Im en dam meme

r/chinesetourists very angry at Chinese tourists

2020.12.03 02:18 xXNoobMaster123Xx r/chinesetourists very angry at Chinese tourists

*If you don’t know, the 3 gorges dam, if broken could kill millions. 400 million live near the river. *
screenshot if content gets removed
Same comment left by the person who said “NUKES NUKES NUKES”
I've hated China since I was a kid and learned about their fucking wretched, demented, overly self absorbed and outright fucking evil “”dog meat festival”” WARNING, links contain images of dogs being boiled alive. Since then I’ve only been further convinced that I could absolutely not care less if everyone in that whole fucking country burned to the ground. Like they had a suck our leaders dick parade day, and winnie the poohs float exploded, setting literally everyone on fire... I would relish that news. Theres a lot of diverse nature there, but the humans who comprise that fuckin cesspool can all go have an antifreeze chugging contest for all I fucking care. Fuck them. Fucking commie, pussy, trashy, shallow, weak, retarded fuckin chinks. Fuck em. Fuck em all. They’re shit. A Chinese origin person born and raised anywhere but gestapoland... You’re cool. Chinese people born and raised in china are trash more often than not though if im being honest. Theyre a product of their culture, sure. So are traditional muslim men in the middle east... I would still gladly execute any number of either one given the opportunity. A sideways bullshit culture is no excuse for their evil and selfishness. Bullets and bombs are the cure such a plague imo... trouble is they have to be used with discretion and for humanitarian reasons, not profit. Unfortunately for everyone thats not the world we live in at the moment. Edit because I go overboard when im drinking and not everyone gets my kind of humor. For the record though, no. I would not and do not want to personally commit a whole genocide. Edit 2: because so many people are stupid enough to need the first edit. I was having fun and im not a professional comedian, obviously. Im not deleting it and im done explaining a vague and arguably bad joke over and over. Fuck off.
I think every country is enjoying a break from the locusts.
Cries in Vancouver
If the sea just takes over China, that would be good.
As always, Chinese proving to be the plague of the earth.
FILTH. Pure and utter FILTH. Thankfully Covid has spared the world from them for the last few months.
"I like eating cats"
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2020.05.24 22:39 call_the_ambulance Ambulance Rule: Every Left-Wing Position Except Class Struggle Eventually Becomes a Right-Wing Talking Point

This is for everyone who has had “Don’t you believe in international cooperation?” or “Don’t you believe in reducing poverty in developing countries” screeched at them by TPP-loving neoliberals.
Let’s start:


The ‘Rapefugee’/ Scary Muslims Strategy
The Thatcher Strategy
‘Western Women Have It Good’
‘Gender equality means mens’ rights’ or The ‘No U’
Decontextualised used of language about consent

LGBTQ advocacy

Straight Pride - another variant of the conservative ‘no u’ strategy


Slaving Muslims
‘Western Blacks have it better’
‘No u’/ Reverse Racism

Climate activism

Anti-statism and Human Rights

Even... Welfare?


It seems almost all Left-Wing Positions can be re-appropriated as Right-Wing talking points through 5 strategies:
  1. West is Best'’: the idea that women and minorities are treated better in the West than anywhere else, and that the West is better at fixing issues that Left-Wingers care about. Therefore people should support the West.
  2. ‘Scary Muslims’: the idea that the Enemy (usually non-Western countries or ideologies) treat women and minorities in horrible ways, and that they are worse than the West when it comes to fixing issues Left-Wingers care about. Therefore people should rally behind the West to fight the Rest.
  3. No U’: impliedly denying the existence of asymmetry between powerful and powerless groups, and therefore showing that attempts to protect/ support/ aid powerless groups are hypocritical at best, and genocidal at worst.
  4. Dude! Let Me In!’: abstractedly cherry-picking themes like ‘consent’, stripping away the original material context, and applying it to a new material context
  5. The Thatcher: paying lip service to identity politics through female CEOs and gay war criminals, because appearance is more important than reality
These strategy hit the hardest because leftists (and people generally) haven’t really thought about how their arguments could be used against them this way. I believe these are the types of strategies help start peeling away centre-left people as they age, turning them into faithful conservatives by the time they hit middle-age.
It’s important for leftists to get to grips with one thing: the Right Wing, at its core, doesn’t actually care about any of these Culture War issues. Conservatism was first anti-abolition, and when that became unfashionable, they were anti-decolonisation. Then anti-Civil Rights. Then anti-feminism and anti-gay. Then anti-immigration and anti-Europe. The Right will keep on evolving, and it’s not unimaginable that they can move past their current prejudices too (as is happening now with Climate and Welfare).
What they cannot evolve past is the only position that the Right Wing has constantly held without fail: pro-privilege. They can move past any issue and absorb it into itself, so long as it’s done in a way that lets them keep the dominant political-economic systems and structures in place. That’s why these strategies either encourage opponents to support Western capitalist institutions (West is Best, Scary Muslims) or strip their critique of their material contexts (No U, Dude Let Me In, and The Thatcher).
Solution: Ideological Discipline
To stop yourself from devolving into a foaming Daily Mail reader by the time you hit the 40s, you need to remind yourself, frequently, that your struggle is primarily about Class. While this shouldn’t lead you to ignore Gender, Race, and other injustices/inequalities, these issues should be understood through the lens of ‘intersectionality’, and as constituent parts of an overarching critique of the destructiveness of capitalism. That is the only way to ensure your positions will not be carved away and co-opted by the Right one by one.
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2020.05.18 08:32 birdsy-purplefish Thomas Silhouette Will Return (And Other Predictions)

[Part 2 is here.]
Hello! I've been really excited about RE-ANIMATOR so I've found myself getting really into EE again.
Before I start, I want to point out that there are going to be SPOILERS if my guesses are correct. So if you're super picky about that stuff, you probably should stop reading.
I've been listening to some of the older stuff and I've found myself thinking a lot about how the two new songs relate to older material. I think everybody noticed the giant dead fox with tiny humans on it from Tin (The Manhole) and the cover of Man Alive in the video for In Birdsong and I remember that over the years I've seen a few interviews where Jon mentions wanting to bring back characters from older songs. Specifically, someone in an At The Border fan Q&A asked if the fox would return and he said that he thinks about the fox and Qwerty a lot, but that he would wait a while before bringing them back. He said he had "some ideas about a (hidden) character from GTH though, he still has a lot to say."
Of course, the hidden character we know from Get To Heaven is Thomas Silhouette, someone who we were never quite sure we had figured out. I'll try to summarize what we know about him briefly! It's not in chronological order but hopefully it's coherent:
---Thomas Silhouette---
“The song talks about seasons passing and getting older, so we wanted to concentrate on the sun and make it into a kind of oppressive force – positive and life-giving, but also burning and destructive.
“We used ultra-violet and infra-red cameras to get a look at the sun damage on our skin, and give everything an alien look. We shot in a quarry so we could have a clear horizon and a dry, hot, desert scene.
“Most of the sun effects were completed afterwards because we picked a rainy day to shoot, though we did spray everything silver in order to get some good light reflections and add to the heatproof/astronaut feel.”
The sun is so hot that it "mutilates" skin. They pointed out that the narrator in Fortune 500 is killing the queen by trepanning her. Surely drilling a hole in somebody's head counts as mutilation! Another person pointed out that this narrator is hot with rage.
Q: How do you feel knowing that there are people who listen to your songs literally hundreds of times and analyse them and are so obsessed with you/your art?
A: I think it’s awesome! It feels amazing, especially because it’s what I used to do myself. I put in lots of hidden things for the people that do this. For example, there is a name that is hidden in Get to Heaven, it’s a male name, first and surname. So far one person has discovered it that I’m aware of. I’ve got plans to expand this particular thing in the future.
The only anagram we can get that fits that is "Thomas Silhouette"
Q: Does Thomas Silhouette represent anyone or anything in particular? is he the politician/martythe man that is going to commit a terrible act on Get To Heaven?
A: You’re very close yes, the name itself has meaning too.
I hadn't seen anyone tackle this just yet, so I gave it a go. It turns out that the meaning of the name "Thomas" is "Twin". One of Fortune 500's standout lyrics--which shares a cadence with the anagram--is "my twin, my twin, my dragon twin goes hard". What's a dragon twin? EE said it's "a secret, awesome, terrifying version of yourself." "Silhouette" has meaning and implications to it too. A silhouette is, of course, a likeness of a person created by tracing their shadow in profile. It's then cut out on dark paper and pasted onto light paper or colored-in black on a white background. Apparently they were very popular but were also joked about as being a really cheap type of portrait. They were a way that you could get a portrait done without being particularly rich or powerful.
So... that's what we know about our boy T-Sil!
---Here's what I'm guessing about him---
"I'm not resolutely patriotic, I'm not into the general narrative of the West. I'm quite 'anti-West' in a lot of ways, and I do sympathise with some - some - of the things that people would never even consider. That's not at all to say I agree with any of the awful, awful shit, however. I'm certainly closer to that stance than a lot of people... but talking about these things and understanding them is important, as opposed to putting them in a box and throwing them away; that's a way to perpetuate the problems in the world, and, as stupid as it sounds, I feel far too bold to be doing that."
"[No Reptiles is] written as if I'm rejected from society just about to do something awful. I wrote that at a time when I was feeling quite separate from, even against, society as a whole. I was feeling quite hateful towards my own country and my own place in the world, and feeling like I didn't really like Britain or what it stands for. I don't necessarily feel like that all the time, but I do sometimes."
And :
"I was essentially trying to inhabit the minds of the [extremists] that do this stuff and saying 'could I ever do it myself?' And the answer is yes, maybe I could. And that's a really horrible thing to face."
---Speculation about RE-ANIMATOR---

This is where there are probably gonna be SPOILERS! ...If I'm right.

From what we've been hearing about RE-ANIMATOR so far, it's gonna be about a concept in psychology called Bicameralism. The press releases for In Birdsong and Arch Enemy are pretty clear about it. Here's what we know about that bicameralism & LP5:
“I’ve been working with a big concept in mind that I’m trying to translate into music but it’s not very musical of a concept but it’s really sort of proggy and ridiculous.”
“Not as political in terms of that but it’s probably more out there in terms of concepts. But I don’t want to say what it is which is why I’m being cagey. But it’s going to kind of tie in--I think, I hope--to one of our previous albums."
“I’m just going back to the good one, mate!” (Context: talking about Get To Heaven. Said jokingly, in case that's not obvious.)
“We’ve got lots of songs so far, lyrically it’s coming along, there’s a big concept like I said, it’s sort of based on something that I read recently. Or heard about. It was a podcast, actually.”
The podcast is Stuff To Blow Your Mind and the episodes are Bicameralism are Part 1: The Voice of God and Part 2: The Silent Pantheon. I think part 1 is pretty skippable if you already understand the overall concept.
That ties in perfectly with what Jon told Annie Mac about the narrator of Arch Enemy!
"It’s sort of about hearing voices in your head. I’ve got this big thing I’m interested in at the moment about this crazy theory where we used to have 2 halves of our mind back in the caveman days & then we became conscious so there’s kind of a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking about that."
Annie asked if the fatberg ends up rising and purging the Earth. Jon says "It’s sort of a question mark. The guy might be crazy, it might all be in his head."
There's also an older association with schizophrenia, hallucinations, madness, etc. with the supernatural and divine in older societies. The podcasters mention that when they think of this, they think of fictional worlds like Game Of Thrones where only a few people speak to gods or have access to magical powers. You know what that makes me think of? "Babe, they call me the medicine man / But my old spells don’t work anymore". But the true clincher is that NME quotes Jon as saying that "'Arch Enemy’ sees a modern-day protagonist searching for a meaningful God".
Another supposed connection to schizophrenia is Jaynes' claim that the humans of the past often wrote about body parts like hands and feet as if they were separate beings that moved of their own volition and not a part of the person they belong to. He claims that schizophrenics often have trouble drawing an intact human figure and have body boundary issues. You see where I'm going with this? It's kind of a stretch but "isolate the mouths" sure ties in with that neatly, doesn't it?
"This song is sort of about hearing a voice in your head, but this guy goes to find the voice & all he finds is a fatberg in the sewer & he starts praying to it & he sort of makes it into a god & it’s sort of a metaphor for like all the greed & waste & all the nasty stuff that we throw down the plughole & forget about & all the ways we kind of screw up the world & don’t care about it. It’s kind of grown into this big evil force in the underground, this huge fatberg which is kind of alive. And he’s praying to it saying ‘come back & purge the Earth of all these people that ruined everything & cover everything in a big wall of fat.'”
It's the same kind of misanthropy that could lead someone to terrorism if it got extreme enough. This incarnation of Thomas Silhouette isn't hearing commands to assassinate anyone, instead he's the one begging--and almost sort of giving commands to--his hallucinated god to just wipe the slate clean & start over. Fatberg is pretty Old Testament.
"Some scholars claimed that the comeback of bicameral minds started as early as the WWII when Nazis were trying to justify their crimes by referring to the point that they just fulfilled orders given by somebody else. Scholars argued that conscious humans couldn’t under any circumstances commit such unparalleled crimes against humanity as Nazis did. The Bicameral Mind theory explained it all. It explained also the rise of suicide terrorist attacks. A bicameral mind doesn’t reason. It takes any order from voices for granted and fulfills it without questioning or hesitation. It has no self to question or hesitate."
That takes us back to the "peer pressure" interpretation of Fortune 500 and Thomas Silhouette as a terrorist. Back to the repeated cult imagery all over Get To Heaven. And obviously, back to A Fever Dream! The whole thing is about how fascism is making a comeback and the comparisons to Nazis are not subtle at all.
Aside from greed, one of Jon's most frequent complaints in songs is anti-intellectualism and people not thinking for themselves. As well as people not learning from history! He's rightfully terrified by all of this stuff that's happening now. He laughs at it too of course but in the more vulnerable moments on AFD there's this crushing sense of fear and grief. It's almost like you're watching him mourn the death of the last little shred of faith he had in humanity.
I remember an interview where Jon said that he had had an idea for A Fever Dream's look would be for the band's look to go full alt-right:
“I always want things to be really extreme and the guys always talk me out of it,” he says. “I literally posed the idea of us dressing as far-right twats for this record, going, ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’, all shave our heads,” he chuckles. “Left to my own devices I’d push the satire so far that people wouldn’t be able to see what the real message was.
Luckily the rest of the band talked him out of it (and I'm glad! These neo-fascists try to play everything they do off as a joke and they have no sense of irony whatsoever). Jon has shaved his head now, which he claimed in the Instagram interview was just something he's wanted to do for a while. His tone seemed sincere when he said it. BUT... when I first saw the cover for RE-ANIMATOR I couldn't help but feel that the way the boys are arranged looks a little bit like... a certain symbol. The swastika is a basic geometric pattern and that's why you can find it in ancient art from all over the world, but let's get real: Nazis ruined it. I think the cover art is as subtle a nod to the design as you can get without scaring people. Or worse: actually attracting Nazis!
This ties in with another thing Jon said on Radio One:
...the idea of being a divided person or having two sides of your personality is something I’ve kind of touched on before on other records, of having like your dark side & your light side, things like that. And just having relationships in your life. How you have self will & things like that. How you decide what you’re going to do w/yourself or whether you follow your own path or other people."
---So basically....---
...This post has gotten out of control and I'm now past a reasonable bedtime! But the TLDR version is that Thomas Silhouette is Jon's dark side, he's coming back, and that the concept of the bicameral mind is going to be explored largely through him. We're going to see sides of him we already saw on GTH become integrated with the nightmarish new world of AFD. And I think--and hope--we're going to see him heal this split within himself. EE albums have a tendency to rip open the wounds but they always gently place a bandage on them afterwards.
Anyway... feel free to tell me what you think! I hope I didn't, like, spoil the album if I'm right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I also hope that I'm at least not completely wrong!
--------------------- UPDATE, 5/19 ---------------------
I edited this a little bit for clarity, but I'd like to add a few things. Because, you know, this thing wasn't long enough obviously!

