you ask the right questions. Set yourself a budget. Do some research online, find out what you like and what power fits your goal and select a few favourites. In the end it’s always best to just go to a good shop, hold a few you fancy, shoot them if possible and/or have experienced shooting buddies advice you.

Can I use this airgun for airsoft?
No you can’t, never. Airguns almost always have power levels at least ten times higher than is allowed with airsoft. Not even the low power replicas that shoot copper BB’s, these still are powerful enough to break skin and are built very differently from airsoft pistols. Bringing an airgun to an airsoft match is the best way to get yourself banned quickly and lose some new friends.

Which airgun is best for home defence or personal defence?
None are, airguns lack many features a good defence weapon needs:
On top of this it is illegal in most countries.

What is a good affordable scope?
In general the packaged scopes on affordable airguns are Chinesium crap. Usually they lack good optics and don't hold a zero well. In most cases this is your best first upgrade. Good brands that also make excellent springer rated stuff in the lower price ranges are; Hawke, Optisan, UTG Leapers and Nikko Stirling. It's tempting to buy the highest magnification with the biggest lenses, but a normal airgun barely needs more than 8x and a 40mm lense. Buying a good one with less options and gimmicks will pay back in quality optics. For instance a Nikko 4-16x scope with a 50mm Ocular Adjustment (AO) lense and packaged mount seems like a good deal for $120, and it is. But for $70 you can also get a Hawke 4x scope with a 32mm lense without AO and excellent optics. Add in a rocksolid one-piece Sportsmatch mount for $30 and you have a package that has superior optics and will give a beginner a better entry in the hobby for less. Both are far superior to the boxed optics, it's up to you which route fits best.

How do I calculate airgun power and/or ballistic properties?
Most good shops; Krale, Pyramid Air, Airgun depot have blogs, calculators or other sources on their site for good reliable information. An excellent app that calculates pretty much everything you need in any unit you want and has an integrated database of ballistics and reticles is Hawke Chairgun. It’s a bit old and not actively developed anymore, but it’s a very handy and viable tool that teaches a lot to any airshooter.

Where should I buy my airgun (supplies)?
It’s a bit hard to make good unbiased recommendations on this. There are big, and well recognised, online sellers like Krale, Airgun depot and Pyramid air, just to name a few. But there are also lots of local shops that need your business a lot more to stay alive and have a lot of extra knowledge and personal attention to give you’ll miss out on at big (online) retailers. In both cases these will give good service, aftermarket and have direct connections with the brands/importers they sell, which is very handy when something breaks or has warranty issues.
For second-hand eBay can be a good source, also for custom parts, but you have to be careful and know what you’re doing/getting and what’s legally allowed in your region. Many serious shooters avoid Amazon, there is quite a bit of fake or rebranded Chinese stuff there for bargain prices, but also bargain service and quality. My personal opinion is that besides ultralow prices there’s nothing to gain on Amazon for anyone but Amazon itself, their own workers, their suppliers or retailers and even their customers seem to get the bare minimum and the rest of it is profit for themselves. The few procent you pay extra at a good seller who knows their products and values you as a client will pay out double as soon as you have an issue, want spares, need something quickly, want to upgrade or have specific needs.
If you have a FAQ to add, please comment and write the proposed text in the format given, when relevant it will be added to the main text.
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2019.12.20 23:53 mentalbreakdown4life Anxiety and fear when meditating

Ever since I meditate I need to be in a place or room where I feel a 100 % procent safe. Sometimes even around people I love. I usually have a hard time meditating alone, because I feel this fear (an uncomfortable feeling, I can't describe) and immediately want to get out of my meditation or immediately open my eyes. Does anyone else deal with this when meditating? It's getting kind of annoying, because it prevents me from getting into to deep meditation.
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2019.10.22 16:18 MermyuZ Begrænset af køn? Ja selvfølgelig!

Ifølge en undersøgelse lavet af Mary Fonden føler piger sig mere begrænsede af deres køn end drenge. Dette kunne umiddelbart vække bekymring, det mener jeg dog ikke, det bør.
For det første er der overhovedet ikke nok mennesker, som har deltaget i undersøgelsen. Med kun 49 drenge vil det sige, at en stemme er lig med over to procent.
For det andet skriver de, i artiklen, som er vedhæftet undersøgelsen, i afsnit to linje 1-3 følgende: ”Undersøgelsen viser også, at 30 % af de unge oplever, at mænd generelt opfattes mere positivt end kvinder, mens 15 % svarer, at deres oplevelse er, at kvindekønnet opfattes mest positivt.”
Det giver da ingen mening at spørge unge drenge på 15 år om mænd eller kvinder på 18+ opfattes mest positivt. De har ingen personlige erfaring indenfor emnet.
Gruppen som undersøgelsen er baseret på, ligger mellem alderen 15 og 24 ud fra disse tal kan man godt regne med, at en tredjedel er 15-18 hvilket vil sige, at det kun er 32 stemmer hos drengene, som er valide. Derfor mener jeg, at denne undersøgelse overhovedet ikke bør tages alvorligt. Men hvis man vil tage en undersøgelse om ligestilling mellem mænd og kvinder, som er baseret på godt og vel 160 unge voksne og 80 børn alvorligt er det stadig ikke grund til bekymring. Hvis man kigger på tallene uden at tænke yderligere over dem, kan jeg godt forstå, at de virker yderst ophidsende og skræmmende, men tænker man over dem i bare et kort stykke tid indser man, at tallene giver sig selv. I det første spørgsmål spørger de:
”Har du oplevet, at dit køn begrænsede dig i at gøre ting, du gerne ville?” hos pigerne siger 42% ja og 49% nej, hos drengene siger 22% ja og 73% nej. Der er også problemer med spørgsmålet selv. Fx kan dette spørgsmål svares ud fra så mange forskellige vinkler. Drengene, der har svaret ja, kunne ligeså godt have svaret det fordi de engang i syvende klasse ikke måtte være med til pigernes sleepover, og pigerne kunne svare ja, fordi de ikke kunne være med på drengenes fodboldhold.
Min pointe er, at spørgsmålet ikke er i nærheden af specifikt nok. Der er dog spørgsmål, som ikke kan tolkes på forskellige måder fx spørgsmål to som lyder:
”Hvilket køn, oplever du, opfattes generelt mere positivt end det andet?” som sagt har dette spørgsmål alt for lidt valide stemmer, men hvis man hjerneløst vil se på procenterne som det rene fakta gør det ingen forskel.
Mennesket har en tendens til at tænke på sig selv som ofret. Jeg har selv gjort det og det har du også. Hvis man er lav ønsker man sikkert at være højere, for det ville da være fedt at kunne nå den øverste hylde i supermarkedet, derimod ønsker en høj person måske at være lavere, da det er lidt irriterende at skulle bukke sig hver gang man skal gennem en dør. En høj person går ikke rundt i supermarkedet, og glæder sig over hvor let det er at nå den øverste hylde, ligeså går en lav person heller ikke gennem en dør og glæder sig over ikke at banke hovedet ind i dørkammen.
Vi stræber altid efter det vi ikke har, og tager hvad vi har forgivet. Dette er ifølge mig grunden til, at begge køn oplever det andet køn mere positivt end sit eget. En dreng ville meget bedre kunne huske hvor uretfærdigt det var, at han ikke måtte være med til pigernes sleepover end han ville huske, at han kunne være med på drengenes fodboldhold. Det samme for en pige bare omvendt.
I forhold til om ligestilling er vigtigt i Danmark og udlandet siger begge køn, at det er vigtigere internationalt end herhjemme dette handler igen om at tage det man har forgivet. Jeg er helt sikker på, at svarene ville være omvendt hvis vi levede i et samfund hvor kvinder og mænd ikke var lige.
Der er vi dog så heldige, at vi lever i et samfund hvor de eneste love baseret på køn er barselsloven og værnepligten disse to love bygger på de gamle principper, at manden forsørger og beskytter, og kvinden er derhjemme og står for omsorg. Barselsloven giver mening da barnet i det første stykke tid efter at være blevet født har brug for og er knyttet til moderen, men værnepligten giver ingen mening. Den går direkte mod ligestillingens grundide, at begge køn kan forsørge og beskytte sig selv og sin familie.
Så for lige at få alting på det rene er jeg ikke mod ligestilling eller noget i den dur jeg er dog mod moderne feminisme. Feminisme var og er stadig i nogle tilfælde en rigtig god ting. Vores samfund og alle de vestlige værdiger vi holder så meget af ville ikke eksistere hvis ikke det var for feminismen. I nogle lande som Saudi Arabien er der stadig stort behov for feminisme.
Så når jeg siger, jeg er mod moderne feminisme, mener jeg, at jeg er imod den type feminisme, hvor man ser manden som undertrykkeren og kvinden som den undertrykte. Det skaber nemlig bare, mere end alt, konflikt mellem kønnene. Man er nødt til at forstå, at modstanderen er de gamle tanker, normer og ideologier ikke mænd som aldrig har haft noget med undertrykkelsen af kvinder at gøre, men bare er blevet født med et x og et y kromosom.
Man burde ikke behøve en ubrugelig undersøgelse for at vide, at der er undertrykkelse rundt omkring i verden så hvad med, at vi lader værre med at brokke os over om vi ikke kunne være med til den skide sleepover eller at vi ikke kunne spille på drengenes forbandede fodboldhold og i stedet retter blikket ud mod de steder hvor mænd og kvinder hver dag bliver undertrykt pga. deres køn?
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2019.08.30 05:35 shtillian Advice on center speakers