"What’s in the rucksack, Jon?".
u/FelixJ20000 noted that Magnetophone was the b-side to Regret & is rooted in the same subject matter, which I'm thinking means that we can very safely assume that it was written along with the rest of GTH. I humbly submit that this song fucking slaps, and I kind of get the feeling that there's a correlation here between how unfinished it sounds and how completely hamfisted it would be to have the terrorist share a name with the lead singer instead of giving him a mysterious psuedonym like "Thomas Silhouette". XD

I wanted to somehow insert this evolutionary psychology into a song because I felt so in awe of the idea. I found a deep sense of wonder at its core, about life and the world. It applies to songs about love, sex, life, death and humanity – the things I’ve always written about."

--------------- UPDATE 7/28/2020, And of course that's an American date format, dudes. ---------------
  1. I'm extremely relieved to see that the stuff about fascism will not be making a comeback. Sometimes being wrong is good!
  2. Planets was pretty cool, huh? I liked that monkey.
-------------------- UPDATE 8/23/2020 --------------------------------
We got another hint! In a interview, Jon talks about the bicameral mind idea & mentions "the feeling that two different personalities are dueling each other deep inside".
----------UPDATE: 9/7/20----------
Part 2.
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2018.10.01 06:31 EvaBee Top Daily Posts for September 30, 2018:

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2018.05.25 23:10 DontWeDoItInTheRoad BEATles copypastas (spread these within and without reddit like a thick disease)

🤔 Does Donald J Trump want to eat Paul McCartney's ass?

for some weird reason ( im not gay) the image it stuck in my mind when I saw Paul back in 1992 from a really short distance was that of his huge ass. for years I thought well maybe being squezzed as I was at the time by the crowd in the stadium it messed up my vision a little bit. and now decades later I come across this video and theres a picture of him I have never seen before and is no other than the one at 00:55 showing the big weird looking ass I saw ages ago. I said to people at the time !Paul has a huge fat ass! and they all would say naaa you tripping, dude kind of skinny man! well glad to see the evidence then after all this years. I wasnt tripping AT ALL!

Yellow Submarine Trailer

Nothing is real. The Beatles, Yellow Submarine. Aaaah, look at all the lonely people. Aaaah look at all the lonely people. Artwork. Photography. Landscapes painted with Beatles sounds. Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies. We all live in a yellow submarine. The yellow submarine. The forces of good. The Beatles. The Boob. I must complete my bust. Two novels, finished by blueprint. Begin my beguine. Hey Jeremy, must you always talk in rhyme? If I spoke prose, you’d all find out. I don’t know what I talk about. He’s a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land. The forces of evil. Robin, the butterfly stomper. Snapping Turtle Turks. The Apple Bonkers. The terrible Flying Glove. The arch villain, the Blue Meanie. You could pass for the originals. We are the originals. We’re Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, we hope you will enjoy the show! Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, sit back and let the evening go! Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! All you need is love, love! Love is all you need. It’s all in the mind you know. Hey! Look at John, will ya? What’s the matter, John love? Blue Meanies? Newer and bluer Meanies have been sighted within the vicinity of this theater! There’s only one way to go out. How’s that? Singing! One! Two! Three! Four! We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine.

John's Abuse Joked

Idk... but a lot of the jokes being made about Lennon’s abuse both on here and on Instagram really annoy me. I mean, he was going through a rough time... and it wasn’t like it was EXTREMELY severe. He was drunk, high or both a lot of the time. I’m not condoning this, heck, abuse of any kind is one of the worst things to happen to anyone, and I feel bad for Cynthia...
But I feel like it’s wrong and disrespectful to keep either joking about the abuse, or demonizing John for it. That’s just my view. Does anyone agree?

Finna S U C C John's D I C C A Bit More

This again? John was a complex person. Anyone can be an abusive violent asshole. But John acknowledged his dark side in public and fought from then only to be a better human being and spread the message of love and peace.
So what is the point of this post? To say to everyone that we are are forever trapped in the prison of our genes and upbringing and no attempts that we make to better ourselves will ever count?

Creepypasta: Run For Your Life

Imagine you're yourself just listening to the Beatles, you're listening to Rubber Soul, you love that album, it's your favorite and you love all the songs on them...almost all of them. Run for your life is a song that John Lennon says he regrets writing, some say it's because it was about abuse (which is BS because he loved to beat his waifu), but rumor has it that the song is cursed, and knowing this, you avoid listening to it, only occasionally accidentally hearing the first few chords. The odd thing is sometimes when you accidentally hear them and then stop the album, you can hear something in the distance , it sounds something like slapping, but you aren't sure.
One day, you're outside, enjoying the summer sun with your phone playing your favorite album while reading your favorite book, you feel relaxed, suddenly, a neighbor comes over (she's a sweet old lady, she talks about her grandchildren and she goes on about how one of them is now graduating high school or something) then while talking, you didn't notice till it started, the song started playing, Run for your life. The song made the lady nervous, when it was almost done, she said she had to go, she waddled away as fast as her wrinkles could carry her.
When she's gone, you hear that slapping sound, it's quiet at first, but grows loud as the seconds tic on, they sound like they're behind you, you turn behind you, you see a blurry thing in the trees behind you, seemingly moving forward. You're scared but look at it was it reveals itself as it comes out of the trees, and bushes, it's a creature that you thought was only a legend, it was an absolute madman. You wanted to scream as it seemingly glides across the grass toward you, holding a poorly drawn knife and blooding coming out of his eyes and him singing "imagine" but in a deep pitch. You're so scared, when you finally scream, it's too late and he kills you like he did to Paul in 6619.
How do I know this happened to you? Because I am you, you're dead, I am dead, you're in Hell, I'm in hell, I'm typing this from my computer in my demon apartment (expensive rent by nice view :/ ). I'm also from the future, But you're in the past, The Beatles are in hell, too, all of them except Rigno, physically, his soul is in hell, but his body is still alive for some reason.
You also need to know this, read the first word of every paragraph, and don't look in front of you.

Creepypasta: I Saw Paul

October 8th, 2013, Wednesday Morning
On one sunny day, I was minding my own business having my cup of coffee. (As always) and going outside to get some air. As I was stepping outside I've noticed a blank DVD on my porch steps. The case had nothing on it but mild blood stains. I quickly brought it inside to watch it. As I was starting it up, my computer keyboard went haywire and kept on clicking the Tab button. Nevertheless I thought it glitched out. (Due to the fact that my computer is a Windows Vista.)
The DVD loaded up, and the opening was quite disturbing. It was a figure of John Lennon from a distance stabbing someone on the floor in a dark hall way, with only tiny little beams of light shining. My mind was racing with a whole bunch of question. "Did The Beatles really do this?" "Is that John Lennon?". As John was stabbing that person his song Imagine was playing in the background. I was quite shock of this!
But the song didn't play normally... Instead it had a much slower tempo to it, and John Lennon was saying "Imagine there's no Paul, it's easy if you try." I only guessed one thing, it's Paul McCartney he was stabbing! But why? Why would he kill his own bandmate? I continued to watch it. After John finished stabbing that person, the camera got closer to the body. When the camera made its way to the body, it showed Paul McCartney with his eyes removed, nose sliced off, and blood coming out throw his mouth. The sight of that made me lose my appetite!
Then after that, The scene continues with John Lennon in a dark room repeating, "Turn me on, dead man" and, "I WILL bury Paul" as John was saying that, he was sharping his knife. Until a gentle knock came on the door. It looked like it was George Harrison. This person said, "John, wheres Paul?" John Lennon simply replied with, "Imagine there's no Paul. It's easy if you try..." George knew that John went off the deep end.
But he said in a louder tone, "WHY JOHN??!!! WHY??!!!" The screen went black. I wasn't sure if it was my computer or the DVD. Anyways, the screen was flashing like if someone was flicking the bathroom lights on you. I paused as quick as I can to see who was under all those lights. After all those unsuccessful attempts, I finally got it. Under all those lights, George was on the floor dead.
The scene then continued to an abandoned city. It showed Ringo Starr, on a small rock, with a noose tied up, and it showed Ringo's hand grabbing it. The screen went black and twisted voice screaming was heard. I felt like vomiting! I've not heard something that demonic since watching The Exorcist. The screen stayed black for about 20 seconds, and during does 20 seconds was the sound of female fans crying.
And by that time, I couldn't take it anymore. So, I took the DVD out, and brought it to dump.
October 9th, 2013, Wednesday Morning
I got up this morning, went on my newly updated computer. (Windows 8) and saw the news. Paul McCartney Was Killed! It said that he was stabbed to death. isn't it ironic?

I Actually Really Like Yellow Submarine Side 2

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Yellow Submarine Side 2. The Lyrics Are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of music theory most of the themes will go over a typical listener’s head. There’s also Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these lyrics, to realise that they’re not just catchy- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Yellow Submarine Side 2 truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the genius in "Yellow Submarine in Pepperland”, which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Faul’s genius wit unfolds itself on their AudioLaserdisc™ player. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂
And yes, by the way, i DO have a Yellow Submarine Side 2 tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

"People" Just Can't Grasp The Genius Of The Beatles

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand The Beatles. The lyrics are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical instrumentation most of the notes will go over a typical listener’s head. There’s also John’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his songwriting- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these songs, to realize that they’re not just catchy- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike The Beatles truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the beauty in Paul’s existential track “Why Don't We Do It In The Road,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as The Beatles’ genius wit unfolds itself on their speakers. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂
And yes, by the way, I DO have an Abbey Road tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

stoP WitH The mEmes thIs Is StarTing to trUn tO i junK i wAnt BeAtLe ConvErsaTiOns And nEwS noT MeMes

I'vE beEn a luRkEr fOr The BeAtLes SuBrEdDit For A yeAr Now, I've seeN tHe bLeSsEd AnD tHe damMed. ReMembEr tHe FrAnk CrIsp DrAma? WEll What goEs on noW iS 20x woRsE tHat. I gO on tHis SubReDdIt to LoOk for gOoD, mEaNinGful aNd wEll WritTen diScUssIons and posTs bUt WhAt to I Get? Crap mEmeS WitH Crap pUncHliNes AcCompAnieD wItH Crap piCturEs. We gEt iT You DoN'T LikE YOko, nO onE cAres. No onE evEr tRiEs tO evEn sTarT A diScUsSioN As Well, wE'Ve BeComE Num WitH aLl ThiS shIt tHaT wE jUsT LeT iT crAwl oVeR us likE rAtS In SeweR. ThiS shIt cOmeDy Has To stoP or thIs sub iS jUst GoNnA to be ForGottEn aboUt wItH a yeaR. I wanT thIs suB To bE A PlaCe WheRe faNs Can DisCuSs tOpIcS FreEly and nOt bE dRonEd OuT by all tHis baD, sOme hOw, poPuLar MemEs. So plEase, hEaR mE Out On thIs One.

"Based On The Interactions I've Had With The Mods Here, They Are Very Pro-Free Speech"

I've remained mostly silent about this, but yeah I agree. Some of the memes are funny, most of them are not. Like yeah, I get that picture of John looking like a cowboy made of denim is goofy, but it's not as funny to us regulars who've been on the sub for years and have seen this picture dozens of times.
The problem is, we have a large population of younger Beatles fans, and if there's anything I know about people my age, we love memes. I don't have problems when they're well done, but some people think that the shittier your shitpost is, the funnier it is, when that's really not the case.
On the other side, a lot of suggestions that I hear when people talk about this is to either ban them or move them to another sub. I don't believe that either of these are the right solution at all. Banning them is really silly and based on the interactions I've had with the mods here, they are very pro-free speech. For instance, there was a large influx of Paul is Dead nuts posting here one time and I asked the mods if they had considered banning posts related to the conspiracy theory similar to /Nirvana did with conspiracy theories around Kurt Cobain's death. Their response was that even if the posts are low quality or factually incorrect, they should still have the right to be able to post them.
My suggestion is this: downvote them. That's all you gotta do. If the people of this sub truly think that these memes are irrelevant to our sub, then downvote it. You guys don't seem to have a problem downvoting me when I give opinions that you don't agree with, why can't you downvote a low effort meme? "

Regarding Memes

Hello all!
I'm going to keep it short and sweet. /Beatles has always aimed to be a place for all kinds of beatles fans. Those interested in trivia, photos, jokes, videos and, of course, memes.
It's important to note that we are in no way against memes and try not to censor content at all, memes are one of reddit's main assets after all. However, recently there seems to have been a surge of them and we've seen many of your responses - either in messages to the moderators or as responses to posts.
As a result we have temporarily cracked down on the memes, primarily the repetitive 'madman' ones. This is not a permanent solution and we will not be removing all of them, but enough so that the sub doesn't seem so filled up with them.
Please post your opinions on the situation and how we could possibly take care of it in the comments, we want this to be a place for all beatlemaniacs.
-The /Beatles Mods

Can Someone Please Explain...

Could someone please explain this subreddit to me? I only came across it yesterday when I made my second reddit account (this one).
Is it a club of John-haters?

Why Ringo Starr Is A Reptillian Space Wizard Sent Here To Take Over Our Government

hello my sweet lords, u/stefanristic02 back at you again with another sick post about the johnlennonbeat-les. before i begin the post, dont forget to mod me, and smash that upvote button. lets see if we can get to 2 upvotes.
all right now im going to teach you a lesson about the buzzles. in 1966 paul mccartney was unfortunately ran over, replaced by "faul" mccartney. however, what people havent considered is why he was ran over. some think it was an accident, but it wasn't. the moon landing was an accident , but paul's death wasn't.
It was actually done by the lizardpeople in the white house to distract the world from the real scandal - ringo starr is a reptilian space wizard. of course the battles were aware of this, and the clues are everywhere. ringo is wearing a human flesh suit, and is actually only the size of a hamster. he hides in ringos nose, controlling him, which is why his nose is so big. He named himself Ringo Starr becayse he had ringworm at the time and he came from the starrs
the lizardpeople in the white house were turned into lizards by ringo because he is a space wizard and is magical. he says peace and love a lot because that's a code, as it is an acronym for People Engineer A Cheeky Electrical Accident Near Devon - Lots Of Veal Eaten. this has a clear meaning - humanity can only create faults and mistakes, and eat veal. this is why ringo does not eat veal - he is not a human.
ringo joined the beatles because he promised jim lenin a lifetime supply of strawberry callipos if he could play the drums. jimmy accepted the agreement and was famously very happy with his callipos, and wrote many songs about them. for example, penny lane was actually written to mock the working class, who had to work hard and pay for callipos, while johnny got his own private stash. however, he eventually regretted the agreement - he had beaten his wife so much that he was rather skilled at the drums now.
cheeky ringo
anyway, the other bootles were rather cross with him joining, and wrote many songs hinting it. the song it won't be long was about how it won't be long until ringo took over the world. i'll follow the sun was referencing ringos space ship. I want to be your man was Ringo desperately trying to prove that he is a man. Lovely Rita was actually the space leader. Yesterday was about how faul's girlfriend was probed. john also farted lol.
there are plenty more examples, but ringworm was never caught
until now.
But it goes so much further. ringo not only staged a coup, he also controls everything. literally everything. he is in every atom. proof? Here it is.
Ringos surname is Starr. Starr fish are in the sea. What else is in the sea? Octopi. Octopi release ink when agitated. Ink is used in fountain pens. Fountains are used in parks all the time - parks are a big source of grass to fight global warming - globes don't exist because the earth is flat - tires get flat - that means you can't travel easily - people travel across the world in planes - planes are used by the military - the military use planes to drop bombs - what type of bombs? ATOM BOMBS. ATOM BOMBS DROP ATOMS.
Alright thanks for watching guys, don't forget to make me mod, follow on Instagram and Twitter, don't forget to swipe right on tinder, like my Snapchat page, link in my linkedin, pin my Pinterest, subscribe to my newsletter, buy my book, listen to my Spotify playlist and have a very pleasant day.
Little babies and old fucks are probably familiar with the Beatles, the fab four from Manchester who created songs for a the first generation of Beliebers to listen to. "Just harmless pop music" I hear you say. THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG YOU FUCKING MANSPLAINING SHITHEAD! You'd have to be doing a STEM subject, a trade, or special ed not to notice some of their problematic lyrics and images in their records. Some people like my fucking straight white cis male grandpa (glad you're dead you old fuck) say that they're just from a different time and that this was just how things were back then, but that's a problematic viewpoint to have. If art or culture from another time doesn't conform to my 21st century viewpoint, then I'm in my full right to censor it to prevent it from hurting other people. Now, on to the tofu of the matter. These are four songs from the Beatles that are racist, sexist, homophobic or problematic in general.