So recently I bought a pair of Klipsch r-51m bookshelf speakers during that awesome summer sale. I love'em. From here I want to get a center speaker that will pair well with them. Currently my setup includes the already mentioned Klipsch speakers (obviously), a BIC America F-12 subwoofer, and a Yamaha receiver (I can get the exact model if necessary). I'm somewhat of a bass fanatic, so I looked online and found a center speaker called the Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 Compact Center Speaker which is supposed to have great bass and is relatively cheap. Does anyone know if this would sound good with my current setup? Any suggestions on other good center speakers would be great too. I'd like to not spend more than $300
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2019.08.27 14:00 alexior41100 Some DC statistics i have deducted out od my nurse gameplay

So i have played a total of 50 games with nurse hearing how she might get some kind of rework soon and here are some statistics
Out of 50 maps i got 11 azarovs 6 huntress maps 8 plague mapa 2 lerrys (i guess i was lucky, i hate that map) 13 macmillans And 10 rotten fields
Out of those 50 games i got a total of 79 disconnects 31 suicides on Hook
I ran Franklins demise Bbq and chili Ruin And stridor
I used the pine cone and the ring uncommon offerings (forgot the names) so nothing too fancy For offerings i used bp enhancing offerings for strange(r things) reasons
Out of those 50 game chats I was flamed in 40 post game chats
21 were flaming me for playing nurse 6 for tunneling 13 were for using any addons
About 60 (63 times) procent of the disconnects tend to stay to flame in post chat no matter how long the game dragged on
God i love this community, behaviour commence operation dedicated servers at your earliest convienience
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2019.06.25 21:35 LionK62 this is so confusing

i kinda cant except it? i really loved his videos that helped me through my worst times in my life. i followed the whole story since mental breakdown 1.
its just so weird that he kept saying im going to do some mind blowing shit you guys cant even imagine and after his mental breakdown he even said when are you guys free for next time and went missing on the exact same day. you know its weird that he took all his things and left it on the bridge (monitors were missing, i dont know if they found that on the bridge) because he 100 procent did this so people would search for him. i mean obviously right? after a suicide video people search for him and find his stuff on the bridge assuming he jumped right? guys im not denying that he is dead and maybe this is the wrong time. they found his body. but it seems so bizarre to me. the weirdest part is, i googled if its possible to fake your own death and find this wikihow article :

"4 Decide on a death method. Suicide is probably the easiest bet. While it may be hard for loved ones to stomach, if it's obvious your "death" is a suicide, innocent people won't be accused of your "murder". Also, suicide is a more open and shut case: chances are, people will be less searching of CCTV footage and personal records etc if they know you "killed" yourself, rather than mysteriously disappearing.[3]
and guys i swear i didnt made this myself its been updated june 13 2019
he used to say there are no coincidences
but shit im not saying he faked his death its just so fucking weird!!
you know how come you go to the mental hospital and they say you are just agitated?
was he actually being himself there but acting infront of the camera?
someone said someones dad was an officer or something and saw etika on a camera putting his stuff on the bridge and leaving. i just really want to find out who that was and if thats true. oh man im going to trigger some of you for sure but please dont be offended im just saying this is confusing the hell out of me. but im just gonna leave it here in case someone has more to add to this. i first thought im in denial but everything seems so bizarre. maybe i dont know. thats why had to post this guys really dont want to disrespect anyone. pls forgive me for my stupidity if this is wrong. ill delete it if people say so ( sorry for bad english)
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2019.05.19 22:12 Space_man_jack No mam you cant have my cat