The Beatles' PROBLEMATIC Albums

1- She's a Woman
The first entry on my list is a fucking shitty song by Paul McCartney about his "love" who was probably a 15 year old groupie, the fucking pedo. The song is fucking boring, except for one line. The title of the song, "She's a Woman". HOW FUCKING DARE YOU ASSUME XYR GENDER YOU FUCKING CIS WHITE MALE! This wouldn't be a problem otherwise, but I myself have suffered from gender discrimination. My manager at Walmart referred to me as a "she" when I had mentally transitioned to genderneutral the night before. I can't believe that she didn't know about it, as I had tweeted about it and wrote about it on my Tumblr blog.
2- Run For Your Life
Did you know that John Lennon beat his wife? Of course you did, because the shithead just looks like a fucking wife beater. He didn't exactly keep this secret, though, and mentioned it in several of his shitty songs. This one just takes the piss however. "You better run for your life if you can, little girl". First, "little girl" I THINK THEIR ALL JUST PEDOS!. Secondly, this is a threat that could trigger PTSD in women who have been abused. I myself was once assaulted by a local butcher when he viciously told me to get out of his shop when I was protesting his use of meat. I was only using his fire extinguisher to ruin his murder spoils, he should have helped me! It being his "property" doesn't even matter because they're shouldn't even be private property. Remember what Freddie Mercury said. "Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can" and I think he should have listened to more Queen. Anyway, to conclude, John beat his wife.
3- Something
This song is problematic in the fact that it promotes unrealistic standards in women. "I want a short haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long". How dare George Parasol tell ME how to wear MY hair! Songs like this were probably the reason that boys never talked to me in high school. This song should've promoted body positivity and had a line "A GIRL CAN BE 197 KILOS AT 16 IF SHE WANTS TO AND ITS YOUR FUCKING FAULT THAT SHES THAT HEAVY ADRIAN JUST BECAUSE YOU WENT OUT WITH THAT WHORE ASHLEY INSTEAD OF ME I BET SHES FUCKING STUPID AND YOU ONLY WENT OUT WITH HER FOR HER FUCKING HUGE TITS! I hope George dies of cancer.
4- George Harrison
George Harrison is a fucking racist. He probably just became a muslim because it was cool. On behalf of all Indians, I apologise for that fucking white person's disrespect of youre country. He had the gall to steal the Suitar from Indistan and play it on his old fuck white people records. I think, if I was an Indian, I would be horrified by the level of cultural appropriation and demand reparations. Another aspect of him thats racist is his use of indian music, which is theirs and you shouldn't be allowed to learn or play if you are a white person. He also started the concert for pakistan, but probably stole all the money because he's a greedy rich white male. He also cheated on his wife because she cheated on him. IF A WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN, SHE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO YOU SEXIST! He is just overall a fucking bigot.
Anyway, those are my reasons that the Beatles are fucking racist, sexist and bigoted and should be banned in any progressive country. Please give me more reasons in the comments and reblog.

I Will Now Prove That John Lennon Died

I will now prove that John Lennon died. While making Magical Mystery Tour John overdosed on drugs and died. They had to finish the album, and so they had to replace all of Side B with singles. Paul was put in John's place in all his unfinished scenes; The Walrus Was Paul. They had to find someone who looked like him, so they found someone who looked similar, but was married to Yoko Ono. He wouldn't divorce her at any cost, so they had to deal with her as well as this new John. He also had to do a John Lennon impression, so that's why his voice sounds deeper in his songs. He couldn't handle so he just took too many drugs. They had to do the White Album seperatly, because the songwriting wasn't as strong between this fake John and Paul. Blue Jay Way was written about John's death "Please don't be long" showing George's dissapproval of them replacing John, wishing he would come back. While My Guitar Gently Weeps is also about that. John was the other guitar player. It's also hinted in the end of Yellow Submarine. At the live action part at the end, John has like 2 lines. On Abbey Road John is the only one in white. White is considered a heavenly colour. Turn Me On Dead Man and I'd love to turn you on. It's Johnnys Birthday was also about John. Sad to see that wonderful man pass away at such a young age, and I wish that they would reveal the truth about it

Complete List Of Things The Beatles Invented:

Boy bands, One Direction - The Beatles
Punk, metal, heavy rock - helter skelter
Rap - I Am The Walrus
Peace - John Lennon
MTV - All You Need Is Love broadcast
Indie rock - RAM
Album filler - Ringo songs
Studio banter on an album - Let It Be album
Music Videos - the A Hard Days Night film
Psychedelia - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Underrated Songs - Hey Bulldog
Hidden bonus tracks - Her Majesty
Ed Sheeran - Her Majesty
Diss tracks - How Do You Sleep
Lo-fi garage rock - Polythene Pam
Grunge rock - Plastic Ono Band (Lennon)
“pet sounds” - Rubber Soul album
EDM - Tomorrow Never Knows
Tame Impala - It’s All Too Much
Twee Pop - Her Majesty
Concept Albums - Sgt Peppers
Emo - Don’t Bother Me
Trans-positivity - Polythene Pam, Lovely Rita, Get Back, Ob-La-Di
Bands playing stadium venues - Shea Stadium Concert
Bands wearing leather jackets - Cavern Club performances
Avant-Garde - Revolution 9
Combining takes - Strawberry Fields Forever
The inclusion of french horns in pop music - For No One
“Absolute madman” meme - john lennon walking with yoko ono
Mom-rock - paul mccartney
Dad-rock - george harrison
Stoner-rock - also george harrison
Low-effort album covers - White Album
Band break ups - the beatles (1970)
The Word
This Boy commented they made Shoegaze genre decades before MBV with Wild Honey Pie

This Is A Serious Message

this is a SERIOUS message to everybody watching my update right now peace and love peace and love i want to tell you, please, after the twentieth of october do not send fan mail to any address that you have nothing will be signed after the twentieth of october if that has a date on the envelope it's gonna be TOSSED i'm warning you with peace and love but i have too much to do so no more fan mail thank you thank you and no objects to be signed NOTHING uhhh anywaypeaceandlovepeaceandlove


the FUCK did you just say about john lennon? the man has more fucking talent in his ring finger than you do in your entire body john made more money by dying than you and i will ever make being alive john and paul literally revolutionized how songs are even thought of and what the modern pop song is every fucking boyband owes their asses to the beatles there was no boy band before the beatles there was just like elvis and shit but the beatles were more than the silly plasticine boybands we get nowadays they fucking EVOLVED like badass 60s pokemon they went from singing about love to fucking WALRUSES and DIAMONDS and GLASS ONIONS all in the span of 8 years so before you MOUTH OFF again about john you'd better think twice, punk

Billy Shears Is Dead

The year is 1961. The Beatles have just finished a gig in Hamburg and are celebrating near the docks. Suddenly, in his drunken state, John Lennon mistakes Paul McCartney for his wife and beats him. The tipsy Paul is unable to keep his balance and falls into the waters below. The other Beatles immediately realise what just happened and flee the scene. A month later, they find a replacement for Paul. For the next five years they play and reach world fame with their replacement bassist William 'Pepper' Shears until the fateful date. An unprecedented all-nighter for Revolver ends in the early hours of Wednesday and the Beatles hear a knock at the door. Ringo is the first to answer. "Who is it" he asks, "Postman" a familiar voice answers. As Ringo opens the door the man on the other side kicks it hard, knocking Ringo to the floor. John takes a second to recognise him. It's Paul McCartney, and he's pissed! He swam back to the shore in a minute that night, but the others had fled the scene before he could make it. He had spent the intervening years practising with his bass, his voice, and a gun. Before John can tackle him, he fires three shots. Billy Shears is hit in the shoulder and runs for the door. Paul is able to swiftly push John off while George is too busy taking a shit. Billy grabs his car keys and starts speeding off, but Paul fires two more shots which hit Billy's tyre and his windscreen. With shattered glass all over his face and losing control of the car, Billy careens off into a nearby lampost and flies through the shattered windscreen. He dies on impact. After disposing of the body, Paul makes his way back into Abbey Road. "So, where did we leave off?" Paul asks.
Anyway this is my proof that Paul killed Faul.
fixes Groucho Marx glasses and comedy fake mustache.


The fact that so many books still name the Beatles as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success. The Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worthy of being saved.
submitted by DontWeDoItInTheRoad to beatlescirclejerk [link] [comments]

2018.05.23 22:13 RyanTheRobIoxian Musdraacthecrem QnA

NOTE: Don't be toxic in the comments or else it will be removed. This is the final genuine post that discuss' musd in such a sense and for sure the final post that will ever be allowed which involves his input. If you got any questions in the comments, I will communicate for him. Me nor the other subreddit moderators, but this is for reference for peoples curiosity.
If you don't know who musd is, he was one of the most controversial people in the PF community and was the face of the subreddit fairly early on. He was a massive shitposter and ended up getting banned.
Anyways, here are the questions asked by me and the community.
Q:How old are you?
A: For the spook of everyone, I’m 15. (Note from le jew boi- this means when he was the shitposter he was, he was 13-14)
Q:How did you find the subreddit? Was Musdraacthecrem your first account?
A: I found this subreddit while playing on the oldie desert storm, the one with reddit banners on it. This was the first time I wanted to know what the heck was this ‘’Reddit’’ and I started to like it, after 1-2 months purely lurking on the sub without an account I decided to create Musdraacthecrem, which is my roblox account that used to be an alt.
Q:How long have you followed stylis and their projects?
A: I started following the stylis studio before they were called stylis, I started playing their ww2 game, cor 5. I stood around 3 years trying to play that shit, but my fuckin asshole of an internet never let me connect… But once it connected. And oh boy, I played it for hours. Then I started connecting to it everyday, and really liked the game. It was fucking impressive compared to other games. Then this Phantom Forces thing started to appear, but I barely had money for buying candy so I could only dream about buying alpha access to it.. Few months later it went free, and I tried to connect every single day, only to fail miserably. This was in 2015. Then few months later, january of 2016 I woke up one morning, turned on my pc and looked at Phantom Forces. I thought ‘’heh fuck it lets click play and grab a coffee in the kitchen.’’, they say hope is the last to die. When I got back to my PC I almost spit all the coffee I had in my mouth. PHANTOM FORCES FUCKING CONNECTED AND I WAS LOOKING AT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROBLOX-BUILT GUN I EVER SAW. LIKE, FUCK MAN, I STARTED TO LOOK AT ALL THOSE GUNS… INCREDIBLY BUILT WITH MASTER CRAFTING ART LIKE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! I WAS LIKE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK MMMMMMMMAAAAAANNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, then I clicked deploy.. After that the story is just purely me doing AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH out loud. I was fascinated by the ultra mega high quality animations, the smoothness, the sounds, the incredibly detailed maps (for roblox), EVERYTHING! I WAS FUCKING GOING MADMAN IMPRESSED! Phantom Forces really marked me, I’ll probably never forget it. It’s impossible to think it was built on roblox. After discovering it, I never played anything else on roblox. Completely forgot what roblox is about, roblox is only phantom forces for me. That’s it. But because my internet was sucky sucky, it connected to phantom forces once about 20 times I clicked the play button, so I was very sad but very happy at the same time. Got to rank 39, and unlocked the mastermind DRAGUNOV SVU. Then I get banned from roblox for farming tickets with porn games. Good job Musd, or should I say.. Howiing. (My previous account, Musd was Howiing’s alt). Then I got into mini-depression, and entered phantom forces with Musdraacthecrem. I thought going to rank 38 was gonna be mega hard (it wasn’t, only a lil’). As soon as I started playing, around rank 5, I started to DOMINATE matches. A rank 5 topping rank 50 players. Bros I was feeling GODLIKE. Pwning the fuck outta’em with my Thunder Cuntfuck Automatic M4. And mk11. I noticed I started to do much better, kill much more and die less. I saw I had potential. So I kept playing, and went madman when I won a 1v1 against a rank 95 when I was around rank 40! Extra points for me because I was using the l22. Mad lad here. Then around final of february I checked the reddit, lurked for march and on APRIL 1ST I created my account. Musdraacthecrem. It has been 3 years with stylis studios. Very nice, should I say. Next question now.
Q:Were you accustomed to roblox before playing stylis games?
A: Yep! But I stopped playing games on roblox when I discovered phantom forces… It must’ve been like 1.5 years since I joined a normal roblox game. It’s EXTREMELY strange for me to play with the normal roblox character, the controls.. Everything. For me, roblox is ONLY phantom forces.
Q: Tell us about your memes.
A: I made lots of quality memes during my lifespan, but the first QUALITY meme that I made used to be called… cough cough… a… S H I T P O S T. I’m sure it was probably this shitpost here, then I also have this one. And my first guide. Maybe not quality. But eh. Speaking about shitposting and memes, let’s remember some special words I co-created with fellow reddicheetors that were extremely important and nowadays are just legends, not known by the new generations…They are sadly fading with time, just like me…… ARSEsuppressor (co-created with AC3N510N_STUD105. May god have him.)
shaygad (co-created with Lenthel. May god have him..)
rUbRoX (unknown creation)
Leeto senpai :3 or Leeto bb
Mr. Axis
shaolin008 (co-created with lolman, or was it with Lenthel? I just know I used this a lot.)
SHYTLAG006 (I REALLY liked this one. Fucking good nicknames we had.)
Salty low ranks
Buddewaiser (our little friend buddyism)
this little title with the aw ye 60 millo, :’)
cjster. (He was my apprentice. I created him. I gave him his personality. God bless him.)
AssaultRifleMan (This guy… Used to be my best friend.. We had so many dialogues, conversations, shitposts, memes together… Don’t know where he is now. May god have him.)
this low fps pic. God bless me.
this fucking madman of posts. It was them who got me fucking bEANED for the first times. *I’m posting the link to it here, and addind some piccs. pics :
Also a good example of QUALITY shitposting was when I got extremely mad at random phantom forces bullshit and couldn’t control my anger. First this happened. . Then this.. And right after that, this. And because im insane even more. AND EVEN FUCKING MORE HOOOOO.
Q: Do you share the same personality IRL, or is your behavior a persona?
A: Well, nowadays it is NOTHING like my real personality. But back in those days, I was extra-gay in the sub. But I used around the same quantity of swear words in my routine. But I didn’t act like that shitfuck in real life, I was friendlier :)
Q:How did you feel after you were first ‘permanently’ banned?
A: It felt infuriating. I was mad. Pissed. PISSY FUCKY PISSED. Then the sub magically started a rebellion, asking for my return to the power, just like a dictator. You can see the amount of support I got in this post called ‘’WHEN YOU GET BANNED 7 TIMES THEN PERMABANNED BUT YOU’RE MUSD SO YOU KNOW YOU CAN NEVER BE ANNIHILATED’’ aka this link. Read all those comments. Most of those are the old generation of the sub, I miss them so much :’)
Q:What do you do nowadays?
A: Nowadays I study a lot more… And spend most of my time with my GIRLFRIEND. Yes. Musdraacthecrem has a girlfriend. Stop being a fat cock-eyed cretinous cunt posting on this reddit and get a woman for your life, you’ll thank me a lot later. Also I lurk this every day. Like 5 mins.
Q:How do you feel knowing that you are one of the most infamous people ever to be in the phantom forces community?
A: I smile with an evil stare. This sub will never be the same anymore… I left my mark on the community. The last trashcan, the toxicity king, the MAD OP. The guy who was acclaimed by his people. The guy who fought the dictator mods. The one who escaped death so many times, and even resurrected. I feel happy.
Q:What are your thoughts on the current state of phantomforces?
A: I think it is filled with newfags that don’t know how to be funny or make real sincere informative posts. There are some oldies, but they aren’t elitist and decided to mix with the common rabble. Big fat mistake for them, also (opinion warning) I think some certain mods don’t deserve to be there. Too evil, maybe. A dictatorship of evil boys. It cannot be stopped anymore… This subreddit WILL die soon.
Q:What are your thoughts on stylis/reddit staff?
A: I think stylis staff is fine. Some certain people of the reddit staff bother me, but I highly appreciate my jew friend RYAN who climbed clean and honestly to the top of the food chain, and became a mod. Props to him! (another note from the jew boi: I promise you I did not compliment myself here) also sincere opinion from musd here, I dislike DanielTrein for him not being elected by the people of reddit, and just being the opium of the funny side of the sub.
Q:Nike or Adidas?
A: None. I use adidibios. (actually adidas)
Q:What are your thoughts on the current state of the game?
A: Nice question. This game has evolved A LOT since I started playing it, and moved in good and bad directions. Let’s focus on the current.
First of, the melees. I still think they are a fucking broken piece of shit with too much range and power, plus not much balanced between themselves. I support a nerf.
Case and skins are eh to me, they can stay as they are.
The PPSH-41. I overall really like it. It’s a novelty gun, an unique looking and performing gun, not the same copy-paste stat and model type of gun. It feels balanced to me, with various guns outperforming it on hipfire and medium to longer ranges. Plus its lack of barrel attachments.
The Rheinmetall MG 3KWS. That is one of a hell of a light machine gun. It has an absurdly high firerate for an lmg, and surprisingly low recoil, especially with attachments. It drains ammo very fast, making the 50 rounds in the belt disappear magically. I don’t think it is balanced at all. A little too strong. Making the vertical recoil stronger is a good solution, the horizontal recoil does not need change in my opinion. Giving it a lower recoil recovery speed will also punish spammy players that fucking hold down MB1 button, and will make bursting more effective. Then after all of this you could decrease its reload time a bit. Reloading on it is not so quick, and the ammo is eaten very fast. Not a versatile lmg at all. This is my opinion on it.
M45A1 is fine. Keep it as it is. Also osprey suppressor for ump-45 when?
The upcoming AK12 Battle Rifle change. I smile at it. AKBR always felt too much assault-rifle-y to me, and the reload on it is a slug. Plus it doesn’t have any other beneficial stats but its firerate and lower recoil variation. In my opinion, this change will make it more fun to use, being more a battle rifle, and not an assault rifle with make-up. I want it to be powerful and precise at long range engagements, but with the recoil being a toll for that power. Also battle rifles should have extra reserve ammo. They are rare guns, almost never carried around. Finding ammunition for them is a pain in the ass, everybody knows this. 150 is an okay value. I’m just very happy that this gun will get a significant change :)
AKU12 could use a little muzzle velocity boost when compared to its sister, the AK12C. It’s a way too humble gun. I like it, but its a simple man gun. Isn’t the 5.45 round faster than the 7.62?
The Henry. Oh what a delightful weapon. Almost nobody touches it, and whoever touches is likely not going to touch it for the rest of their lives. A really unique gun, that pays fucking well if you learn to counter its slow muzzle velocity, slow reload, small magazine size, small reserve ammo quantity and rare ammo. The torso multiplier buff to x1.55 really shows that stylis actually did an excellent move. I hope to see more henry’s being used in the future. Snipers, dmr’s, battle rifles and, virtually anything (even secondaries like the g17), outclassed it in the close quarters combat. With this new multiplier, the henry becomes a trusty gun if you can aim. Being able to defend yourself from automatics with a precise and well-aimed shot to the torso brings happiness to my heart. Also it’s a fuckin’ cool lever-action rifle with an awesome BANG sound. It NEEDS that power. Props to stylis in this one.
The SCAR-H nerf. Salty topic this one. I’ll be quick. Heavily disliked it. SCAR-H didn’t need any major changes but a slight recoil increase, maybe. Most automatics could counter it with smartness and precision, because of the higher firerate. It was really just a question of playing well. This nerf should be reverted, or be turned into a recoil-nerf only. It made no fucking sense.
M16A4 and M4 nerf. M16A4 nerf is also not something I approve. What could’ve been done is, again, increasing its recoil. Nerfing the truly effective range of both guns is really a bad move, I think. M4 wasn’t the most pathetic carbine only because of its 3htk capability. It’s now a sucky-sucky motherfucking shit. Reverting it is very appreciated. Makes no sense to me.
G36 Nerf. Alright, I admit, this one was kind of needed. But the gun went unnoticed for almost 3 years, only now on the recent spark of people using it that it was nerfed. Nerfing the damage was not needed in my opinion, only the recoil was already a good nerf for it. It never really called any attention.