Until yesterday I never thought something like this would happen to me, but guess what, it did.
I own an eight month old Bengal cat named Jack. Being an energetic fluffy ball of energy we have learned him to walk on a leash, well as much as is possible with cats, to take him on walks. Nearby our house there is a calm public park. There aren't many people around in the morning so it is ideal to take a stroll in the morning with Jack, as he gets a little bit too much of attention to his likeling from little kids when it is busy. Which is understandable because he is a handsome mini tiger.
So me and Jack were minding our own business. When all of the sudden a screetching "can I talk to the manager" soccer mom voice sounded behind us in the distance shouting something. I decided to ignore it because I didn't think she was shouting at me, and I wanted to avoid thinking about turning around and saying 'hey' to someone who wasn't talking to me for the next 42 years of my life. Well, I was wrong, she was shouting at me.
All the sudden she was right behind me puffing as if she participated in an olympic 100 meter sprint. For the people who ever watched the simpsons and remember the twins that are Marge her sisters, she was an almost exact real life copy, including the harsh smokers voice that sounded like she has been driving ice trucks and smoking sigarettes with no filter for the last 25 years. Behind her, was a girl, no older than 5 I guess. She was hiding behind her mom, obviously not wanting to be there and very embarassed.
Me: Euh yes, can I help you.
She: What cat is that?
Me: Oh it's a Bengal cat, his name is jack.
She: It's my daughters birthday.
Me: Euh ok. Happy birthday! (The girl looked kind of confused and embarrased to be here, I am 99 procent sure, it wasn't her birthday, but ok).
She: You should give her your cat, she would love it.
Me: hahaha ( I thought she was making a joke, who would say something like that).
She: Give it to her! (she actually shouted as if she was reprimanding a kid, I was completely taken aback, at this point Jack was obviously scared and suprised as he isn't used to people shouting).
Me: euh no, bye ( and I turned around)
She just grabbed my shoulder tight and tried to spin me around.
She: GIVE IT OR YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN MY DAUGHTERS BITHDAY! (At this point her daughter was bawling her eyes out, making the mom even more angry. I am sure the girl was crying because of her mom being embarrasing and not because she couldn't have a random cat.)
Me: Back off! (I put my hand in my pocket where I had a small bottle of peperspray, because walking alone in a park makes me paranoid)
At this point she was well into my personal space and grabbed the leash and tugged it towards her, cataputling jack towards her, luckily it is a body leash and not a neck leash so he wasn't hurt. But i completely lost it. I pulled out the peperspray and just sprayed at her from like 5 cm distance (trying not to hit the kid or jack) and picked up Jack and ran with the background noise of what sounded like a screetching baboon tribe during mating season.
At this point I hope I didn't over react or that she is going to call the police. Definitly going to change parks after this though.

Updated: What I did not know at the time was that the park belonged to a non-profit, making it a non-public park in theory, but in practice everyone is allowed unless you get banned. GUESS WHAT, after emailing them and giving a rough description, they knew who it was from making a ruckuss last year and littering. She has been banned from the park, her daughter is still welcome as far as i know.

Also Jack is fine, went to the vet with him for his annual checkup a bit early and had him checked out. :D
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2019.04.14 09:49 rookiegrower My (28) fiance (25) her stalker came back and more stalkery then even before.

A guy asked to date my fiance when she was 15 (keep your pedo radar in check , he also was 15). She kindly refused and went on with her life. Ever since then he has been trying to contact her over any means of media. Since 2011...
She ignored him for years. Untill by coincidence he bumped in to her and a friend and they got talking. She told me that he seemed to have changed (i knew all about him from a while before) so she texted him over facebook..... Bad idea.... He spammed her hundreds of messages everyday and some guy called her number over 30 times a night for over 2 months (not saying g the calling was him, due to lack of proof, but I doubt she had 2 stalkers at the same time). Then not recently she started noticing he was appearing on the way from and to work. And since he lives 6 hours away by bus and he doesn't have a car , this kinda worries me....
Yesterday we heard that he has been talking to her family and friends. Saying my fiance only loves him and the only reason she isn't with him is because he is jobless and addicted to drugs.... Blablabla... (You getting to see what kind of guy I am talking about).
So then she blocked him. I contacted him and as expected he said she loved him babla la and meets up with her alot. Weirdly enough all the times he said he was with her i am 100 procent sure she wasnt. At one occasion she was inthe hospital getting surgery , and she can't fake that (as he was claiming ) ,since I was sitting next to her the entire time she wasn't being operated.... So I called him on his lie. Told him if he contacts me, my fiance or anyone we know , that we will get a lawsuit against him , and I told him he knows we have enough proof of stalking.
Today I called the guys' bigger brother . To explain the situation. He will have a family talk with him.
Tl;dr. Guy is stalking my fiance. Warned him about a possible lawsuit and spoke to his brother. Is there anything else I can do?
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2019.04.07 16:46 xdxdgo W=1 procent i love pewdiepew

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I cant't NO more
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2019.04.04 12:31 LukaBoss [REQUEST] Borderlands 2 Handsome edition on Steam

Hello gift of games!
So today i wanted to ask if anyone has borderlands 2 handsome edition for Steam. I played trough borderlands 1 when it came out, and now when i saw borderlands 3 i would love to play borderlands 2. I have heard that base game is very good, but dlcs are even better (as far as i've heard). I never actually watched borderlands 2 story and i would love to play it myself. I mainly play portal and half life, but i would love to try a looter shooter such as borderlands. Graphics aren't very important, but i think they aged well in borderland games.
What i do in my life: go to school.
One of my favourite thing in bordelands series is the humor, it's just so great. Game is curently 15 dollars with sales, which is great because without any sales its 200 dollars i think. Oh i forgot to say sorry for my bad English because i didn't learn it in school, and im currently having a hard time learning it myself. I have a great friend that also wants to play borderlands, best thimg is that u can play it split screen. I love the small procent chanses of cool guns and shields dropping. Thats all i have to say, have a great day everyone!
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2019.02.14 16:30 CaCavicious90 Family horror vacation

About six years ago, me and my sister was asked to join our parents for a family holiday to Greece. Me and my sister were at that time 19 and 23 years old. We had not been on a family vacation just us for about four years, and we kinda missed just doing something together, as a family. We always traveled with our parents and other family members when we were younger so we figured it was about time.
We were pretty excited to go to Greece, for me and my sister it was new. We had never been to Greece but our parents had been there the year before, but now a new town, and a new hotel. Usually my parents always travelled to the same hotels and the same cities, they weren't really that adventorous and prefered just traveling somewhere beautiful and calm to enjoy the beaches and food. Nothing more really. As for my sister and I we usually prefered doing more then just hang at the beach all day. But we both figured it would be cozy either way.