But let’s not ignore the fact that whoever balances these guns has a bias towards the Kalashnikovs. Especially the AKM. Killing the SCAR-H potential to be a competitive gun to AKM was a smart dickmove. Lowering the other assault rifles power to further make the AKM the QUEEN of assault rifles was another fantastically rude and cunt-y move. AKM is a literal godlike gun now, with its competitors being severely buffed to death. AK47 is left in the shadows, to rot. AKM has ezpzfuckywucky-like recoil even when naked, 3-4 hits to kill very smooth, EXTREMELY COMMON AMMO, fast as fuck reload and nice stats overall. I’m seeing these dick moves, whoever ’ ‘ B A L A N C E S ‘ ‘ this game. Quit being biased towards AKM and revert these changes.

The 1858 Carbine. Sincerely, the balance is perfect. Props to whoever balanced it.
Q: Communism or capitalism?
A: Capitalism all the way. Fuck communism, nazism and socialism. It only kills people and destroy the dreams of millions of people.
Q: Best fanfic?
A: Oh, good question. Slickster000 gave me gold in a fanfic, but I also wrote other legendary pieces like gunsguns’ and didn’t finish one involving siren and the entire sub. I ended up losing most of it, but I still have one part saved in google docs. I think it finishes telling the story of sirenburst or some gay shit like that.
Here some links if you wanna read, it is guaranteed erections and laughs. Maybe not. :
Unfinished project that was brutally abandoned. Read at your own risk. Cringe, edgy and gay. Dedicated do CheeseApocalypse3.
Q: Anyone you want to apologies (on the topic of your actions or people you may have flamed) you want to give?
A: I want to give apologies to the legend. The mastermind behind me. The ultimate niggafuckster. The one and only SLIPHANTOM. Praise this fucking motherfucker, you pigshitted bull-ballsack suckers. He is superior to all of your shitty people. He created me. This reddit story was painted by him. It was him behind the curtains all the time. Maybe he is me. Maybe I am his alt. You guys will never know. All the drama caused. Hah.
Also on a serious side note, I apologize for this. It caused my ban. RIP
Q:Is there anything you want to add?
A: Yes…
this little post
Also I dedicated this text to a few friends…
Firstly, one of my strict supporters and fighters of the freedom. The one and only Lyrekem with his AK12 flair, showing justice, honor and respect for the army.
To MechSniper1324 for being a long-term friend, supporter and nice player to shittalk with. And inspiring me on this, plus discussing life problems.
To lolman12385 for being a good comrade who fought by my side a variety of times, defended me with tooths and claws at all costs. And posting some good shitpost from time to time.
To MY HECCKIN ULTIMATTO FUCKBOY EXPRESSO NIGGA-MAN ANGERY CUNTS Randombfguser. He IS a big guy indeed. With me since the start. A shitposting legend, starter of the Crem revolution, the event that led to my freedom. May god have him. If you all want someone to thank, thank this guy. He IS a FUCKING LEGEND.
To ParanoidFolkStories for being a master hater. Also fuck you man. You also deserve a place at the legends for being a boot in my ballsack.
To RyanTheRobloxian for being my favorite jew, one of my best friends, an excellent mod and justice man. Thank you for letting me write this, I’m really thankful for it. I won’t forget this one, jewboy… You deserve a place in the legends of the subreddit. God bless you, kid.
To Mezzelo for being the mod I most love, and a top-tier friend and pf player. You stick’d with me for a long time, and is still sticking. Our relation shall only get stronger. You deserve a place in the highest spots of the legends wall. Take care of this sub, it NEEDS you. You and few others are the men holding the breaking dam from hitting the city. Fucking thank you for being this excellent person. I owe you a cold beer.
To blight- for existing and being a nice person to me overall. You are probably long dead, but you’re a good boy. If you ever check this, send musd (me) a PM :) Thanks for all the hours playing together, they were too good to be true, my man. You’re also a legend.
To uprise951 for being an ULTIMATE fuckboy who tried to pull me to the bright side of the life. But I didn’t listen, and now I’m banned. Woops. You deserve a place at the legends, my man. Gold-tier legend you are.
To F15sse for sticking around, being a funny and good mate all the times. For those apoc memories, and pf memories. You gonna be in my mind for a looooong time, buddy. Hope you take care of yourself. You stay in the gold-tier legends.
notcoconutsparks is just a good boy. God bless you, fellow men. Legend tier for ya. Don’t have much to say besides you being noob at pf but good at pf, and entertained me for hours.
To Zombie-rat for being EL RATO. (Credits to lolman12385)
To CheeseApocalypse3 for being such a nice friend, and homosexual hunter with me in the free time. You, you fucking peanut butter minded pigshitt heathen, deserve a place in the Platinum Legend for sticking with me up to today, having played PF with me in a busstanutt episode just a few minutes ago. You are one of the saviors of this sub. Stay well, my man. I appreciate you too much, just like my good friend MechSniper1324. You two are pratically my best budds.
To AssaultRifleMan for being a comrade since my low rank days. Today, me at rank 195, he is still from time to time playing and trading some shitposting words with me on servers. God bless you, communist frick. Not forgetting you soon :’) You receive a Diamond Legend rank. You deserve it, man.
To sirenburst for being a violent cunt who taught me few things, and gave me the pleasure of being his friend. You’re the golden trashcan. I’m the last trashcan. I give you a gold-legend tier for your nice contributions and shitposts. Also for being the best player this game has ever seen.
To cjster for being a dickfucked cunt-master-dickboy who entertained me hours and hours, but is now dead. Good memes together, shitpost friend. I give you a gold-legend rank for all the services.
To lenthel for being a meme-shitposting-cuntfuck legend who taught me much shit and made me giggle for days. God have you, KSG man. You deserve a platinum-legend tier for all your quality services. You are long dead like me, but saved the sub from the decadence of the new faggots. God bless ya, my man.
To Tmhyp3r for being my best friend in all these PF years. You are the nigga whose art thou is king nigga of them all. I give you the Eternal Glory Diamond-coated Uranium Legend. I wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for you… All these hours playing… The conversations.. Damn. So much shit together. I owe you too much, buddy. You’re the king of all these fools. A special place in my heart, even if you think your harline sucks and you’re black. My african friend :’)
Best wishes for you, rachet423. Farewell bro. You deserve eternal glory, savior of the subreddit.
Here are some top-quality memes I finger-picked to end this ‘’interview’’
Wiki goes NSFW for some hours (((NSFW)))
>>>>>>>>>>Mezzelo showing I am his favorite user<<<<<<<<<<
Cjster showcases us what the PERFECT phantom forces experience would be. Warning, it is EXTREMELY extratospherically powerful.
unrelated but ok is fun
extremely high quality post by me
150 MILLO post
sirenburst meme 1 (only oldies will understand these)
sirenburst meme 2 (sub was getting out of hand with these memes)
[sirenburst MEME 3 (started havving diarrhear here)[
Odd sirenburst meme 4
siren meme 5, probably my BEST shitpost and meme of all time. People even said they’d put it on maps.
and final siren meme… god bless him. 6
Well my children, I think this is it
Ask me questions in the comments, I’ll try to answer them via Ryan.
It was nice to write this. I hope you all enjoy it.
Pappa Musd
Monday, 7th of May, 2018
Parana, Brazil
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2018.04.13 11:24 CoDEvents CWL National Circuit Stage 2 - Playoffs - Official Discussion Thread