So, this is how our Creepy family vacation starts. We had finally arrived at the air port in Greece, travelling from Norway, which was not that long. I think it took around five with plane.
We landed early in the morning in Greece, everything was so beautiful and different from home. We were really excited. Two hours later my family and I had arrived at the hotel. It was really beautiful. We usually always travelled to nice hotels, not that my family is rich or anything like that, but they're not poor either. And we always preferred safe and secure hotels. So this looked really nice, we had seperate hotel rooms from our parents (of course) since we're all adults here. Me and my sister shared an ok sized hotel room, next door were my parents. We actually had a door in the hotelroom leading into their bedroom. But we kept it looked. (The door that were there i would be grateful for later in the story). At first my little sister was a little botherd by the doors, since she felt we didn't have enough private space seperating out two bedrooms. We didn't think much more about it. And went to sleep.
So we wake up it's day one of our vacation. I think we were there for about 13 or 14 days. And the first week or so went allright. We didn't really do much, just stayed at our hotel room, went out to the pool or beach (which was 4 minutes away, walking distance) and then we ate lunch and went back to the beach, went for a jog or a walk at the beach, there were a lot of people there, but not as many as we were used to from earlier vacations. The weather was really great and it was warm every single day. So everyday was pretty much the same, but it did'nt really get boring, me and my family always have a lot to talk about and rarely fight. Usually my paretns fight or have a couple discussions with each other but this time it was actually none, that I can remember.
So a few days later me and my sister decides to stay down in the hotel lobby, where we just sat in the sofa talking and playing a few games online on our iphones. Suddenly my sister pinches my arm, looking me straight in the eyes, there was something off about how she looked at me, I could tell she wasn't joking. She slowly moved her head to the left letting me know where to look, so I turned to her direction yet to turn back asking her "What? Was I supposed to see something..?" She nodded.. "Did you really not see.." I just turned around once more, looking a little bit confused asking "Okay, I'm confused, what do you want me to see.."? She explained with a low voice, that a man was standing around 30 meters away looking our direction, pretanding to read something but she had noticed that he not one time had flipped the page on the newspaper he was reading. Which she found very strange. She had meet his eyes and stares without him really starring away. I wasn't sure what to think, I definetly knew she wasn't lying. And there was something weird about the guy. But I did'nt really know what to say or what to think of it. It wasn't like he had done something wrong. Or said something. So I kind of brushed it off, trying to tell her he's prpbably just weird or drunk.
It wasn't even that late I actually don't think he was drunk. He just kept starring. I told her that we should go up to out hotel room, get some sleep before going to the beach tomorrow. We got up in out room, feeling a little silly and paranoid looking backwards all the time till we got up safe in our hotel room. We both grew up learning and hearing all kinds of things about humans, strangers and creepers out in the world and kind of had all that stuff inprinted to our minds. We also were really into scaring each other and horror movies. Every time we had a filmnight or were on a vacation we travelled with at least one laptop to be able to pick our own scary movies to watch. And to night was one of those nights, we both wanted to watch a movie, and decided to watch Vacancy. Which is a pretty scary movie to watch.
Usually we went for the old classics. But we decided to watch something newer. We were both a sucker for the old ones.
The Movie was now over and we were ready to go to sleep. We were both tired and promised our parents to join them at the beach early in the morning. They were always up around 7am. And we usually went down to meet them at the beach around 11 am or 12 am.
So we wake up around 7am, decides to sleep a little longer. Setting the clock to around 9 am or 10 am. We both wake up, changes into our bikinies and pack our bags. We took the elevator down to the first floor, we were staying in the fifth floor, so it didn't take long to make it down. We were both hungry and went to the small food store the hotel had on the first floor. As we enter the store we could see the creeper from last night, just standing behind some postcards, just holding on up. My sister looks at me with a big "oh, not this guy again." We both turn around and walk away, looking behind my back on last time as my eyes meets his, he smile. It's a creepy long smile.
Which really felt syperweird, I don't know why but it was like an alarm went off inside of me. My guts were definetly telling me that this guy was up to no good. I grabbed my sisters arm and told her he gave me a creepy smile. She turns aound and looks to see if he's following us. We don't see him. So we walk outside the hotel, and we leave around hotels everywhere we turn our heads, so we felt pretty safe going outside down the road and down to the beach. Pretty much families everywhere you look with kids and cars passing. Surely everyone here can't be crazy we think to outselves.

We arrive at the beach in time for lunch with out parents. They laugh and lets us know they knew we weren't be able to make it to 7 am. We didn't really laugh back. And I decided to tell my mom about the creepy guy from the other day and just now. She's a really paranoid woman, and told us to stay close to them and no longer walk alone. We borth agreed and felt much safer that way. We didn't even know if the creeper actually was a bad guy or had even followed us but we just went with out guts. It made me feel really young again, staying close to my parents like a little child. But i figured I'd rather get home safe, feeling like a child that perhaps not getting home at all.
So the day went on like the other days, nothing really happend, we went out for finner later that night than went back to the hotel lobby, then to bed.

The next day was pretty much the same. We went down in the lobby, early in the morning. The Creepy guy appaeared once again, but now with a new guy. He was a bit younger, but i could'nt tell he's age. And they were now greece or from here i figured, from the way they talked and looked. They looked like they could be from russia or Poland something. His friend was wearing some really old weird biker sunnies. Which looked rather weird, and they both had really tight shorts on. I figured the creeper was around mid or late 40s and the younger guy was in his late 20s or early 30s. As me and my sister made my parents aware of the creeper they both turned around and looked and said they looked weird. My dad didn't really say much other then, "Yeah they look a little weird, but i'm sure their just looking for some fun, or something like that." So we walked down to the beach me and my sister, while our mom was at the toilet and my dad was waiting for her, she never locks the door so he always has to wait for her. Me and my sister just decided to walk.
Suddenly the two guys were right behind us, laughing and whisteling at us. We could'nt really hear what they were saying or understand a word. They both just kept on laughing. We started to walk faster and was at the beach, we put our towels down and saw our parents walking towards us. The two guys suddenly puts both their towels and belongings right beside us, I kid you not only two or three meters away from us. This really gave us the chills, especially since there were a lot of empty spaces to lay down at the beach this particular day.
This whole situation was just odd. What the hell did they want. We never talked, we never showed any kind of interest or even smiled back. And they kept coming back or closer to us. It was obvious we weren't interested in anything they wanted.
The whole day at the beach was very weird, the entire time they kept looking at us and starring, then holding their phones up. I could swear a couple of times it was like they were trying to take photos. But they did'nt do it to obvious so we could'nt really say anything. Finally we have had enough. My mom and dad gave them a horrible stare back. Like, "don't look at out daughters." They stopped laughing and acting like teenagers and got very serious as we walked away. But we didn't care. The day passed, we didn't see them. So we slowly thought to ourselves that perhaps they got the point now, we weren't interested in anything they wanted to ask or do.
After that we had a whole day of not running into these creeps. We finally got our holiday spirit back. (Im not going to bother you with the boring beach-day story and how lovely our instagram photos looked, and have good our lunch tasted.) But we felt more calm, my dad even joked that perhaps they had left the hotel and back to their country.
Later that night after we went out to dinner. My mom felt really sick, and had to go lay down and decided to sleep early. My dad sat down with my sister and I for a few hours talking and walking around looking at the hotel and a few other hotels down the street. We decided to buy some grocerys for later, and make some good in our hotel room. My dad told us that he wanted to go and check on our mom to see if she was feeling any better, and if she wasn't he was just going to watch the tv in their room anyways. I'm pretty sure there was some fotball match he didn't wanna miss.

Me and my sister stayed down in the hotel lobby for a few more hours. We started talking to some swedish tourits. Just small talk. Suddenly the creeper appeared again, so yet again we're met with intense weird stares. My sister is usually a very outspoken person and prpbably woulden't mind asking him what he wanted or why he always was starring at us. I'm more quiet, not afraid or letting someone know how i feel. But i'm just much more quiet and calm as a person, rather than my sister. But we both kept out mouth shut. Trying to ignore the guy who always appeared.
We figured our vacation was almost over anyways so what could possibly go wrong. We weren't even alone.
He kept hiding behind a newspaper but we could easily tell he was looking and staring us down. My sister wanted to go upstairs but we were both a little hesitant to how we would play this one out, if we were to stand up and leave, would this creepy stalker guy follow us? would he just sit there and not do anything. Anyways i thought tomyself that we're at a hotel, that seems fully booked, that means people everywhere. Almost every corner of my eye I could see someone. So I said to my sisters. "Hey, it's getting late.. let's just go upstairs, and watch a movie or something." She agreed and we walked towards the elevator and entered.