  • US National Circuit
Games start at 19:00EDT/00:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Enigma 6 5 - 2 16 - 12 3,000 $1,000
2 GGEA Orange 4 - 3 14 - 11 1,800
3/4 Ghost Gaming 5 - 2 17 - 8 1,200
3/4 FiveGuyz 7 - 0 21 - 3 1,200
5 compLexity 3 - 4 11 - 16 1,000
6 ImBeingTrolled 2 - 5 11 - 19 900
7 Gone Gaming 2 - 5 13 - 16 800
8 Cyclone NA 0 - 7 3 - 21 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
FiveGuyz 3
GGEA Orange 1 GGEA Orange 1
Enigma 6 3 Enigma 6 3
Ghost Gaming 0
  • Canada National Circuit
Games start at 19:00EDT/00:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Lightning Pandaz 7 - 0 21 - 2 3,000 $1,000
2 EZG eSports 4 - 3 14 - 12 1,800
3/4 Not GGEA Blue 5 - 2 15 - 10 1,200
3/4 alphapack 4 - 3 15 - 12 1,200
5 Lethal Gaming 3 - 4 10 - 16 1,000
6 Team Prime 2 - 5 9 - 15 900
7 EZG Cadets 2 - 5 7 - 15 800
8 Lethal Divide 1 - 6 8 - 18 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
Lightning Pandaz 3
alphapack 1 Lightning Pandaz 3
Not GGEA Blue 0 EZG eSports 0
EZG eSports 3
  • UK National Circuit
Games start at 14:00EDT/19:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Cyclone EU 6 - 1 18 - 6 3,000 $1,000
2 GGEA Purple 6 - 1 18 - 7 1,800
3/4 Brash eSports 3 - 4 13 - 14 1,200
3/4 Team 3G 4 - 3 13 - 10 1,200
5 Radix Esports 3 - 4 11 - 14 1,000
6 Nordic 3 - 4 13 - 15 900
7 101st Airborne 2 - 5 9 - 17 800
8 teamwork dreamwork 1 - 6 6 - 18 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
GGEA Purple 3
Brash eSports 1 GGEA Purple 1
Cyclone EU 3 Cyclone EU 3
Team 3G 0
  • Spain National Circuit
Games start at 13:00EDT/18:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Team Heretics 7 - 0 21 - 0 3,000 $1,000
2 Giants Gaming 6 - 1 18 - 6 1,800
3/4 Movistar Riders 4 - 3 15 - 11 1,200
3/4 x6tence 4 - 3 15 - 12 1,200
5 TBA 3 - 4 11 - 13 1,000
6 G-Lab Addicts 2 - 5 8 - 15 900
7 T4K 2 - 5 6 - 16 800
DQ xQuality eSports 0 - 7 0 - 21 0
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
Team Heretics 3
Movistar Riders 0 Team Heretics 3
Giants Gaming 3 Giants Gaming 1
x6tence 0
  • Italy National Circuit
Games start at 13:00EDT/18:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 EnD Gaming 7 - 0 21 - 2 3,000 $1,000
2 Multination 5 - 2 16 - 7 1,800
3/4 Reign EU 4 - 3 14 - 13 1,200
3/4 Team Forge 5 - 2 18 - 7 1,200
5 Team Spirit 4 - 3 14 - 14 1,000
6 True Ambition 2 - 5 9 - 16 900
7 Project 9 eSports 1 - 6 5 - 18 800
8 Daddy Vroom 0 - 7 1 - 21 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
EnD Gaming 3
Reign EU 1 EnD Gaming 3
Team Forge 0 Multination 2
Multination 3
  • German National Circuit
Games start at 13:00EDT/18:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Unsurpassed eSports 6 - 1 19 - 6 3,000 $1,000
2 Team Prismatic 6 - 1 19 - 6 1,800
3/4 dZ Resurges 4 - 3 14 - 13 1,200
3/4 2nd Wave 5 - 2 18 - 6 1,200
5 Eraiize Gaming 3 - 4 11 - 13 1,000
6 DIVIZON 2 - 5 9 - 17 900
7 Error Org 2 - 5 10 - 17 800
8 FC Lahti Menance 0 - 7 2 - 21 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
Unsurpassed eSports 3
dZ Resurges 0 Unsurpassed eSports 3
Team Prismatic 3 Team Prismatic 0
2nd Wave 0
  • France National Circuit
Games start at 13:00EDT/18:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Monaco eSports 6 - 1 20 - 7 3,000 $1,000
2 Supremacy 6 - 1 20 - 7 1,800
3/4 Overtime eSport 5 - 2 17 - 6 1,200
3/4 against All authority 4 - 3 15 - 10 1,200
5 B3LA Family 3 - 4 10 - 14 1,000
6 Delirium Esport 2 - 5 6 - 16 900
7 Game Fist 2 - 5 8 - 15 800
DQ Bonjour 0 - 7 0 - 21 0
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
Supremacy 3
against All authority 0 Supremacy 2
Monaco eSports 3 Monaco eSports 3
Overtime eSport 2
  • Australia National Circuit
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Tainted Minds 6 - 1 19 - 4 3,000 $1,000
2 TabooESC 6 - 1 18 - 5 1,800
3/4 HRZM 6 - 1 18 - 10 1,200
3/4 Sanday Ravage 3 - 4 13 - 14 1,200
5 SYF Gaming 3 - 4 10 - 13 1,000
6 Deleted Gaming 3 - 4 11 - 15 900
7 Frontline Esports 1 - 6 7 - 18 800
8 Rivalry Esports 0 - 7 4 - 21 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
Tainted Minds 3
Sanday Ravage 0 Tainted Minds 3
TabooESC 3 TabooESC 2
  • Brazil National Circuit
Games start at 18:00EDT/23:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 Virtue Gaming 6 - 1 20 - 4 3,000 $1,000
2 Avalanche Gaming 7 - 0 21 - 7 1,800
3/4 FacTory Assault 5 - 2 17 - 8 1,200
3/4 Night Killers 4 - 3 15 - 9 1,200
5 We Are Brazilians 3 - 4 9 - 14 1,000
6 4LF4 Team 2 - 5 10 - 15 900
7 We Are BR 1 - 6 4 - 18 800
8 Black 8 Team 0 - 7 0 - 21 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
Avalanche Gaming 3
Night Killers 0 Avalanche Gaming 1
Virtue Gaming 3 Virtue Gaming 3
FacTory Assault 0
  • Mexico National Circuit
Games start at 19:00EDT/00:00BST
Place Team Series Count Map Count Pro Points Prize
1 EzBeans 5 - 2 16 - 10 3,000 $1,000
2 Mexicanos y Boludos 5 - 2 15 - 9 1,800
3/4 God's Plan 5 - 2 16 - 10 1,200
3/4 SMOG TEAM 4 - 3 14 - 11 1,200
5 BuLLTeam 3 - 4 13 - 16 1,000
6 DraMa & Los Amigos 3 - 4 12 - 16 900
7 KG Mexico 3 - 4 14 - 12 800
8 Need a Org 0 - 7 5 - 21 700
  • Playoffs Bracket
Semifinals Finals
EzBeans 3
SMOG TEAM 1 EzBeans 3
Mexicanos y Boludos 3 Mexicanos y Boludos 1
God's Plan 1
  • Streams
Country Caster Stream
DirK Twitch
Fox Twitch
Tunn Twitch
Miles Twitch
Julien BRK Twitch
Rampage & Camphh Twitch
Amar Twitch
Sdow & Flexz Twitch
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Dot Esports Dexerto Intel
COD Gamepedia
  • Thread Notes & Links
Message The Mods CWL Handbook
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Dexerto Hub COD Gamepedia
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2018.04.02 23:00 GraxPy 04/02/18

Post# Title Subreddit Url Upvotes
1 Using a prank idea from Askreddit, I put vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar. My kids were horrified as I ate it while watching them open their Easter presents. /funny link 104247
2 1 1/2 years later... “Our product doesn’t last that long!” O_O /funny link 85478
3 My bathroom now! /gaming link 68006
4 Progress: 12 years of hard work payed off. From lovable big guy to heartthrob. /pics link 63651
5 Barack Obama. Upvote this so that people see it when they Google “Barack Obama”. /PoliticalHumor link 59198
6 Zuckerberg in 2006 saying user information will never be shared or sold unless the users asked for it to be shared with some party /videos link 54810
7 If you’re ripped off by Comcast (or any internet company), Wells Fargo (or any bank/student lender), or Aetna (or any health insurance company), here’s how to get your money back. /personalfinance link 54540
8 The power of Shaq /gifs link 53751
9 🔥 New Rule Announcement: The users in our community can directly impact the planet to preserve the nature we love, so from now on to post in /NatureIsFuckingLit users must first post proof verifying they have picked up a piece of trash outside. 🔥 /NatureIsFuckingLit link 53581
10 Overwatch logic /gaming link 51240
11 Being sisters means you always have backup (against the neighbors dog) /aww link 50828
12 Good boy defends himself from being eaten alive /aww link 49171
13 DoubleLift's Statement on his Family /leagueoflegends link 46868
14 Too true... /gaming link 44709
15 TIL the Nazis took over a high-end Berlin brothel commonly used by prominent Germans and foreign dignitaries, replaced all the prostitutes with spies, and continued business until a British air raid demolished the building in 1942 /todayilearned link 44090
16 Bedtime /funny link 43247
17 In a study, researchers suggest that investing in public education can lead to more upward economic mobility and lower teen pregnancy rates, as well as provide a way to ease income inequality. /science link 42427
18 A purrfectly executed about-face /oddlysatisfying link 41924
19 HEY! He's with me /gifs link 40693
20 If this post gets 32768 upvotes, I'll post it again with 32768 Merrills. /leagueoflegends link 40679
21 Full of puppies /wholesomememes link 40537
22 I got chastised for being on my cell phone BEFORE THE PREVIEWS STARTED! /movies link 40525
23 New York passes bill to strip all guns from domestic abusers /politics link 40289
24 Rainbow Yosemite Falls [3456x5184] [OC] /EarthPorn link 39864
25 “Ok little human, we can be friends” /MadeMeSmile link 39138
26 The end of Finding Dory on Sweden’s Netflix /Unexpected link 37522
27 „Microwaved this foil ball for 3 minutes and this is the result 😧😲😱“ /facepalm link 37310
28 A leek in the engine room /pics link 37263
29 You can now see the where the spare key in my wallet is /mildlyinteresting link 36109
30 Automated unicycle /interestingasfuck link 35290
31 I got a name request from our former PRESIDENT!! 😱 /PenmanshipPorn link 35127
32 Today is my 22nd Birthday, I want to share with you last year when I celebrated my birthday and becoming a U.S citizen on the same day /pics link 35084
33 Simce we're doing progress pics... Heres my first tumor removal surgery, second, now im looking today. /pics link 34982
34 LPT: did you buy a 6-pack of cans with the plastic tie holding them together? Do a bird, turtle, or fish a favor and snip the circular loops before throwing it out so they don’t get caught up in it. /LifeProTips link 33216
35 My granddad's tool collection in his shed /oddlysatisfying link 32133
36 My mom and her kittens - 1985 /OldSchoolCool link 32060
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38 As I get older and remember all the people I've lost along the way, I think to myself... /Jokes link 31358
39 When you realize you've earned over 28k karma and gold with a sequel meme /PrequelMemes link 30772
40 Federal court rules government can't block detained immigrant teens from abortion /news link 30334
41 Chipmunk finds great hiding spot /Eyebleach link 30138
42 Making Floating Glass Dolls /Damnthatsinteresting link 29563
43 Flock of Bald Eagles in central Nebraska /mildlyinteresting link 28257
44 It's not much, but it's mine. This is where my mail lives! /malelivingspace link 27944
45 hmmm /hmmm link 27826
46 Man drops 326 pounds after needing two plane seats in evacuation from Fort McMurray fire /UpliftingNews link 27756
47 Progress : From crazy frog to happy toad. /pics link 27647
48 Unexpected pool skills /UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG link 27287
49 Not a dam joke /WTF link 27234
50 One of the most wholesome C&H strips /calvinandhobbes link 26959
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2018.01.23 20:07 subreddit_stats Subreddit Stats: peloton posts from 2017-09-09 to 2018-01-22 18:45 PDT

Period: 135.17 days
Submissions Comments
Total 943 23956
Rate (per day) 6.98 175.97
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Combined Score 30696 143067

Top Submitters' Top Submissions

  1. 1714 points, 59 submissions: Schele_Sjakie
    1. Anna Scarponi writes a moving thank-you letter (93 points, 2 comments)
    2. UCI President: One-day La Course is 'not enough' (83 points, 34 comments)
    3. Oss: Peter Sagan is the main reason I joined Bora-Hansgrohe (80 points, 9 comments)
    4. Van Vleuten continues to strengthen ORICA-SCOTT (extends til late 2019) (65 points, 5 comments)
    5. Kwiatkowski: I would love to go for GC on a Grand Tour (59 points, 20 comments)
    6. Movistar align with inclusion and gender equality movement (59 points, 19 comments)
    7. The flawed beauty of the Tour of Guangxi: a first-hand account (55 points, 3 comments)
    8. Geraint Thomas returns to Paris-Roubaix in 2018 (54 points, 16 comments)
    9. Barguil’s move to Fortuneo helps secure Samsic as second sponsor (53 points, 0 comments)
    10. Sponsorship secured, Novo Nordisk will chase wins (53 points, 17 comments)
  2. 936 points, 49 submissions: PelotonMod
    1. Merry Christmas /peloton! (133 points, 25 comments)
    2. [Results Thread] 2017 UCI World Championships - Men Elite ITT (56 points, 124 comments)
    3. [Results Thread] 2017 UCI World Championships Bergen - Women Elite Road Race (54 points, 77 comments)
    4. [Results Thread] 2017 Il Lombardia (1.UWT) (44 points, 115 comments)
    5. [Results Thread] 2017 UCI World Championships - Women Elite Team Time Trial (42 points, 10 comments)
    6. [Meta] Rule Changes for 2018 - Content Guidelines, Meme Posts, Question Threads and the Spoiler Rule. (41 points, 42 comments)
    7. [Results Thread] 2018 Santos Tour Down Under Stage 4 (2.UWT) (37 points, 38 comments)
    8. [Results Thread] 2017 UCI World Championships Bergen – Men U23 – Road Race (34 points, 37 comments)
    9. End of the Season Ranking Report: N°12: UAE Team Emirates (31 points, 4 comments)
    10. [Results Thread] 2017 Paris-Tours Elite (1.HC) (29 points, 28 comments)
  3. 909 points, 25 submissions: Dave24x7
    1. Mikel Landa: I am not compatible with Team Sky (110 points, 52 comments)
    2. Dumoulin: " if the Tour doesn't have a route that suits me, then why should I go there next year looking to win?" (69 points, 60 comments)
    3. Nairo: Me being the leader of this team, I welcome Mikel Landa (67 points, 26 comments)
    4. Valverde: "Next year I do not want a Tour; there are already Landa and Nairo " (67 points, 36 comments)
    5. Mollema takes over Trek’s top spot after Contador’s retirement (64 points, 18 comments)
    6. Nairo and Landa first pic together (56 points, 30 comments)
    7. Contador: "I am proud to be remembered more for my exploits than for my victories" (52 points, 30 comments)
    8. Trek-Segafredo unable to find new Grand Tour star to take Contador spot (48 points, 31 comments)
    9. List of world tour riders w/o a contract for 2018 (as of now) (47 points, 38 comments)
    10. Mikel Landa: "Me and Nairo can be co-leaders in Le Tour. If I don't lose time and the team asks me to wait for him, I won't do it. It's time to do my own race." (Source: Deia) (47 points, 31 comments)
  4. 902 points, 20 submissions: aktivitetshanteraren
    1. Greg LeMond has launched a scathing attack on Team Sky, describing Sir Dave Brailsford as “secretive” and Chris Froome’s probable defence of his adverse analytical finding for salbutamol as “ridiculous”. (162 points, 145 comments)
    2. Chris Froome hires former Bruyneel and Contador lawyer for salbutamol case (111 points, 64 comments)
    3. "An asterisk next to his Tour de France win" says former doctor. Bradley Wiggins' TUE case highlights crisis facing anti-doping authorities. (105 points, 131 comments)
    4. The 1962 Giro d'Italia, stage 14: "The most horrific stage in the history of cycling" (88 points, 25 comments)
    5. 1989 Tour de Trump - "a tremendous event that can really much rival the Tour de France" (85 points, 47 comments)
    6. Tour de France 2018: Details emerge before official presentation in Paris. Pave, L'Alpe d'Huez, four days in the Pyrenees and final hilly TT expected (67 points, 22 comments)
    7. Leaking of Chris Froome’s failed drugs test harmed cycling - 'I would rather that information hadn’t been leaked' says British Cycling CEO (62 points, 52 comments)
    8. Is the number of people interested in following professional road cycling growing or shrinking? (30 points, 41 comments)
    9. BBC documentary to go inside British Cycling, asking at what cost all those medals were won (28 points, 19 comments)
    10. Zakarin: Now I’m sure I can fight with the strongest in the Grand Tours (28 points, 15 comments)
  5. 711 points, 24 submissions: rozas
    1. Movistar's 2018 kit (84 points, 32 comments)
    2. New Bora-Hansgrohe 2018 kit (75 points, 27 comments)
    3. Dan McLay signs with Cannondale (71 points, 12 comments)
    4. Gilbert to race Paris-Roubaix (57 points, 19 comments)
    5. La Flamme Rouge Twitter: "BREAKING: From 2018 every teams will line up a maximum of 7 riders(8 for the GTs)" (50 points, 68 comments)
    6. Jens Keukeleire reinforces Lotto Soudal as of 2018 (43 points, 13 comments)
    7. Cannondale signs Sacha Modolo (41 points, 20 comments)
    8. Toms Skujins to join Trek-Segafredo (26 points, 4 comments)
    9. Official Vuelta route (25 points, 20 comments)
    10. 2018 Paris-Nice route (23 points, 13 comments)
  6. 589 points, 35 submissions: HarryCoen
    1. Vicenzo Nibali: All cyclists know where the Salbutamol limit is (91 points, 79 comments)
    2. Amateur rider reportedly caught using hidden motor in French race (64 points, 86 comments)
    3. Walsh: Froome no longer gets the benefit of the doubt (49 points, 16 comments)
    4. 'There are very few honest relationships that come out of cycling teams... everyone just looks after themselves' (37 points, 7 comments)
    5. Froome's Vuelta test bad for cycling, says Bardet (36 points, 37 comments)
    6. Team with ban on beards signs rider with beard (34 points, 24 comments)
    7. Cycling books: Barry Ryan's The Ascent – Sean Kelly, Stephen Roche and the Rise of Irish Cycling's Golden Generation (26 points, 0 comments)
    8. British cycling chief warns off Bradley Wiggins' doctor from Manchester velodrome (23 points, 7 comments)
    9. Tour de Yorkshire cycling race to be extended (23 points, 23 comments)
    10. Dan Craven blames fuzzy reasoning for Sport Vlaanderen's beard ban (21 points, 10 comments)
  7. 534 points, 15 submissions: edlll91
    1. Cobbles returning to TDF in 2018, as a stage on July 15 will visit Roubaix [article in French] (140 points, 53 comments)
    2. 2018 Giro to start in Israel, end in Vatican City (99 points, 120 comments)
    3. Eurosport signs Alberto Contador (65 points, 19 comments)
    4. Giro Rosa will climb famed Monte Zoncolan in 2018 (61 points, 8 comments)
    5. Kirsten Wild joins Wiggle High5 in 2018 (30 points, 2 comments)
    6. Daniel Silva officially sanctioned for a 2 year period (May'16-May'18). (20 points, 1 comment)
    7. Mitchelton-SCOTT sign Brayan Chaves, joining brother Esteban Chaves in the GreenEDGE Cycling family (20 points, 6 comments)
    8. French Conti Armée de terre will not race in 2018. (18 points, 12 comments)
    9. The SHEcret Pro: Worlds, Aussie selection drama, transfer travails (17 points, 9 comments)
    10. Brian Cookson will launch a Women's team in 2019 [Article in Dutch] (16 points, 1 comment)
  8. 496 points, 19 submissions: Marmeladrome
    1. Movistar confirm that they will launch a women's team next year (162 points, 19 comments)
    2. Froome seriously tempted by Giro-Tour and possible 'slam' of grand tours. Final decision expected next month (75 points, 72 comments)
    3. Norway '93: Lance Armstrong's Worlds win revisited (41 points, 39 comments)
    4. It's time for the government to get off Lance Armstrong's back (29 points, 125 comments)
    5. JLT CONDOR AT THE 4TH GRAND TOUR: 7 things I learned at the Tour of Portugal (27 points, 2 comments)
    6. Doping: Rumsas investigated over son’s death (24 points, 11 comments)
    7. Big Start 2018 - Giro d'Italia (21 points, 49 comments)
    8. Inside Slipstream's brush with death (21 points, 6 comments)
    9. Farewell to Backstage Pass (16 points, 2 comments)
    10. Rapha Panache Awards 2017 (15 points, 12 comments)
  9. 465 points, 13 submissions: Jevo_
    1. Sir Bradley Wiggins’ outrage insults intelligence of sensible people (89 points, 42 comments)
    2. Fundacion Euskadi 2018 kit - Orange is back in style! (64 points, 17 comments)
    3. AG2R 2018 kit (47 points, 27 comments)
    4. Routes for 2018 World Championship in Innsbruck presented (45 points, 35 comments)
    5. Team Giant Castelli's TT equipment gets stolen ahead of stage 4 in PostNord Danmark Rundt - Team will start the stage (41 points, 16 comments)
    6. [Race day thread] Martin Toft Madsen Hour Record attempt (34 points, 15 comments)
    7. Casper Pedersen signs with Aqua Blue Sport (28 points, 7 comments)
    8. List of teams who have applied for WT and PCT status in 2018 (28 points, 22 comments)
    9. Hangover sets in after cycling party - Bergen expenses problems (26 points, 23 comments)
    10. Niklas Eg (3rd in Tour de l'Avenir) signs with Trek-Segafredo (17 points, 6 comments)
  10. 427 points, 11 submissions: johnjackjoe
    1. Alpe d'Huez to return as details of 2018 Tour de France mountains emerge (83 points, 24 comments)
    2. UKAD close investigation into Team Sky and British Cycling after failing to determine Jiffy bag contents (71 points, 52 comments)
    3. Geraint Thomas: I believe Chris Froome but I'm racing my own Tour de France (67 points, 30 comments)
    4. Vincenzo Nibali to ride 2018 Tour de France and skip Giro d'Italia (53 points, 20 comments)
    5. Tim Wellens questions use of salbutamol inhalers in cycling - Belgian refused to use inhaler (39 points, 28 comments)
    6. Aqua Blue Sport awarded the status of UCI Professional Continental Team. So for 2018 it will be 18 WT and 27 PCT teams. (30 points, 9 comments)
    7. Marc Soler: The heir to Alberto Contador's throne - Interview (26 points, 4 comments)
    8. Breschel returns to Slipstream Sports for 2018 (20 points, 3 comments)
    9. Matvey Mamykin signs for new spanish PCT team Burgos BH (in spanish) (17 points, 14 comments)
    10. Movistar team presentation - Unzue wants to win the Tour with three leaders present (translation inside) (11 points, 5 comments)
  11. 421 points, 14 submissions: Sprocketduck
    1. David Lappartient elected UCI President over Brian Cookson, 37-8. (90 points, 96 comments)
    2. Women’s cycling in 2017: Two steps forward, one step back. An analysis of the history and future of Women's cycling. (67 points, 28 comments)
    3. Michael Matthews named Best Australian Cyclist of 2017 (62 points, 6 comments)
    4. The unique beauty of the Indian National Road Championships (41 points, 6 comments)
    5. Photos of the Peloton: Tour of Margaret River Vol. 1 (26 points, 21 comments)
    6. Photos From The Peloton: Tour of Margaret River Vol. 4 (22 points, 5 comments)
    7. TDU Stage 3 shortened by 26km due to hot weather. Possible changes to Stage 4 for hot weather as well. (22 points, 37 comments)
    8. Photos of the Peloton: Tour of Margaret River Vol. 3 (21 points, 6 comments)
    9. Vermeulen replaces Bookwalter in USA Team for Worlds. Bookwalter still sick after concussion at Tour of Britain. (20 points, 4 comments)
    10. You can vote for the jersey WaowDeals (WM3) will wear next year! (15 points, 8 comments)
  12. 410 points, 7 submissions: Avila99
    1. Something really positive today: Stig Broeckx is walking and recovering (150 points, 20 comments)
    2. Nibali: Froome wouldn't have won his four Tours without Team Sky (107 points, 110 comments)
    3. 50 predictions for the new cycling season [Dutch, translation in comments] (63 points, 21 comments)
    4. Why Froome suddenly did go for green - Lefevere's reaction (Dutch, translation in comments) (39 points, 46 comments)
    5. Free Talk Friday :) (19 points, 101 comments)
    6. Lars Boom to undergo surgery for cardiac arrhythmia (18 points, 3 comments)
    7. [Results thread] 2017 Tour of Iran - Stage 5 (14 points, 8 comments)
  13. 391 points, 1 submission: vertblau
    1. Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose. (391 points, 475 comments)
  14. 382 points, 12 submissions: TimFietst
    1. Just thought I'd share this here. Five months after her Giro Rosa crash Claudia Cretti is back on her bike <3 (92 points, 3 comments)
    2. Sharon Laws passed away this morning after her fight with cancer at age 43 (64 points, 0 comments)
    3. peloton women's cycling winterfest WWT top 10 1. Anna van der Breggen & 2. Annemiek van Vleuten (38 points, 8 comments)
    4. Jolien D'Hoore to Orica - Scott (36 points, 11 comments)
    5. peloton women's cycling winterfest WWT top 10 3. Katarzyna Niewiadoma & 4. Coryn Rivera (29 points, 9 comments)
    6. Tirreno-Adriatico route announced (28 points, 2 comments)
    7. Astana signs Letizia Paternoster and Elena Pirrone (26 points, 1 comment)
    8. peloton women's cycling winterfest Revelations 1. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig & 2. Arlenis Sierra (17 points, 4 comments)
    9. peloton women's cycling winterfest WWT top 10 5. Elisa Longo Borghini & 6. (17 points, 3 comments)
    10. peloton women's cycling winterfest WWT top 10 9. Lotta Lepistö & 10. Chloe Hosking (15 points, 2 comments)
  15. 335 points, 2 submissions: Iamtheshreddest
    1. [Last 4km] How Peter Sagan Won 2017 World Championships' Road Race (175 points, 47 comments)
    2. Peter Sagan to travel to the Vatican to get his son baptised by the Pope (yes, really) - Cycling Weekly (160 points, 61 comments)
  16. 309 points, 2 submissions: jnessa92
    1. Lauren Dolan (17) finished the UCI World Championships Women Junior ITT with these injuries after a crash - carried away on a stretcher (230 points, 92 comments)
    2. Video from yesterday's time trial from Norwegian TV (79 points, 11 comments)
  17. 297 points, 8 submissions: Helicase21
    1. Peter Sagan announces birth of son Marlon (142 points, 14 comments)
    2. Caleb Ewan is engaged! (60 points, 21 comments)
    3. Aqua Blue to race next year on 1x disc-brake-only bikes. (27 points, 52 comments)
    4. Eurosport article on the history of the Angliru (24 points, 6 comments)
    5. Is the Mechanics TT a brilliant idea or a terrible idea? (14 points, 34 comments)
    6. Sagan and Bora to race with Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computers (14 points, 20 comments)
    7. Apparently Orbea and Cofidis are parting ways (8 points, 3 comments)
    8. Women's team WNT-Rotor to race new rotor hydraulic groupset next season (8 points, 1 comment)
  18. 294 points, 1 submission: killow_
    1. I painted a picture of this years Tour de France (294 points, 34 comments)
  19. 285 points, 2 submissions: roddamon
    1. Chris Froome to Ride 2018 Giro d'Italia (236 points, 124 comments)
    2. Tom Dumoulin to Defend His Giro d'Italia Title in 2018 (49 points, 27 comments)
  20. 282 points, 7 submissions: reviloto
    1. Israel Cycling Academy rider Jason Lowndes dies in collision with car (130 points, 7 comments)
    2. Aru officially joins UAE Team Emirates (91 points, 32 comments)
    3. [Race thread] PostNord Danmark Rundt - Stage 2 (2.HC) (22 points, 33 comments)
    4. Danish CT team Giant-Castelli closing (home to U-23 ITT champ Bjerg and Junior champ Johansson) - article in danish (13 points, 11 comments)
    5. [Race Thread] PostNord Danmark Rundt - Stage 3 (2.HC) (11 points, 48 comments)
    6. [Race Thread] PostNord Danmark Rundt - Stage 4 - ITT (2.HC) (9 points, 18 comments)
    7. [Race Thread] PostNord Danmark Rundt - Stage 5 (6 points, 3 comments)
  21. 238 points, 3 submissions: electriCT
    1. Tony Martin reacts to Chris Froome's positive test (139 points, 92 comments)
    2. French rider Mathieu Riebel dies in collision with vehicle during Tour of Caledonia (79 points, 17 comments)
    3. Two French judges are currently investigating mechanical doping at the highest level (20 points, 25 comments)

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Top Submissions

  1. Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose. by vertblau (391 points, 475 comments)
  2. I painted a picture of this years Tour de France by killow_ (294 points, 34 comments)
  3. Chris Froome to Ride 2018 Giro d'Italia by roddamon (236 points, 124 comments)
  4. Lauren Dolan (17) finished the UCI World Championships Women Junior ITT with these injuries after a crash - carried away on a stretcher by jnessa92 (230 points, 92 comments)
  5. Today's crowd about 600 meters from the top on the ITT by henkehenke (195 points, 29 comments)
  6. [Last 4km] How Peter Sagan Won 2017 World Championships' Road Race by Iamtheshreddest (175 points, 47 comments)
  7. Greg LeMond has launched a scathing attack on Team Sky, describing Sir Dave Brailsford as “secretive” and Chris Froome’s probable defence of his adverse analytical finding for salbutamol as “ridiculous”. by aktivitetshanteraren (162 points, 145 comments)
  8. Movistar confirm that they will launch a women's team next year by Marmeladrome (162 points, 19 comments)
  9. Peter Sagan to travel to the Vatican to get his son baptised by the Pope (yes, really) - Cycling Weekly by Iamtheshreddest (160 points, 61 comments)
  10. R. Uran and N. Quintana in a personalized spinning class with instructor J. Pantano by SonOfAragorn (160 points, 27 comments)

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  1. 259 points: Teproc's comment in Nibali: Froome wouldn't have won his four Tours without Team Sky
  2. 181 points: SaviourMach's comment in Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose.
  3. 150 points: MilkTheFrog's comment in Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose.
  4. 147 points: Gnatt's comment in [Results Thread] La Vuelta a España 2017 – Stage 20 (2.UWT)
  5. 146 points: watteva's comment in Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose.
  6. 145 points: zwerp's comment in [Results Thread] 2017 UCI World Championships – Men Elite – Individual Time Trial
  7. 143 points: dancingpistolero's comment in Peter Sagan to travel to the Vatican to get his son baptised by the Pope (yes, really) - Cycling Weekly
  8. 137 points: Ausrufepunkt's comment in [Results Thread] 2017 UCI World Championships Bergen - Men Elite Road Race
  9. 135 points: LordSpaghetti's comment in Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose.
  10. 131 points: SafeHazing's comment in Christopher Froome targeted by an anti-doping procedure after an 'abnormal' doping test in the last Vuelta- which he could lose.
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1 My cousins MacGyver'd a pretty effective way to charge her phone when she lost power. /pics link 85429
2 Dabs of Paint /pics link 86735
3 My dad brought our dog to the office today /aww link 67682
4 TIL English sailors on the HMS Dolphin in 1766 discovered that native women on islands would trade sex for iron, and began pulling nails out, causing loss of the ship's structural integrity. /todayilearned link#Second_circumnavigation) 59840
5 Trump sends no condolences to Mexico after it's hit by an earthquake & a hurricane & attacked the country on Twitter after it offered to help U.S. after Hurricane Harvey. /worldnews link 56846
6 This Chipmunk looking up at my GF on top of Eagle Cap summit, 9,570 ft. /aww link 50635
7 The magic that was the Scholastic Book Fair /nostalgia link 49088
8 Liam Neeson announces retirement from action films /movies link 49151
9 What kind of sniper are you? /gaming link 43903
10 TIL papercuts hurt so much because they bleed very little, if at all, leaving the skins pain receptors open to air /todayilearned link 44193
11 Clementine Cosplay from The Walking Dead game /gaming link 45876
12 Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer. /technology link 43327
13 2017 Father of the Year nominee /gifs link 53079
14 Brock Turner, who only served three months in jail, is now the face for rape in Criminology 101 textbooks /JusticeServed link 38485
15 Pizza Hut manager threatened to punish workers evacuating for Irma /news link 38084
16 Philippine Congress Gives Human Rights Commission $20 Budget for 2018 /worldnews link 37871
17 This is what a 24mm f/14 macro lens looks like /interestingasfuck link 35512
18 Police: Woman shot homeless man who asked her to move Porsche /news link 37845
19 With the adage "nothing is ever deleted from the Internet" in mind, what is something you HAVE seen vanish from the net? /AskReddit link 36401
20 I met the nurse :) /pics link 33020
21 8-ball /funny link 36692
22 This educational channel about The First World War is losing 90% of ad revenue because... Youtube. /videos link 33742
23 TIL During the 1st live iPhone demo, Steve Jobs was secretly switching phones because they couldn't even play a song without crashing. Their displays were rigged to show 5 bars of signal strength and he had to use a portable cell tower just so they would seem reliable enough to make calls. /todayilearned link 43445
24 ‘Drunk’ tourist thought to be the first person to survive swim across Hoover Dam /nottheonion link 33920
25 Thanks for the kiss. Take the carrot /gifs link 31161
26 Every time baby /memes link 30653
27 me_irl /me_irl link 30198
28 I found a genji main in the wilds of the freshmen dorms. /gaming link 30240
29 Every major network the moment 9/11 occurred simultaneously /videos link 30149
30 Where do they come from? /comics link 30081
31 OH BOYY.. /tippytaps link 28581
32 JJ Abrams Returning To Director’s Chair On ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ /StarWars link 29753
33 Monopoly - Journalism in Turkey edition /europe link 27862
34 been asking this question for years... /BlackPeopleTwitter link 28567
35 Pillow Strategy /funny link 27117
36 GoPro mounted to the bed of my 3D Printer /woahdude link 25638
37 "Go on somewhere" /Unexpected link 26105
38 MRW my dad called to say the hurricanes were man-made as a means for the government to regulate immigration issues in the south /reactiongifs link 26849
39 A wave engulfs the statue of Neptune on Melenara Beach, Gran Canaria /interestingasfuck link 28720
40 Otter Tube /gifs link 22824
41 Found this in Ted Cruz's liked tweets. (NSFW) /trashy link 22723
42 Give this man a fucking Emmy! /rickandmorty link 22294
43 In Kingsman: The Secret Service, the princess offers Eggsy "to do it in the bum" if he saves the world. After he returns, the code to unlock her door is 2625 which spells ANAL on a numberpad. /MovieDetails link 22876
44 No no, a little lower /Eyebleach link 22220
45 Caught passing notes /wholesomememes link 21320
46 Ted Cruz likes some naughty things. /facepalm link 21328
47 Distracted Ted Cruz /PoliticalHumor link 22128
48 Super duper Christian Ted Cruz "likes" hardcore porn video on twitter, still live as of posting this. /atheism link 20510
49 Seems legit /ImGoingToHellForThis link 20672
50 ITAP of a homeless but not hopeless pup at my work. /itookapicture link 19779
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2017.02.14 04:19 TrumpReportBot Trump Report as of Monday February 13 at 10:19