The elevator was just standing still, no movement whatsoever. We decided to just walk the stairs. We were on the stairs to the third or fourth floor, when I hear the elevator opening, I got this really weird feeling. A feeling of fear I had never experienced, and i've experienced a lot of fear in my life. But this was something totally different.
I saw the creeper standing still in the elevator. I recognized his clothes, i didn't see his face. Just the shape of his skull or arm, and a shadow. He was wearing a hawaiian shirt and some oversized shorts. This is the really creepypart, instead of walking outside where his elevator had stopped the man just stood there. Me and my sister both froze. Like do we run, do we wait and see if he enters here, what the hell do we do.
He pokes his head out, looking towards the stairs. Before he could even meet my scared look, Me and my sister ran upstairs and kept running not looking behind us. My sister tells me while running that she think she saw him running after us. We finally arrive outside our hotel room. opening it and shutting it as fast as we could. Before I entered the room, i made sure just to stop and look if the man was after us, i swear once we arrived at the fifth floor, were we were staying not once did i see the man, or hear anyone. So it would pretty much be impossible for him to see which door was ours. It must have been at least 20 different rooms on the fifth floor.
My sister was at this point very scared and not sure what to think about that had just happend. I made sure to tell her he did not see where we had entered. At this point I was just grateful that we weren't completely alone, my parents were sleeping only a door away. My sister and I stayed up and talked for a while, agreed to not wake our parents up until the next day and letting them know what just happend.
We decided to sleep and not think any further into it. This was much easier said then done. Well I must have been aound 3 in the morning when we're woken up to a knock on the door. We both stare at each other, terrorized to what just happend. And which door to look at. We were a hundred procent sure that the knock weren't coming from our mom and dad's door.
And there was no way my dad or mum would have left without telling us, then knock at our door 3 in the morning. They would have entered the door from their room to ours. So this is definitely the most scary part of story so far. Suddenly I hear a second knock, i'm completely shattered and beyond able to move from the bed. Looking directly over at my sister as she sits still and awaits for another knock. I'm not sure if i heard any sounds outside the door, neither did i want to hear any or walk any closer to the door. We both just sat still. I looked my sister in the eye telling here "I'm not opening the door, and neither are you.
I think we have to wake up dad now. I can't do this anymore." She nods and as we slowly moves towards the door were my parents sleep, I can hear a final knock a little louder then before, and suddenly i could hear my dad's voice. He had gotten out of his bed and opened the front door to his hotel room, where he looked at the creeper who stood outside me and my sisters hotel room. I was completely in shock, I can't even remember what he said or what my mom did or if she was still asleep. I can only remember what they told me and that i could she the man's shadow while talking to my dad in his boxers.
I didn't even want to see him or hear why he was knocking at out door at 3 in the morning. And how he knew were we stayed. I've never been so frustrated and scared in my entire life. I remember my dad talking to him, a very short conversation before shutting the door. And presumably the creeper left us and went somewhere faaar away.
My dad told me and my sister that he could easily see that when he opened it was in fact the creeper, and how shocked the man was to see my dad standing in front of him instead of me or my sister, it was like he wasn't expecting that at all or even had a backup story for why he was following us, and knocking at our door.
I think my dad said with an angry loud voice, with he's bad Norwegian-english "Why are you following my daughters and knocking at the door at this time..what could you possibly want..?" The man was just standing there, taking a few steps back.. from my dad and starring down in the floor, looking away and never actually looking my dad in the eyes.. just answering with his really poor english "I dont' know, maybe wrong door, just mumbling on and on about the door and knocking but not a single word he said made any sense, he could't even finish he's sentence properly."

We all went to bed, just exhausted and tired. Just ready to go home and let this nightmare be over.
We kept the doors inbetween open the entire night. Next day we went down in the hotel lobby, talking with the hotel manager about what had happend. My parents were very angry and frustrated to have he knew our hotel room. The hotel staff looked really weird at each other and didn't really talk much. They simply apologized and made sure this woulden't happend again and that they would try to find out who the man was.

My mom started rambling on and on about human trafficking and all the stories she's heard, read, seen on tv. We were all thinking what the hell is this place. The staff didn't really seem surprised or scared at all. It was like this was something that happend a lot.
The next day, with no encounters with the creeper we arrive at the hotel finished at the beach for the day, security guards at the hotel is holding the creeper in his arm throwing him out the hotel. We could'nt hear what they were saying we just stood there, watching as he was thrown out. And far away from us.
We went straight up down to the front desk at the reception asking what jsut happend, they gave us a very simple explanation of what had just occured. "Well, you see, we're really sorry to inform you but the man never booked in or stayed at our hotel, he was never a guest in out hotel or any hotels closeby." They simply had no idea how he had gotten into the hotel, and how he was able to come and go as he pleased.
The woman in at the desk talked with a calming voice letting us know it was all taken care of now, we should be able to enjoy or final days and have a good vacation. We were all in shock and freaked out, What the hell was this guys intension. One thing we were all certain of, whas that this man.. wasn't up to any good. And What could have happend if we were there alone, just two girls...
The scary part was, a day after arriving home, I got a strange text on my phone from a foreign unknown number telling me, that they missed me and my sister or wondered how we were and that he coulden't get us out of his mind. And how he hoped he would meet ut again, he also wrote something like " From hotel guy:) or Sincerley, Mr Crete (Since my family and i had vacationed in Crete, Greece.
I was obviousley terrified and scared shitless. I was at my parents home, and I remember reading it taking a screenshot, before running down the stairs to my parents showing them the text.
They were all shocked told me to block the number, and It didn't take long before I got a text from one of my friends letting me know that It was only her that had sent the message, to mess with my mind. I was pretty upset but eventually I laughed at it. Luckily I never ever heard anything from the guy, and hopefully he never got my number.
After this episode, I must admit travelling all over isn't really something i MUST to do anymore. I really wanted to travel to new places and experience new cultures and see the world. But there's so many things in this world that want to harm you and scare you, one thing i'm very sure of is that, never ever will I travel alone to a foreign country. I'm even scared and a little paranoid taking the train out of town in my own country.

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