Trump Percent of the day: 19.14%
[ #1 +44845 ]
A man who sought asylum in the US more than two decades ago, graduated from the University at Buffalo and worked for the New York State Department of Transportation has just been elected president in his homeland of Somalia
[ #2 +28400 ]
PsBattle: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau hesitating to shake Donald Trump's hand
[ #3 +27539 ]
NSA so concerned over Donald Trump's ties to Russia they've 'withheld information from presidential briefings'
[ #4 +26402 ]
Trump Criticized Obama for Golfing. Now He Spends Weekends on the Links.
[ #5 +23066 ]
Donald Trump visit to the UK 'will be rescheduled' to avoid embarrassing the President
[ #6 +15413 ]
Trump reportedly heading to Mar-a-Lago for third straight weekend, obliterating campaign promise
[ #7 +14609 ]
Mexico: Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across nation
[ #8 +12219 ]
A reporter is suing the US government to learn how it vetted Trump’s advisers for security clearances
[ #9 +10943 ]
‘Hypocrite’ Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights
[ #10 +10827 ]
President Donald Trump meets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
[ #11 +10460 ]
Cucks are trying to say Trudeau left Trump hanging in the oval office. It would be a shame if this got to the front page.
[ #12 +9850 ]
Donald Trump is such a terrifying fascist dictator that literally no one fears speaking out against him on literally any platform.
[ #13 +8073 ]
'Every Racist I Know Voted for Donald Trump'
[ #14 +7375 ]
John Oliver bought ads on Trump’s favorite cable news shows to correct the president’s lies
[ #15 +7162 ]
Gallup poll: Trump approval rating at new low
[ #16 +6060 ]
Republicans railed against Clinton’s ‘extremely careless’ behavior. Now they’ve got a Trump problem.
[ #17 +5985 ]
Paging James Comey: In a Public Dining Room at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Received a Phone Call about North Korean Missile Launch & Openly Discussed National Security Intel with Japanese PM in Full Earshot of the General Public
[ #18 +4701 ]
Trump's executive order on immigration did not lead to ISIS leader's arrest in New York
[ #19 +4486 ]
One Thing Is Certain: Republicans Won't Stand Up and Stop President Trump
[ #20 +4274 ]
Donald Trump's family say they will continue with foreign deals featuring Trump Organisation properties
[ #21 +4259 ]
NSA Withholding Intelligence From 'Untrustworthy' Trump Administration, Former Analyst Claims
[ #22 +4226 ]
Trump turns Mar-A-Lago Club terrace into open-air situation room
[ #23 +4169 ]
Trump's senior adviser just said something that sounded like an actual dictator
[ #24 +3702 ]
Stephen Miller’s authoritarian declaration: Trump’s national security actions ‘will not be questioned’
[ #25 +3611 ]
‘Hypocrite’ Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights
[ #26 +3558 ]
Donald Trump is the most unpopular new president in history
[ #27 +3220 ]
Senate Dems want details on Trump's use of personal smartphone
[ #28 +3017 ]
Trump Job Approval - Disapprove 55%, Approve 40% (Gallup 2/9-2/11)
[ #29 +2806 ]
Dem to Trump: Release transcripts of Flynn calls
[ #30 +2802 ]
Mr President…that’s racist.” Al Franken unloads on Trump for ‘Pocahontas’ slur
[ #31 +2642 ]
Ivanka Trump’s Nordstrom Sales Reportedly Dropped Over 70 Percent Before The Election
[ #32 +2628 ]
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Largo club has a new feature: Watch the president discuss top secret security issues!
[ #33 +2448 ]
First thing that came into my mind when I saw the picture of Trump and Trudeau handshake photo
[ #34 +2369 ]
Trump has gotten even less popular while in office
[ #35 +2109 ]
Monday is the first weekday Trump has not tweeted before 8:15 a.m.
[ #36 +2102 ]
Donald Trump Is Selling Access to the ‘Winter White House’ for $200,000
[ #37 +1933 ]
Trump got through an entire news conference without facing a single question about Michael Flynn
[ #38 +1832 ]
Shouldn’t We Be Asking About Donald Trump’s Involvement with “The Mike Flynn Russia Phone Call?”
[ #39 +1802 ]
Donald Trump's visit to the UK 'will be rescheduled' to avoid embarrassing him
[ #40 +1696 ]
John Oliver on Trump: How did we elect a 'pathological liar'?
[ #41 +1573 ]
Journalists Need to Stop Giving Bigoted Trump Supporters a Free Pass
[ #42 +1517 ]
Fourth Company Says It Was Stiffed By Trump Hotel
[ #43 +1455 ]
Report: President Trump dealt with North Korea security crisis in front of Mar-a-Lago diners
[ #44 +1424 ]
The Trump Organization is making new foreign deals, despite promising not to: report
[ #45 +1376 ]
Germany president: Steinmeier chosen by lawmakers
[ #46 +1351 ]
CNN host: Trump aide 'spewing garbage' on voter fraud
[ #47 +1313 ]
Scarborough slams key Trump aide: Appearances were 'horrendous'
[ #48 +1201 ]
Trump adviser Stephen Miller lied — and it matters
[ #49 +1200 ]
The Trump Administration’s Lies About Voter Fraud Will Lead to Massive Voter Suppression
[ #50 +1151 ]
Flynnghazi keeps getting stupider: Trump has every possible reason to fire Michael Flynn, but won’t
[ #51 +1093 ]
Hezbollah leader says 'idiot' Trump makes him optimistic
[ #52 +1051 ]
Questions surround Team Trump’s pre-election talks with Russia
[ #53 +1031 ]
Justin Trudeau Just Showed The World How To Shake Hands With Donald Trump
[ #54 +1008 ]
Trump returning to Mar-a-Lago for third straight weekend
[ #55 +923 ]
Trump discussed national security issues in a room full of Mar-a-Lago diners and staff
[ #56 +923 ]
No gay conservatives, I won't accept your ‘coming out’ as Trump supporters
[ #57 +896 ]
So far, the resistance hasn’t reached Trump Land — and that needs to change
[ #58 +891 ]
French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron is being targeted by Russian media and internet attacks from within Russia with the goal of helping the election campaigns of his pro-Moscow rivals, his party chief said
[ #59 +829 ]
While Trump scandals mount, Chaffetz decides to investigate . . . a cartoon character
[ #60 +828 ]
The Kremlin Is Starting to Worry About Trump
[ #61 +825 ]
The man just elected as Germany's next president once called Trump a 'hate preacher'
[ #62 +814 ]
Former GOP rep to Trump: 'Stop complaining and do your job'
[ #63 +801 ]
John Oliver plans ads to teach Trump about key issues
[ #64 +752 ]
Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Andrew Puzder Owed Millions To UBS As Bank Seeks Waiver From Sanctions
[ #65 +718 ]
40 House Dems to urge Trump to suspend Flynn
[ #66 +692 ]
This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handle A National Security Crisis
[ #67 +688 ]
Reality check: After three weeks, Trump has hit a Washington wall
[ #68 +669 ]
Senate Democrats want answers about Trump's phone
[ #69 +642 ]
How To Stop The President: Nearly 1 Million People Demand Trump's Impeachment With Petition
[ #70 +628 ]
Maxine Waters: Trump’s “not going to be there for four years.”
[ #71 +568 ]
GOP chairman won't request Trump's tax returns from Treasury
[ #72 +542 ]
ACLU to launch rapid response team to challenge Trump's deportations
[ #73 +541 ]
President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing
[ #74 +533 ]
Trump Brags About Election Win (Again) In Joint Press Conference With Trudeau
[ #75 +506 ]
The president was never intended to be the most powerful part of government
[ #76 +482 ]
Foreign Spies Must Be Bored By How Easy Trump Makes Their Jobs
[ #77 +481 ]
Trump’s official inauguration portrait yanked for glaring typo
[ #78 +470 ]
Trump's aides appeared to brief him on North Korea's recent missile test in front of Mar-A-Lago members
[ #79 +468 ]
Trump's sons guests of honor at Dubai branded golf course opening
[ #80 +465 ]
US officer in charge of Trump's nuclear football 'poses for photo with Mar-a-Lago guest'
[ #81 +456 ]
‘Nuclear football’ photo taken at Trump’s golf resort puts the Pentagon in an awkward position
[ #82 +455 ]
John Oliver explains why Trump is a ‘pathological liar’ with ‘a well-documented 40-year history of bulls–t’
[ #83 +438 ]
AGU AMA: Hi Reddit, I'm Dave Petley, author of The Landslide Blog and Vice-President (Research and Innovation) at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I'm here to talk about the science and management of natural hazards and disasters. AMA!
[ #84 +434 ]
Trust in Obama’s world leadership was more than twice what it is in Trump’s
[ #85 +424 ]
Gallup poll: Trump approval rating at new low
[ #86 +423 ]
Senate Republicans are worried Donald Trump is mentally ill, says Democrat Senator Al Franken
[ #87 +395 ]
Schumer: Trump picking 'most anti-working-class Cabinet'
[ #88 +395 ]
White House: Trump is 'evaluating the situation' regarding national security adviser Michael Flynn
[ #89 +379 ]
Trump Justice Department delivers CIA ‘Torture Report’ to federal court
[ #90 +363 ]
'Utterly shocking': National security experts say Trump is making foreign intelligence agencies' jobs 'much easier'
[ #91 +358 ]
Mar-a-Lago Members’ Social Media Is the Best Source for Trump News
[ #92 +356 ]
Trump And GOP Collide With Reality
[ #93 +354 ]
The Utterly Insufficient Efforts to Separate Trump From His Businesses
[ #94 +325 ]
Trump rips off taxpayers to give “free global infomercial for Mar-a-Lago”
[ #95 +324 ]
Donald Trump used a phone flashlight to read his briefing on a North Korean missile test
[ #96 +303 ]
Trump’s reign of fear may soon get a whole lot worse. Here’s what to look for.
[ #97 +302 ]
Trump's patio situation room after NK missile launch raises security questions
[ #98 +288 ]
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club has a new feature: Watch the president discuss top secret security issues!
[ #99 +254 ]
A group of nearly 200 police chiefs slammed Trump’s 'law and order' crime plan
[ #100 +240 ]
Trump's patio situation room after NK missile launch raises security questions
[ #101 +233 ]
Military judge: Trump comments about Bergdahl 'disturbing'
[ #102 +232 ]
The Trump administration quietly pulled away from defending transgender students’ rights in court
[ #103 +223 ]
The Weakest Strongman Donald Trump is showing that he's a fundamentally weak president.
[ #104 +213 ]
Senator: Trump's 'ill-conceived' travel ban now a terror recruitment tool
[ #105 +210 ]
Trump’s poll numbers keep dropping. How low can he go?
[ #106 +203 ]
The White House Grants Press Credentials to a Pro-Trump Blog - The Gateway Pundit
[ #107 +202 ]
The Delusion That Trump Is “Good for Business”
[ #108 +202 ]
U.S. House tax committee will not seek Trump tax returns - "If Congress begins to use its powers to rummage around in the tax returns of the president, what prevents Congress from doing the same to average Americans?"
[ #109 +176 ]
Here are 7 examples of Trump becoming everything he criticized Hillary for
[ #110 +174 ]
From Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to Facebook, a National Security Crisis in the Open
[ #111 +172 ]
Governors of Red, Blue States Urge Trump to Back Wind, Solar
[ #112 +169 ]
Donald Trump's handshake: never has such a strong grip looked so weak
[ #113 +169 ]
Trump and Trudeau make jobs and growth pledge - BBC News
[ #114 +163 ]
We’ve never seen anything like Trump’s rough treatment of his White House staff
[ #115 +162 ]
Congressional Democrats Are Already Warning Trump About Impeachment
[ #116 +153 ]
Reince Priebus reportedly in hot water as Trump confidante says he's 'in way over his head'
[ #117 +145 ]
Justin Trudeau awkwardly staring at Trump's hand instantly becomes a meme
[ #118 +140 ]
The 'Caddyshack' President
[ #119 +139 ]
Moby claims to have insider information that Trump is in ‘collusion with the Russian government’
[ #120 +130 ]
The very risky bet congressional Republicans are making on President Trump
[ #121 +127 ]
Kellyanne Conway: Michael Flynn enjoys ‘full confidence’ of President Trump
[ #122 +103 ]
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau tells Donald Trump: Refugees welcome in Canada
[ #123 +94 ]
President Trump Pledges to Escalate War on Drugs
[ #124 +84 ]
White House: Trump 'evaluating' controversy on Michael Flynn
[ #125 +81 ]
Donald Trump’s Latest Act Shows He May Have Lost Touch With Reality
[ #126 +78 ]
Oroville Dam crisis: No word from Trump; FEMA helping
[ #127 +76 ]
White House Sends Mixed Signals About Trump’s Confidence in Michael Flynn
[ #128 +74 ]
The Latest: Justice warned Trump team about Flynn contacts
[ #129 +68 ]
Spelling mistakes are new norm for Trump White House
[ #130 +57 ]
Virginia Judge Will Block Trump Travel Restrictions
[ #131 +52 ]
Justin Trudeau: I won't lecture Trump over refugee ban
[ #132 +50 ]
Key Republican Brady Won't Demand to See Trump's Tax Returns
[ #133 +46 ]
Federal judge issues preliminary injunction barring Trump travel ban from being implemented in Virginia
[ #134 +44 ]
Russia-US flight searches surge 88% post Donald Trump Inauguration
[ #135 +44 ]
Colorado Republican: If Flynn misled Trump 'he should step down'
[ #136 +43 ]
Virginia judge issues new injunction against Trump travel ban
[ #137 +41 ]
Venezuela's President: Donald Trump 'Won't Be Worse than Obama'
[ #138 +31 ]
Viral photo of Muslim & Jewish fathers protesting against Trump's travel ban has stoked political fury in Turkey
[ #139 +29 ]
Far-right outcast Geert Wilders vows to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands after taking lead in Dutch polls - The Dutch Trump has promised to ‘make The Netherlands ours again’, but other parties say they won’t work with him in a coalition – even if he wins the election
[ #140 +24 ]
New studies find dehumanization of Mexicans and Muslims predicts support for the GOP (and in particular Trump). They also show that Latinos and Muslims in the United States feel heavily dehumanized, and that feeling was associated with support for violence and unwillingness to fight terrorism.
[ #141 +24 ]
Star economist Piketty joins ticket of left-wing French presidential hopeful Hamon
[ #142 +22 ]
US Justice Department warned White House that Donald Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail
[ #143 +18 ]
Ruthless and authoritarian Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov "re-elected" as Turkmen president
[ #144 +17 ]
Israel says Peru's fugitive former President Alejandro Toledo, wanted on corruption charges, will not be allowed to enter the country.
[ #145 +15 ]
Trump administration indicates "calibrated response" to first North Korean missile test of 2017
[ #146 +14 ]
Iranian president criticised for all-male delegation to meet Swedes
[ #147 +12 ]
Justin Trudeau meets Donald Trump at Whitehouse
[ #148 +11 ]
Trump soft pedals NAFTA criticism with Canadian PM, says Mexico the issue
[ #149 +10 ]
Israel bars entrance to Peru’s fugitive ex-president, whose wife holds Israeli citizenship
[ #150 +10 ]
Peru asks Trump to consider deporting ex-President Alejandro Toledo
[ #151 +8 ]
U.S. to sanction the Venezuelan vice president
[ #152 +8 ]
Rivlin backs annexation with full rights for Palestinians: President says outpost legalization law should not be applied unless Israel extends sovereignty to entire West Bank
[ #153 +7 ]
Trump congratulates Lithuania, with focus on Ukraine, defence spending, fighting ISIS
[ #154 +6 ]
Canada's Trudeau opens talks with Trump aiming to boost trade
[ #155 +6 ]
Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking
[ #156 +6 ]
Justin Trudeau says it's not Canada's duty to 'lecture' Trump on immigration
[ #157 +5 ]
Venezuelan Vice President to Be Targeted for U.S. Sanctions
[ #158 +5 ]
United Nations Security Council unanimously condemns North Korea's latest ballistic missile test as U.S. President Trump vows a strong response to the provocation.
[ #159 +3 ]
U.S. Treasury Sanctions Venezuelan Vice President Over Drug Trade Allegations
[ #160 +3 ]
US sanctions Venezuela's new vice president
[ #161 +3 ]
Trump moves spark Iraqi anger, calls against future alliance
[ #162 +2 ]
Canada's Trudeau opens talks with Trump aiming to boost trade
[ #163 +2 ]
US sanctions Venezuela vice president over drug trafficking
[ #164 +2 ]
Trump says U.S. will deal with North Korea “very strongly”
[ #165 +1 ]
US sanctions Venezuela vice-president over trafficking claims
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2017.02.12 03:10 TrumpReportBot Trump Report as of Saturday February 11 at 09:10

Trump Percent of the day: 30.85%
[ #1 +87616 ]
US appeals court upholds suspension of Trump travel ban
[ #2 +51490 ]
British officials drop plans for Donald Trump to address parliament
[ #3 +39713 ]
My name is Khaled Belkacemi. I was a 60-year-old immigrant, doctor, and professor. I was killed by a 27-year-old alt-right Trump Supporter after he broke into my mosque and killed 5 of my friends. Who will stand up for me?
[ #4 +39097 ]
Exclusive - Trump border 'wall' to cost $21.6 billion, take 3.5 years to build: Homeland Security internal report
[ #5 +31414 ]
Despite Denials, Russians Were in Contact with Trump Campaign
[ #6 +23134 ]
Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to ‘Curry Favor’ With Trump: Official
[ #7 +21642 ]
Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar
[ #8 +21011 ]
Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public
[ #9 +13104 ]
Donald Trump Russia dossier: US intelligence confirms truth of some details
[ #10 +12881 ]
The President Reportedly Doesn’t Read Memos. That’s A Huge Problem.
[ #11 +12260 ]
Most Donald Trump supporters still think the 'Bowling Green Massacre' is real
[ #12 +11341 ]
Don't believe Trump’s spin. The war against same-sex marriage is just getting started
[ #13 +9403 ]
Now Trump's Going After the Bumblebees: The administration just delayed endangered status for a bumblebee species that's on the brink of extinction.
[ #14 +8405 ]
Russian dossier on Trump gaining credibility with law enforcement
[ #15 +8224 ]
Trump tweets: 'Our legal system is broken!'
[ #16 +7251 ]
Trump's national security adviser reportedly talked to Russia about US sanctions despite earlier denying it
[ #17 +6324 ]
The psychiatrist who wrote the guide to personality disorders in DSM says diagnosing Trump is “bullshit” - "Goldwater Rule forbids psychiatrists, who are medical doctors, from making judgments about a public figure’s mental health without personally evaluating them."
[ #18 +6221 ]
MRW as a dual citizen I voted for Trump and went back up to Canada
[ #19 +6071 ]
Sales of Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale have soared since Trump’s win
[ #20 +5841 ]
Bernie Sanders: Trump 'does not understand' the Constitution
[ #21 +5652 ]
Sanders: Trump is 'delusional,' says he could move US into 'authoritarian mode'
[ #22 +5606 ]
Experts on authoritarianism say Trump’s presidency is getting even worse
[ #23 +5308 ]
Trump insults Elizabeth Warren at 'awkward' White House meeting
[ #24 +4721 ]
FEC commissioner to Trump: Show voter fraud evidence
[ #25 +4566 ]
Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar
[ #26 +4238 ]
Top Putin critic on how to oppose Trump: “making him look like a loser is crucial”
[ #27 +4238 ]
Dont believe Trump’s spin. The war against same-sex marriage is just getting started
[ #28 +3362 ]
The Trump Organization is returning to a long-dormant licensing deal involving a beachfront luxury resort in the Dominican Republic, testing the limits of Donald Trump's pledge to halt new international Trump-branded projects during his presidency.
[ #29 +3354 ]
Sears, Kmart drop 31 Trump Home items from their online shops
[ #30 +2910 ]
Magnitude of Trump adviser Flynn's Russia scandal gains clarity
[ #31 +2648 ]
Donald Trump mocked for 'awkward' handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
[ #32 +2557 ]
The timeline of President Trump's ties with Russia lines up with allegations of conspiracy and misconduct
[ #33 +2490 ]
Sanders: Trump 'does not understand' the Constitution
[ #34 +2378 ]
You know Trump loses badly when he’s yelling on Twitter
[ #35 +2328 ]
Upset with Trump the President, consumers boycott Trump the brand
[ #36 +2138 ]
Trump Secretly Called Xi, Then Blamed the New York Times for 'Fake News'
[ #37 +2131 ]
Dem rep: Trump has ‘underestimated’ Americans
[ #38 +1952 ]
Deputy to Trump adviser Michael Flynn reportedly forced off National Security Council amid Russia controversy
[ #39 +1643 ]
Trump dossier: Source confirms Trump campaign had exchange with Russia
[ #40 +1399 ]
Michael Flynn Scandal: Emerging Ties To Russia Could Lead To Trump’s Impeachment
[ #41 +1357 ]
It’s not just you: Donald Trump really is fucking up your workday
[ #42 +1347 ]
KING: Donald Trump appoints and empowers bigots because he is a bigot
[ #43 +1337 ]
My name is Bernie Sanders. I was a 75 year old senator and presidential candidate. I was murdered by Hillary Clinton after trying to run for the democratic nomination. Reason? I loved America. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.
[ #44 +1269 ]
Turkey's President Erdoğan approves constitutional boost to his powers
[ #45 +1188 ]
mrw Donald Trump is making me sad, but I still love this great country
[ #46 +1114 ]
Trump promises Chinese president he'll honor 'One China' policy - President Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday night that he will honor the “One China” policy that recognizes Beijing as the only legitimate Chinese government.
[ #47 +1109 ]
Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant 'Death to America'
[ #48 +1075 ]
Turkey's President Erdogan approves reform bill seen as authoritarian power grab
[ #49 +1021 ]
Ivana Trump On the Record About President Trump’s Disturbing Influence By Hitler
[ #50 +895 ]
New analysis proves Trump’s tweets attacking companies are mostly just distractions
[ #51 +854 ]
Trump Travel Ban Spotlights U.S. Dependence On Foreign-Born Doctors
[ #52 +837 ]
3,000 marched through Scotland's capital today against a UK state visit by Donald Trump
[ #53 +781 ]
Trump threatens to defund California
[ #54 +762 ]
This is going to be harder than Donald Trump expected
[ #55 +759 ]
Electoral commissioner calls on Donald Trump to provide evidence of New Hampshire voter fraud
[ #56 +756 ]
DNC candidate slams 'draft-dodging chickenhawk president'
[ #57 +667 ]
‘Alarmed’ UW professors call Trump a threat to U.S. values
[ #58 +666 ]
No, Trump doesn’t have a plan to reduce cost of his $21 billion-plus border wall
[ #59 +643 ]
Republican National Committee on travel ban: 'We stand with Trump'
[ #60 +627 ]
Pelosi Statement on Reports of New Confirmations of Trump-Russia Dossier
[ #61 +596 ]
Trump Backlash Could Make 2018 a New ‘Year of Women’ at Ballot Box
[ #62 +575 ]
Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges
[ #63 +525 ]
Al Franken to Maher: GOP senators privately express ‘great concern’ about Trump’s temperament
[ #64 +515 ]
Sears, Kmart Dump Ivanka Trump Products From Online Stores
[ #65 +508 ]
Donald Trump blacks out windows to stop media filming his golf round with Japanese premier
[ #66 +492 ]
Trump: 'President Man-Baby' stains White House
[ #67 +477 ]
The Long Road To Impeach Trump Just Got Shorter
[ #68 +460 ]
Energy experts give Trump the hard truth: You can’t bring coal back
[ #69 +436 ]
Newspaper uses photo of Alec Baldwin on 'SNL' instead of Trump
[ #70 +413 ]
Sanders on Trump: 'This guy lies all the time'
[ #71 +374 ]
Reality Just Keeps Biting President Trump in the Ass
[ #72 +348 ]
Elections Commissioner Demands Trump Prove Outrageous Voter Fraud Claims
[ #73 +330 ]
Source: White House Runs Better Without Trump in it
[ #74 +330 ]
Trump: 'Legal system is broken
[ #75 +310 ]
The Fates of 5 Men Connected to the Trump-Russia Dossier
[ #76 +309 ]
Massive North Carolina Crowd Protests Trump, Anti-LGBT Law
[ #77 +298 ]
Trump Blacks Out The Windows And Bans Pictures To Hide His Activities At Winter White House
[ #78 +295 ]
Thus far, President Trump has been the con-man-in-chief
[ #79 +290 ]
Sanders: Trump is 'delusional,' says he could move US into 'authoritarian mode'
[ #80 +263 ]
Bernie Sanders says 'delusional' Donald Trump could move the US into 'authoritarian mode'
[ #81 +256 ]
Putin floats summit with Trump in Slovenia, first lady's birthplace
[ #82 +252 ]
Trump's 1990 Playboy interview perfectly lays out his view of the world
[ #83 +227 ]
German court upholds ruling banning German comedian from reciting poem making fun of Turkish President Erdoğan
[ #84 +220 ]
Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Needs a Lesson in American History and How Our Democracy is Supposed to Work
[ #85 +203 ]
5 Things On Michael Flynn, Russia And Donald Trump
[ #86 +194 ]
Fresh Scottish protest held against Donald Trump
[ #87 +191 ]
Donald Trump planned to build the world’s largest yacht with hot tubs and a swimming pool – but ‘ran out of money’
[ #88 +178 ]
Sears, Kmart Are Latest Retailers Reportedly to Drop Trump Merchandise
[ #89 +168 ]
Why is Trump covering up animal cruelty cases?
[ #90 +162 ]
Trump ripped Mexico in tweet while Kushner was meeting with Mexican officials: report
[ #91 +153 ]
Trump Says Refugees Are Flooding U.S. in Misleading Allusion
[ #92 +152 ]
Instead of draining the swamp, Trump has become Wall Street’s best buddy
[ #93 +152 ]
Hitting Trump where it hurts: The satire troops take up comedy arms against Donald Trump
[ #94 +147 ]
Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges
[ #95 +144 ]
These Conservative Christians Are Opposed to Trump—and Suffering the Consequences
[ #96 +140 ]
Trump keeps tweeting about news he sees on TV
[ #97 +129 ]
Kushner angry over talk of Christie's future with Trump, report says
[ #98 +126 ]
The Cynical Selling by The Trump team of Jeff Sessions as a Civil-Rights Champion
[ #99 +124 ]
Donald Trump’s power handshakes are weird as hell.
[ #100 +123 ]
Donald Trump Blocks Listing Bumblebee as Endangered
[ #101 +114 ]
Report: Trump reassures Palestinians embassy not moving to Jerusalem
[ #102 +110 ]
Trump-McCain feud takes new turn
[ #103 +109 ]
Margaret Atwood: US going 'back to Puritan values' under Trump
[ #104 +106 ]
Trump strategist's planned film: US Jews 'enablers' of Jihad
[ #105 +104 ]
Donald Trump blacks out windows to stop media filming his golf round with Japanese premier
[ #106 +101 ]
Trump’s attacks on judiciary prompt online threats, raise safety concerns for judges
[ #107 +99 ]
Snowden claims report Russia may 'gift' him to Trump proves he is not a spy
[ #108 +92 ]
Peru's fleeing ex-president in San Francisco. Peruvian authorities offer a $30k reward for his capture.
[ #109 +89 ]
Public support Speaker Bercow on barring Donald Trump from Parliament speech, poll finds
[ #110 +77 ]
Few Americans think world leaders respect Trump
[ #111 +76 ]
Interest in ‘fascism’ surges in the Trump era
[ #112 +72 ]
Trump golf game gets special press box: a basement with blacked-out windows
[ #113 +72 ]
The Trump Administration’s Dark View of Immigrants
[ #114 +71 ]
Donald Trump's UN ambassador moves to block appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister as envoy
[ #115 +71 ]
Sales of Ivanka Trump apparel slumped at Nordstrom: WSJ report
[ #116 +70 ]
Author of dystopian novel "The Handmaid's Tale" compares Trump to story's dictator
[ #117 +67 ]
North Korea fires off new ballistic missile as Trump meets with Japan's PM
[ #118 +60 ]
Immigrant community on high alert, fearing Trump's 'deportation force'
[ #119 +60 ]
Trump Resurrects ‘Pocahontas’ Dig Against Elizabeth Warren
[ #120 +56 ]
‘Vanguard of opposition’: SNL adds Spicer to satire’s resurgence under Trump
[ #121 +56 ]
Trump claims Ivanka 'abused' by media
[ #122 +51 ]
This is going to be harder than Donald Trump expected
[ #123 +49 ]
Trump's Florida estate stirs protests, spurs ethics debate
[ #124 +45 ]
Thousands of anti-Trump protesters gather on San Francisco beach and spell out 'RESIST!!' as part of a local activist's visual events project
[ #125 +45 ]
Syria’s president said he would ‘welcome’ American troops into his country to fight ISIS
[ #126 +33 ]
Comedian Jim Jefferies Tears Into Piers Morgan For Defending Donald Trump
[ #127 +29 ]
Skepticism over Trump's 'wall' cost simmers among Democrats, border Republican
[ #128 +23 ]
Newspaper Mistakenly Runs Picture of Alec Baldwin on ‘SNL’ Instead of Trump
[ #129 +22 ]
Sears And Kmart Drop 31 Trump Home Items From Their Online Shops.The decision follows Nordstrom’s announcement that it had decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s apparel because of declining sales.
[ #130 +21 ]
Trump says Israel should be 'reasonable' in peace process
[ #131 +20 ]
The timeline of Trump's ties with Russia lines up with allegations of conspiracy and misconduct
[ #132 +13 ]
Trump Puts Press in Private Basement with Covered Windows While He Plays Golf with PM of Japan
[ #133 +10 ]
Assad dismisses Trump's plan to create 'safe zones' inside Syria
[ #134 +8 ]
Peru’s ex-president Alejandro Toledo on run after judge orders arrest
[ #135 +7 ]
Peru ex-president Alejandro Toledo faces arrest on bribery charges
[ #136 +7 ]
Bennett: If Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu discuss Palestinian state the 'earth will shake'
[ #137 +7 ]
'Boy-band governor' surges in wide-open South Korea presidential race
[ #138 +7 ]
'Boy-band governor' surges in wide-open South Korea presidential race
[ #139 +7 ]
Tories question John Bercow's motives for barring Donald Trump from speaking Parliament - Anonymous government members believe the episode was 'orchestrated'
[ #140 +5 ]
Trump and Japan's Abe take a swing at golf diplomacy
[ #141 +3 ]
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker says he won’t seek second term, calls for a “more parliamentary system” in interview
[ #142 +2 ]
Palestinians: Trump to brief Abbas after Netanyahu meeting
[ #143 +2 ]
Lindsay Lohan wants to meet Trump and Putin to address the Syrian refugee crisis
[ #144 +1 ]
Trump backs 'one China' policy in phone call with President Xi
[ #145 +0 ]
Muslim nonprofit groups are rejecting federal funds because of Trump
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